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Updates/Announcements for Northern England's Furry Con

The Enchanted Forest: 27 - 30 Sept 2024


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Less than a week until registration closes! The closing date is Saturday 26 August 2023
We want to inform you that three places are currently available for Wild North!

If you want a spot, you have between now and the end of Saturday, 26 August, to register below: https://regsys.myfurry.name/NEU/User/?id=5

Also, we have one spot left in the Trading Post, please send us a message if you wish to trade at Wild North.
And we can now confirm the Trading Post is full. Thank you all!
Just a reminder that today is the last day to register for Wild North!

Click the link below and fill in the form before midnight tonight if you want to come with us to Featherstone Castle for the Twizell Maze!

We here at Wild North hereby announce that registration for 2023 has now closed. We look forward to seeing all of you next month!
For all those who have registered. This coming Friday, 1 September, is the cutoff for making any amendments or updates to your registration.

This includes any dietary requirements, room choices, conbage photo, and any extras like T-Shirt or Supporter Amount. Feel free to ask any questions if you need help updating your registration.
Hello everyone!

We're proud to present to you the event schedule of Wild North 2023: https://pretalx.metafur.org/wn2023/schedule/

Which events are you most excited about?
Arrival and departure

Extra information, including details of lifts from Haltwhistle, is now on the website: www.wildnorth.uk/travel

If you know your arrival/departure times, please let us know on the reg system by Friday 1 September. Particularly if you are arriving by public transport. This will help us with lift planning.

It's alright if you don't yet know your times. The information online should help you to plan.

Remember that check-in is 2pm on Friday 22 Sept, and check-out is 11am on Monday 25 Sept. There is no general access to the venue outside these times
Today is the last day to tell us about:

- Conbadge Photos
- Room choices
- Dietary requirements
- How you're arriving (car or public transport)
- Arrival and Departure times
- T-Shirt
- Supporter Amount

T-shirts and Supporter Payments also need to be paid by 11.59pm, if you want to get your items at Wild North.

Please log onto the reg system and make any changes.

Hello everyone!

As you have noticed in the event schedule, @Longswordfencer is returning for Swordfighting Workshops, and this time with a tournament!

If you want to participate in one of the several slots running throughout Saturday and Sunday, please add your name to the spreadsheet:


Also, be sure to fill out the form at the top of the spreadsheet. This is necessary for public liability insurance.
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Hello everyone!

As you have noticed in the event schedule, @Longswordfencer is returning for Swordfighting Workshops, and this time with a tournament!

If you want to participate in one of the several slots running throughout Saturday and Sunday, please add your name to the spreadsheet:


Also, be sure to fill out the form at the top of the spreadsheet. This is necessary for public liability insurance.
Hello everyone, with Wild North only a few days away, here is a list for attendees of what to bring:
- Proof of identity
- Bedding (e.g. sleeping bag, sheets, blanket)
- Pillow and pillowcase
- Warm clothes
- Toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, soap, shampoo)
- Towels
- Cash for Sunday takeaway and Trading Post
- Spending money for Beamish - admission (£24.95 adult, £18.95 student), food, gifts
- Snacks and drinks (optional)
- Multi-socket extension cord

The nearest shops, facilities and cash machines are in Haltwhistle, 4 miles away (10 min drive). Therefore, please bring what you need when you first arrive. Someone may offer you a lift back to the shops, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that all food (except the Sunday takeaway) is provided and included in your registration fee. You may bring a few extra items, but the group food gets priority fridge space.

For outdoor activities like the country hike, walking boots and thick socks would be preferred.
Hello everyone! We thank all who attended Wild North 2023: The Twizell Maze. It has been great to see you all posting photos and writing about what fun you’ve had. The wind and rain didn’t prevent any of you from enjoying what was on offer.

Onto the announcements: The Little Paws Ferret Rescue have let us know how much they enjoyed their time at Featherstone Castle (along with their fuzzy friends!) and how much we have raised. The charity total for this year was £729.54! No doubt they will be delighted by your support and generosity.

