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We have updated our twitter username to @rendernetwork

Posting here (and on other official accounts) as verification. It better reflects our community and mission.
The vote has now closed!

With 1.2M RNDR or 99.98% of the vote for RNP-004 the Initial Proposal Vote has closed.

The team is going to review all comments but it looks like the schedule will remain with Jul 26, 2023 being the time for the RNP Vote to open formally for #rnp-004

RNP-004 Timeline:
Jul 11, 2023 Discord channel created. Initial Proposal
Jul 17, 2023 Initial Proposal Vote Opens
Jul 20, 2023 Initial Proposal Vote Closes
Jul 26, 2023 RNP Vote Opens

Aug 1, 2023 RNP Vote Closes
The Render Network Team Review has been posted to Discord and today at 5pm the RNP-004 vote officially opens!
Updates on Open Compute and RNP-004: "What was significant about the demo was the processing of real AI training and inference workloads on-demand across a decentralized pool of GPUs — ranging from 3090s to higher performance devices like 4090’s, A100s, and A6000s. This aggregation of decentralized supply, where decentralized hardware configurations and GPU models are simply configured and rented, was an essential feature of the preview."
The Render Network is preparing to implement the Open Compute initiative that was passed in RNP-004, enabling AI / ML GPU workloads to be performed on the Render Network. This week, we are reaching out to our current node operators AND the node waitlist to determine their interest. We have a lot of questions about the preferences of the node operators as it relates to enabling AI jobs concurrently on their current systems or if they would like to have dedicated systems for either process. We are about to send out this email so if you are on these lists, be on the lookout for it and please take some time to update your information.

What this means: we are making huge progress with the outstanding RNPs and are excited to get the updates from our node operators and wait list. Once this is done we are going to explore implementing timelines and opening up the waitlist for those not on it.

* As with any information from the Render Network, please verify on multiple official channels. *
RNP-005 is live!

This proposal outlines onboarding Beam as the second Compute Client to leverage Render Network's GPU supply for machine learning workloads.

Beam provides a cloud platform to accelerate AI development and deployment using GPUs without managing infrastructure. Key capabilities include:

Local Python development with remote execution on cloud GPUs

Dynamic cluster orchestration by specifying GPU types/counts, libraries

Auto-scaling of GPU instances based on workload demand

Serverless deployment via REST APIs, cron jobs, task queues

Distributed storage volumes attached to containers

SDKs for CI/CD integration and tooling

Integrating Beam enables the Render Network's decentralized GPU network to power these ML-focused workloads. Beam clusters will be able to access the Render Network's global supply of GPUs tailored for parallelized AI computations.

Snapshot voting for the Initial Proposal Vote open for 72 hours:
The Community Vote for RNP-005 just closed with 99.79% voting to pass the proposal. 1.5M Approve vs 3k Deny.

What is next? With the passing we are now in "Render Network Team Review." If it passes technical feasibility the Foundation will post the final RNP-005 Vote on 5pm PST on Wednesday.
News from the Solana Breakpoint conference: The Render Network is live on Solana.

RNDR token holders can now migrate tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the Solana blockchain using the Upgrade Assistant at


"Moving Render's core infrastructure to Solana is a watershed moment that unlocks major new capabilities like real-time streaming and dynamic NFTs," said Jules Urbach, the founder and architect of the Render Network. "Solana's incredible transaction speeds, low costs, and commitment to web-scale architecture make it a perfect fit for the Render Network as we continue building a scalable and decentralized metaverse infrastructure."`

Press Release:
Last night the Final Vote for RNP-005 "Beam Compute Client" ended with 1.8M RNDR Approve and 74 RNDR Deny. The Treasury Wallet voted to Abstain and that helped meet the quorum needed to pass.

RNP-005 is now passed and the Foundation will move to implementing and updating the status to "Approved+Roadmap."


Future RNP's will have the ability for those that have upgraded to RENDER to vote.
Our 3rd Compute Client is now live for vote. Please meet FEDML.

"FEDML ( is a next-generation cloud platform that enables developers and enterprises to easily, economically, and securely build, deploy, and monetize their large language models (LLMs) and other generative AI applications. It provides holistic support with high-performance model training and deployment libraries, user-friendly LLMOps and generic MLOps, and a large-scale GPU marketplace."

Read the full proposal here:

RENDER voters can vote here.

RNDR voters can vote here.