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Way of the World has been banned from Patreon. Without warning, they have instantly deprived him of 90% of his channel income. They have done this to him during a time of unique economic danger.

WotW is one of our best commentators and he makes a unique contribution to our community. You can support him on SubscribeStar. Please do.
"Feminism encourages women to hate men.
MGTOW encourages men to hate women.
Anti-Entitlement/Pull-Yourselves-Up-By-The-Bootstraps culture encouraged Boomers to hate Millennials.
Now Zoomer culture encourages the young to hate the old."

- American Krogan
Forwarded from Simon Harris
Just a shout out to anyone interested, I've recently set up a Forum on EuropeanFreedom. Not as quick and easy as Telegram or Twitter but much better for keeping a record of opinions on a particular topic. All welcome!
Two years!!!!
Forwarded from The Iconoclast
Due to the censorship of Patreon (banning Way Of The World) the team at SubscribeStar have very kindly reinstated my old account. If any of you would like to support my channel monthly, I'd appreciate it. I have quite a lot of things coming over this next week, hope you enjoy.
Forwarded from TheWompery
New Cartoon on SubscribeStar! ft. Laura Towler
"VILLAINS? So be it."

It'll become available as usual in a week or so but if you'd like to watch it a bit early then support me here. :)
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