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It's not that every person is either wholly good or wholly evil. It's that, at a certain point, you realise good vs evil is the only contest that really matters in life - and every attempt to muddy the waters with "moral relativism" etc. is really an attempt to deny that.
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Such a spectacle really gives the lie to the notion that left-wingers are more kind, or less selfish, or less sadistic, or less egomaniacal, than the right-wingers they love to denounce. When a rule has been broken and a pretext for cruelty has appeared, the nastiness comes out.
Right-wing priorities vs left-wing priorities, in a nut shell.
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Odysee / audio

• Patriotism and the British intelligentsia
• Phillip Schofield, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, rock stars
• Avoiding getting black-pilled
• Freeways and cities
• Beverages and come-uppance
• Ireland and immigration
• Sympathy for Prince Harry
• Beauty, decline and subversion
and much more in this recording from the 29th of May, 2023.

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How adept people are at misunderstanding things about another person’s private life. Anything can be misconstrued. Any two things can be erroneously connected. Any fake allegation can be favoured over honest explanations. Often, the truth is benign but complicated, whereas a lie is nasty but simple, and therefore more interesting.
It is because of Network Distributing, and only because of them, that I discovered many of my favourite TV dramas - Manhunt, The Guardians, Murrain, Shadows of Fear, The Boy Merlin, New Scotland Yard, to name just a few. Without Network I simply would never have encountered these wonderful productions that have enriched my life.

Sadly, I have just learned that Network has gone into liquidation.

This is a genuine cultural loss, and quite a huge one - if only modern people were aware enough to realise it.

Full eulogy here.

RIP Network Distributing Ltd., 1997-2023.
As for moral judgements, we like to believe we are fully aware of the machinery within ourselves that makes them - but that is doubtful. We are fallen creatures and we use scapegoats; when one of us errs, too often we condemn him only to disguise our own failings, or the fears we have that we might fail just as drastically if only given the chance to do so.
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Just learned that the Syrian killer who stabbed a bunch of children in the French alps had been granted residency in Sweden by the traitors in charge. Not only does this Syrian need to be held responsible but everyone in the pro-migrant EU machine that have enabled this savage environment needs to be held responsible. As long as Europeans look the other way or think that this “new Europe” won’t affect them, this will just keep happening and it will keep getting worse and worse. We’re going to have to deal with this head on. The sooner the better. These people have to go back.
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It's always one step forward, one hundred steps back with these "anti-woke" gatekeepers.

The second is particularly egregious since it contradicts his OP.

I'm tired of these "anti-woke" cuckolds who just want to rewind to a more discrete and subversion version of Globalism.
Coming soon... a major 6-part essay on the rise, fall and prestigial half-life of the BBC comedy quiz show Have I Got News For You. With that as the "backbone", it examines the evolution of British politics and culture between 1990 and 2023. Particular focus is on the changing fortunes and social power of Champagne Socialism. Available only behind the paywall!
All the big media/government fear ops that never happened from 1966 up to 2019. Then remember the Big One they said was happening right then in 2020?

Yeah. Me too.