As you may know, the team here is always open to feedback and suggestions to improve next year’s Wild North. Therefore, if you have any ideas, thoughts, or general comments (anonymous if you wish), we have a feedback form for you all to fill in. Depending on the responses we receive, a follow-up newsletter will be published on all channels: https://forms.gle/NHHzi11AtMVunrLq7

Other than that, Wild North will return on the 27th to 30th September 2024. Registration will open in the new year (be on the look out for future announcements), but you can save your details for next year on the registration site right now: https://regsys.myfurry.name/NEU/User/?id=5

We look forward to seeing you as Twizell travels through the enchanted forest!
Lost property: A key was left behind at Wild North. If this is yours, please get in touch.

This is the only piece of lost property we have
Feedback: reminder 2

Thank you for your feedback so far. If you'd still like to submit some, you have until tomorrow (Saturday 14th) to do so:

If the form isn't working, you can also email feedback to events@wildnorth.uk (please put 'Feedback' in the subject line)
Good evening, everyone. It has been two weeks since we closed our feedback form for Wild North 2023. We’re glad to see all the positive and constructive suggestions that we have received.

While some elements of the convention are out of our control, there are changes that we can implement alongside our venue and partners in preparation for Wild North 2024.

Our venue, Featherstone Castle:
* We will review our plan to clean and tidy the castle before you arrive. This includes working closer with the venue staff and inviting more volunteers to help prepare the venue.
* We will provide information on showers and bathroom facilities on the Venue page of our website.
* We will replace the large stones in front of the doors with discreet door stops.
* We will signpost safe routes to avoid busy areas, such as the kitchen.
* We will continue to look out for safety issues before and during your stay, and we will try and resolve them promptly when we find them or you inform us.

* We will restructure the fursuit photoshoot so it runs more efficiently.

* We will provide a sign-up list for Monday transport to remind you of departure times and to ensure adequate transportation is available.

* We will discuss how to provide more vegan and vegetarian options for those who want them.
* We will have a food monitor present to ensure everyone has eaten before offering seconds.
* We will move the tea and coffee facilities upstairs, where there is more space.
* We will issue a questionnaire to kitchen volunteers to better understand their skills so we have adequate experience for each shift.
* We will announce when the food is ready to save you from queueing.
* We will sign and label the food we serve - including the vegan and vegetarian options.
* We will ensure to brief kitchen volunteers, give clear and detailed instructions, and supervise them.
* We will introduce ‘serving’ and ‘clearing-up’ volunteers so the kitchen volunteers can focus on cooking.
* Following the success of Jethro’s, we will look into continuing to work with food vendors to provide meals.
* We will provide a kitchen rota outside the kitchen so volunteers can look up when their shift times will be.
* We will ensure we have the necessary equipment to prepare and transport meals. This will include grills, warming trays, and rice cookers…

* We will re-evaluate how to share tasks fairly among all attendees.
* We will move our noticeboard from the Blue Room to Con Ops so you can see any notices or timetable changes more quickly.
* We will ensure that the Blue Room is a quiet space and request any noisy electronics be used elsewhere.
* We will review and update our fire safety and evacuation procedures.
* We will make event timetables and maps more prominent and put them in more places around the venue.
* We will put up clocks so attendees can enjoy the event without relying on their phones.
* We will put up more room name signs.
* We will look into a timed sign-up system for the showers.
* We will ensure people keep noise levels reasonable in the late evening (per rule 12h of the Code of Conduct).

We have had several ideas put forward for events - thank you for these.
We'll let you know through official channels where and when to submit event ideas.

Just so you know, we will be deleting attendee information from the reg system, in line with Data Protection rules, unless you ask us to save your details. Please enter your details again when you register.

With 2024 registration some time away, it’s the part of the con cycle where we hibernate!

However, we will continue to work behind the scenes.

The Telegram, Discord, and Facebook pages will still be available. And, of course, you can contact the organisers on Telegram (@WildNorthEvents) or email us at events@wildnorth.uk.

Yours sincerely,
The Wild North Team
Silverley, Tyde, Greskil Vulfhart, Miku Plantman, Vannin, Gamepopper
Our new-look website is live. Take a look: