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Spiked's answer to the attack on white people? More of the very atomisation that made such attacks possible. Just a bunch of globalist shills.
Goodbye to hundreds of thousands of finserv jobs, wage stagnation for the rest and the exodus of a similar number of Conservative voters.

Will the middle class mouse finally roar?
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"The most beautiful song ever created by Man. Would any other culture or race conceive this, or understand it, had it been known to them. Unlikely. This is what we are fighting for..." - VertigoPolitix

Miserere mei, Deus - Allegri - Tenebrae:
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They are making propaganda to paint European protectionism appear like the scariest threat there is today. Islamists continue to behead over cartoons, to rape en masse with impunity. But the public is being indoctrinated to welcome feral rapey migrants and demonize anyone who opposes white genocide.
I just really don't miss Twitter at all.
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You can see the methodology behind YouTube's censorship clearly here, the big winners are the soft conservative shills and the big losers are the edgy populists. The somewhat more cerebral ''Alt-Right'' then becomes ghettoized, if not also banned.

This is why the mainstream right didn't speak up about censorship, YouTube's algo, the ADL and the left were eliminating their competition for them and ensuring they didn't feel pressure from their right.

Contrast this with the left, Joe Biden won't even counter signal Anti-Fa and BLM burning down cities!

From the perspective of YouTube and the elites the thrust of censorship is to destroy the method of ''radicalization'' or, in other words, to blow up the pipeline.
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Wait for it. Good ending by Whittle to Sadiq Khan on his colonising London's heritage.
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Swallow world order. Get excited for new world order.
Lefties obsess about protecting the lower from the predations of the higher.

They give no thought at all to protecting the higher from the predations, jealousies and incompetencies of the lower.
Baby Boomers tend to think that being a Millennial is easy. It's not. It's fucking awful.

And the sad truth is that, post-COVID, it's going to be a lot worse.
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"Is it fake or real? Yes and or No? Neither? Or no? Maybe? Both? Yes, Is It Both? No? Maybe. Just ignore it." — Journalism 2020
Forwarded from Media Tricks Exposed
Looking less improbable by the day.