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Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
NO MORE GAMES – It is not about your health, because the risk is below 0.1%. It is really all about control extremists wanting absolute control over your life and wealth. These extremists will never stop until we stop them lawfully and peacefully. It will take a hundred thousand good people coming together in Dublin, and staying until the Government resign. Nothing else.
TODAY A SPECIAL SITTING OF THE DÁIL WILL RUSH THROUGH LEGISLATION ALLOWING FOR THE DETENTION OF PEOPLE “SUSPECTED” OF COVID. For a taste of what’s coming down the road for us, watch this video from Freddie Sayers the former Editor-in-Chief of YouGov, the official UK Government website. He is now head of Unherd, an online news platform he set up in 2017. https://youtu.be/mGFdWcJU7-0
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
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JUST IN - BioNTech CEO: Upcoming vaccine for the #Omicron variant "should be a 3-dose vaccine."

For those vaccinated means: 2 + booster. Then, 3 more doses for #Omicron, if needed, pending further analysis.

Forwarded from Cor
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People realising they have been played at the 3rd/Booster shot 🤣🤣
Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
DARK DAY — Late last night legislation to extend emergency powers (on steroids) was passed by the Dáil. Bill provides an extension until March 31st, 2022 with an option for an extra three months into June 2022. This creates “Health Gestapo Officers” with unlawful powers to arrest you and send you off to a quarantine prison camp because they “suspect” you may have a cold. And will pave the way for big pharma’s ultimate golden goose the mandatory Pandora box, which will be almost impossible to shut once opened.

Most people seem not to care and not understand what this means. Out of all the rushed laws passed by this control extremist government, quietly supported by Mary Lou. It is by far the greatest threat to your liberty. Not sure what more you want to happen before you stop Martin and Varadkar?

Do you want endless mandatory dabadoos? Do you want Gardai or the Army to grab people off the streets or trespass into homes? Forcefully dabadooing people against their will? Carting people off to camps without a fair trial? The discrimination coming makes everything to date look like nothing.

If you’re waiting for leaders to do something you’ll be waiting because most of us are unsure we have the support that would be needed. Most of those you perceive as leaders against this are not allied therefore have no collective power and no ability to apply serious pressure. This is truly a dark day, I fear we are close to losing if something doesn’t happen now. It’s now or never, it’s up to you.
Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
Update from the organisers…


On the back of the news last night in which the Dail rushed through the emergency legislation for yet another time, we have decided to cancel this event next Wednesday the 15th.

We considered rescheduling it to the Saturday, however we have considered the close proximity to Christmas and have decided best to wait until January.

We personally feel we must focus on our families and children now to ensure we all have a positive Christmas experience.
Do not take this as us giving up.

Our rallies simply must have intention behind them, they must serve a purpose, only then do they stand to be successful.

We will continue to work in the background to build a nationwide campaign, encouraging people to campaign locally with the same messaging, no division, no segregation, no discrimination with a focus on unity and on reconnecting people on a community level.
Please share this cancellation far and wide to ensure people are aware of the cancellation.
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TD McNamara puts it to tryant Donnelly.
"How are the government still claiming that this plethora of alarmingly draconian ‘emergency’ powers are justified by a virus which delivers variant after variant and will probably never go away?" writes barrister GEOFFREY SUMNER.


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Ben Swann - New Zealand's New Rules
Forwarded from Ben Gilroy
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Important Message from Ben Gilroy.
Forwarded from Irish Channel 🇮🇪 (The Irish Channel 🇮🇪)

Ireland's Covid Certs will soon Change and the new Certs will only be Issued to those who have the Booster ‼️

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has said that Covid certs will likely soon need an update to be valid for international travel.

The news comes as the booster vaccination programme has been accelerated with the rollout plan for people aged in their 20s and 30s to be finalised this week.

Speaking at an announcement of further restrictions on Friday, the Tanaiste said: “At a European level, the digital Covid certificates are going to be reissued in the new year, and it’s very likely that in order to travel in the spring and summer, you’ll need to have the new digital Covid cert which is the evidence that you’ve been boosted.”

Full Story here : https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/irelands-covid-certs-soon-change-25749089

The Irish Channel 🇮🇪

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Forwarded from Protect Natural Rights
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NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won't get jabbed on SKY News.