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Usage Based Software Licensing paid with $RNDR

Jules Urbach, CEO OTOY & RNDR, discussed the roadmap for RNDR at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference GTC21 last month.

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OTOY will move their GPU path tracing software to usage based licensing (UBL). You only pay for what you use directly with $RNDR tokens.

In addition it will bring 3rd party software - such as EmberGenFX - and NFT's to the @RenderToken GPU rendering ecosystem.

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Join the KuCoin AMA with Render Token‘s Project Lead Josh Bijak.

Date: 13:00 on May 14, 2021 (UTC)
📍 AMA Venue: @Kucoin_Exchange

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Joshua Bijak — Render Token’s Project Lead

Joshua worked on IoT systems in the oil and gas sector and got deeply intrigued with the possibilities of blockchain in 2017 when he had been crypto mining for about a couple years already. He has worked as a software engineer for eight years, and five years as a CTO for blockchain companies. He built one of the first on-chain carbon offset systems on Ethereum and contributed to the infrastructure on Polygon/Matic where he deployed GSNv1 and now deploying GSNv2. In his role he manages RNDR’s timeline, budget and stakeholder relations.
What is @RenderToken $RNDR
// @Kucoin_Exchange

Anyone who has worked with 3D designs, animation and effects knows how taxing these processes can be on a GPU. Depending on the project, rendering the final project can take hours — or longer. This meant that those who could afford the highest-end technology had the upper hand. However, with the networking potential of the blockchain and cloud, it has become possible to utilize the latent GPU compute power of others to speed up rendering and greatly improve the experience for all.

Render Token set out to democratize this market using its GPU Cloud Rendering Network. The Render Network utilizes blockchain and smart contract technology to bring rendering power to those on the network, creating an economy of connected 3D assets.

Its ERC-20 utility token, RNDR, is available in the KuCoin Spot Market with the following trading pairs:

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BREAKING - Artist Beeple joins RNDR Advisory Board

👉 As part of the collaboration, Beeple is working with RNDR to introduce the first fully holographic NFT.

👉 RNDR participated the historical moment for digital art with Beeple, officially streaming and recording the Christie's auction as the last bids came in.

👉 RNDR helped organize CarbonDrop together with Beeple and other amazing artists, together raising $6.6 million for Open Earth Foundation:

👉 Beeple himself is a part of the RNDR family. We Are RNDR!

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Brand new #RNDR advisor Beeple and RNDR CEO Jules Urbach were live on Coindesk TV

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Beeple wrote art history this year with the first purely digital artwork NFT ever offered at auction house Christie's Inc. The auction closed with a bid of over $69 million, making him the third-most-valuable living artist.

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Beeple RNDR Archive video released!

At NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference GTC21 Jules Urbach, CEO OTOY & RNDR, presented a preview of what we are working towards with the Beeple RNDR Archive and the Roddenberry RNDR Archive and the future of holographic media.

Watch it here:

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Cointelegraph features Beeple & RNDR

"Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has partnered with rendering software providers RNDR, and its parent company OTOY to create holographic NFTs.

Beeple has joined the advisory boards of both firms to offer his expertise as an artist and long-time user of OTOY’s OctaneRender software.

#RNDR is a blockchain-based rendering platform that utilizes GPU power from a distributed network to render graphics. Beeple will help the platform create a new form of holographic NFTs, along with minting his entire catalog on @RenderToken’s network."

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RNDR x KuCoin AMA Recap

Missed our Render Token ($RNDR) AMA hosted by @Kucoin_Exchange last week? Don't worry, read the full transcript below.

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Learn about #RNDR from Project Lead Josh Bijak who also contributed to the infrastructure on Polygon $MATIC where he deployed GSNv1 and now deploying GSNv2.

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The NVIDIA GTC21 talk by Jules Urbach, CEO OTOY & $RNDR, is now available!

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He discussed features made available today in the OctaneRender 2021.1 beta as well as the roadmap for RNDR including plans for usage based licensing (UBL) for OTOY's software and the RNDR archives for Alex Ross, Beeple and Roddenberry (check out the announcement channel @RenderToken for more information).

Furthermore, the first Public beta release of #OctaneRender 2021 is here! A few surprise features made it in we think artists will love - like mesh to Vectron.

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It's here! The #RNDR client V6 is the biggest milestone since we launched the network. 💫

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Multiple OctaneRender® versions to choose from
Support for NVIDIA 30 Series GPU's

Starting with V6, $RNDR is ready to support 3rd party GPU render engines like Autodesk Arnold Renderer or open source Blender Cycles.

If you're an artist and want to get started with using the distributed RNDR network to render your own work with OctaneRender Version 2020.2.3 visit the @RenderToken Knowledge Base!


With this ability to run multiple versions of OctaneRender, we will be adding new versions that are in development once they reach RC (Release Candidate) status.

Next up is Octane 2021, which was released as a public experimental build yesterday.


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The UEFA Champions League Final Opening Ceremony presented by Pepsi was rendered with Octane Render!

The US DJ and producer Marshmello helped set the mood at the Estádio do Dragão as Selena Gomez and Khalid joined him for a spectacular immersive performance before kick-off between Manchester City and Chelsea.

Some production insights: The virtual production stages for the 6 minutes show were all rendered with Octane Render and all in 4K@50fps HDR, which made it very challenging to put out that many frames in time. To make it even more challenging, the stadium for the performance got changed, just 10 days before delivering.

Just one of the countless use cases for RNDR. 💪

Watch it on Twitter:

Full quality now available on YouTube: