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Tomorrow/Today! Huobi AMA with Jules Urbach, CEO OTOY and RNDR.

20:00 PM, Hong Kong Time - March 29th.
14:00 PM, Central European Time
08:00 AM, Eastern Time
05:00 AM, Pacific Time

Reply to the event in the Huobi Telegram @huobiglobalofficial to spread the word and spark interest for our project!
💎 KuCoin Blog identified RNDR as one of three of the most interesting options you should keep tabs on.

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KuCoin recently listed Render Token in the past few weeks, which has helped the token reach new heights by exposing it to a wider audience. It was also listed on Huobi and MXC too. Beyond that, Render Token has close ties with the NFT market, enabling 3D artists to create their own crypto art. As such, it has enjoyed the massive explosion in interest the technology has experienced.
RNDR getting closer to support AMD GPUs on Windows!

We never have been this close seeing #RNDR potentially using AMD GPUs!

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First tests with an OctaneRender 2021 build using the Vulkan API to run AMD and NVIDIA GPUs simultaneously.

There are still many devices fixes needed to ship, but OTOY made a big leap forward this week.
Render Network | RNDR - Announcements pinned «Latest #PowerOfRNDR showcase. Share the tweet! Artist: 1440 Frames (24 Cameras) || 1920x1080 || 3000/4000 Samples. Rendered on the RNDR network in 54 hours…»
Render Network | RNDR - Announcements pinned «Exchanges Huobi and KuCoin added #RNDR to their #NFT sections! 🎨🔥 Share the tweet!»
It's been cooking for a long time!

Exactly ready for NVIDIA's upcoming GTC21 the all new V6 #RNDR client with support for Octane 2020.2 and NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs just ran for the first time.

Read more in the Twitter thread:

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Tomorrow April 12th Jules Urbach, CEO OTOY & RNDR, will discuss the roadmap for OctaneRender 2021 and RNDR at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference GTC21.

Registrations for this year's online only event are free.

Read the Twitter thread for more information and learn about OTOY's deep relationship with NVIDIA:

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The Marvel and DC Comics star illustrator Alex Ross and OTOY have teamed up to release his comic superhero digital archive of animated work.

The collection will be released via the #RNDR network as the first #NFT from a permanent digital archive.


Watch the announcement by RNDR and OTOY at NVIDIA GTC21 presented last week:

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KuCoin RNDR Trading Competition

To celebrate Render Token ($RNDR) being listed on KuCoin the exchange launched a listing campaign to give away a reward pool of 40,000 RNDR to qualified KuCoin users.

April 22, 2021 to April 29, 2021

Activity Details:
To celebrate RNDRs 1st birthday 🤗, RNDR is holding a RNDR token giveaway with 3 winners! 🥇: 1000 RNDR tokens
🥈: 500 RNDR tokens
🥉: 250 RNDR tokens

These RNDR tokens will be carbon offset in support of our friends at the Open Earth Foundation preserving the Amazon Rainforest 🌳

Want a chance at winning? Make sure you are a part of our official telegram channel to enter

Enter the giveaway by copying this link in your browser

Entries close at 24:00 EST on April 26th.

The winners will be announced on RNDRs 1st birthday on April 27th! 🎂
Only few hours left to win 1,000 $RNDR.

Render Token Giveway

1. Follow the new RNDR chat @RenderTokenOfficial
2. Fill out form

Entries close TODAY at 24:00 EST.

🎂 The winners will be announced on #RNDR's 1st birthday tomorrow April 27th! 🎂
TIME Magazine cover features Beeple and OTOY's OctaneRender software!

For its cover story TIME turned the space over to Beeple who’s been at the forefront of the digital art movement for more than a decade!

He created a digital world using Cinema4d and OTOY's OctaneRender, powered by Nvidia GPUs.

Read more:


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It’s our birthday and the network just turned 1! 🥳

We’ve had an amazing year building #RNDR with all of our friends (that’s you!).

The giveaway winners are:

🥇1000 $RNDR: Scanlab_ca
🥈 500 $RNDR: LaRhonda Howard
🥉 250 $RNDR: Brainiac

We are excited to celebrate with you today!

We wrote a little something about the past year at RNDR, read about how far we've come:

Let's share some birthday cake! 🎂
Congratulations to @RenderToken #RNDR and OTOY Advisor Board member Ari Emanuel on a successful IPO for Endeavor!

Read the Twitter thread to learn more about Ari Emanuel's vision for RNDR:

"We started the business based on George Gilder [and] his book Life After Television."

Join the discussion in the RNDR Telegram chat: @RenderTokenOfficial