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It's 2020 and we're all being tyrannised... but at least OUR ancestors didn't live under tyranny!
Forwarded from Media Tricks Exposed
There was a time when Westerners used to chuckle at the massive Chinese 'Great Firewall' internet censorship .. (why do they allow it to be done to them, we would say) .. but look at us now.

We have ruthless information controllers crushing rivals and deleting millions of posts and videos every month, to protect the criminal class. Even Amazon banning books gets no media coverage, and barely anyone knows of it. While the news media churns out misinformation and deceit, filling the airwaves with endless mockery of the truth. When will we admit we live in a controlled regime that is terrified of true information?

How long until this house of lies falls down?
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Anyone that that thinks you can reason with the police - wrong.
They will literally arrest your nan for peacefully protesting.
Forwarded from Media Tricks Exposed
Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano gave a good speech on Wednesday at the state legislature, during the Senate Hearing on election fraud.

Mastriano was of course quickly banned from Twitter after giving the speech.

Because this is the new normal: If you go against the corrupt machine, they will cut out your tongue.
@mediatricks is a crucial channel that everyone should be following. It releases a steady stream of evidence against the MSM and the Silicon Valley giants. Admittedly, this kind of material can get depressing, but as an information resource, Media Tricks is invaluable.
Jared of @thegreatorder is going in a new musical direction:
Forwarded from Purple Politics
If you are looking for something productive to do today, Cambridge University is taking comments on it's policy of forwarding the African nationalist agenda through the medium of the latin curriculum, which is used by schools throughout England,
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Wonโ€™t be long now Woes ๐Ÿป
Forwarded from Purple Politics
Imagine sitting at the table as a government consultant on the subject of 'Ethnic disparities in the UK'. Well you can. Everyone must give their answer to these ten questions. Instead of preaching to the converted, take this opportunity to speak truth to power.
I will be the guest tonight on Greg's show, at 8pm GMT: