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Bite-sized info nuggets on Singapore’s land transport. Brought to you by the Land Transport Authority. For more, follow us on:

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#PowersCombined 💪 We were part of a regular joint enforcement exercise with the National Environment Agency and Singapore Police Force this week. Our Enforcement Officers acted against vehicle-registration related offences and booked 24 vehicles.
Kudos to our LTA colleagues and other winners at the annual Municipal Services Awards (#MSA2022)! 🥳

Check out how our officers have worked closely with various stakeholders to improve land transport-related features in their neighbourhoods! ❤️
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To build an inclusive land transport system and foster a caring commuting culture, both the “hardware” 🛠️ and “heartware” ❤️ are crucial ingredients.

From priority use signs to embossed text and braille on handrails, follow the journey of a visually impaired commuter as he travels around Singapore on public transport! 🚌🚆

Are you considering switching from an ICE to an EV , but are unsure about the ins and outs around charging an EV?
With EV chargers becoming more accessible and available across the island, it’s always good to have a read and #Stayintheknow
#PSA 📢 Heading to Chinatown MRT station on 9 Dec 2022?

Do note that we will be conducting Exercise Station Guard – an emergency preparedness exercise – that day from 10am to 4pm on the 🟣 #NEL and 🔵 #DTL. During this period, Exit F along Upper Cross Street will be closed. 🚫

You may be asked to go through metal detector checks and have your belongings scanned by X-ray machines.

💡 #TravelTip Factor in additional time for your journey and avoid bringing bulky items since these may require more time to clear security checks.
#PSA 📣 We’ve awarded two civil contracts for Cross Island Line-Punggol Extension (#CPe) and Cross Island Line Phase 2 (#CRL2), with construction works slated to start in the first half of 2023. 🏗️

Find out more in our FB post ➡️
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#ICYMI We’ve just awarded two contracts for the Cross Island Line – Punggol Extension (#CPe) and Cross Island Line Phase 2 (#CRL2)! 🎉🥳🚄

Find out more about their construction works! ☝️
#GoodNews for #Senja and #BukitPanjang residents!
The Kranji Expressway (KJE)/ Senja Road Interchange will open on Saturday 17 Dec 2022, adding a shorter and more direct vehicular 🚗🚚🛵 connection from Senja Road to both bounds of the KJE and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) 🛣️!
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As we wrap up 2022, here's a quick look at some of our key electrification moves this year! 😉💚⚡️

Here's to a greener future ahead as we continue to #PowerEVeryMove with #ElectricVehicles. 🤩

#HappeningNow Travelling to/from Chinatown MRT station on the 🟣 #NEL or 🔵 #DTL today?

You may be asked to go through a security screening as part of Exercise Station Guard. This exercise is conducted regularly to validate our security measures at public transport nodes and help familiarise commuters on how they should respond if there’s an emergency on our public transport network.

Do factor in additional travel time for the screening and avoid bringing bulky items. Please note that Exit F along Upper Cross Street will be closed during this exercise.