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Restrictions will continue to increase for the non-vaccinated in the coming weeks months and years, including those who do not take booster shots. Remember all restrictions until now are justified on a fatality rate of 0.1%. As we have been warned by vaccine experts. Those who took the experimental vaccines are now immunocompromised forever and are at risk of Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Over the coming months and years those vaccinated will have ongoing health issues and fatality rates will increase. We could see fatality rates go up to 3% which would mean a 30 fold increase on “Covid deaths”. Now imagine what the police-state response to that would be? This will be blamed on variants but mostly on the non-vaccinated. Hence restrictions on the non-vaccinated will increase and dramatically worsen over time. With future lockdowns only applying to non-vaccinated only. Those who break lockdown house arrest or self isolation will be pursued by Gardai and escorted by the army to one of three recently converted army camps.

Tyrants are playing the time game. Pick off the non-vaccinated one by one over time. We doubt the government vaccination numbers proclaimed are true. Our guess is maybe up to 55% are vaccinated, maybe 65% tops. Which means 1.7 million people are non-vaccinated, with an absolute minimum of half a million worst case scenario. Hence why the powers that be cannot afford to risk sparking non-vaccinated into mobilising as one into action on to the streets at once because the government would not have enough paid enforcers to stop it. This is why propaganda is shouting out restrictions are ending but that’s only for the vaccinated!

For the agenda to win the game they need the non-vaccinated to not protest as one before flu season peaks in November when restrictions will ramp up.
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Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
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Ben Gilroy sums up today’s successful peaceful blockade against medical apartheid on O’Connell Bridge Dublin organised by Yellow Vests.
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Until the people control all money resource management systems absolutely nothing will ever change no matter what.
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Dr Michael Yeadon - Pregnant women and the "vaccine"...

Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
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