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Forwarded from Endeavour
How bad is it that policies the Taliban is proposing Germany implement would be more beneficial for Germany than the actual policies of the German government?
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"I do not believe that [USA] can ever again become a home for white people"

— Jared Taylor

☝️The statement that started the whole discussion.


"Is it too late to save white America?"
— with Jared Taylor & Greg Johnson

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The passage from “blasphemy” to “hate speech” has been one of total inversion, transforming the native British from the only protected class to the only unprotected class, under the false pretext that they are still the only protected class.

A law being subjective is absolutely fine, if the powers-that-be find the law useful, but if they don’t, the law’s subjectivity becomes a weakness so crucial that it must be abolished.

If anything, the standard for culpability in blasphemy cases was higher than in “hate speech” cases today; in blasphemy cases, the defence could always argue that the defendant, even though he has negative opinions of Christianity and said something blasphemous, did not know it was blasphemous. This is the equivalent, today, of someone known for transphobia being let off for saying something transphobic on the grounds that he didn’t know it was transphobic. No magistrate would accept such a defence.

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Progressives don’t expect foreigners to behave like robots, devoid of feeling and therefore not subject to indignity. But that is what they expected of Christians 50 years ago.

Hate speech laws, paradoxically, demonstrate that White people don’t have privilege in (what were) their countries. If they did, they wouldn’t allow these laws to exist.

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Brits - will you vote for Nigel Farage's Reform Party?
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Forwarded from Pox Populi
This is who desecrated Stonehenge. A wrinkled Pajeet invader and a Paul Dano lookalike.
I hope the two people who carried out the attack on Stonehenge receive very harsh punishment. However, the whole Extinction Rebellion / Just Stop Oil thing absolutely stinks. Something is very wrong about it.

In theory, vandalising Stonehenge should get you years in prison. Why don't the two people above seem even slightly scared or worried?

It's the same when they spraypaint a priceless painting. Why don't they seem in the slightest bit scared? They're not scared of prison time, they're not scared of security guys beating the living daylights out of them.

And why don't security guys ever do that...?

If I decided to go and vandalise Stonehenge, I would be absolutely screwed. Years in prison, at minimum. By contrast, these two guys had colleagues film them doing the deed, and they even made videos proudly explaining themselves.

At least one of those videos - by the Indian guy - appears to have been filmed after the stunt, in which case he was either in police custody or had already been released. The latter seems incredible. I'm going to assume he was still in police custody. Why did he sound completely normal and unfazed?

To cut to the chase... I think Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil are organised by the British security services, with the goal being to criminalise dissent by turning public opinion against activists by having them do blatantly outrageous things.

It could also be Big Oil, but I don't think they would be able to guarantee legal immunity for the activists. And it must be guaranteed, because these people clearly have no worries whatsoever. (That's part of what makes this stuff so surreal - the activists seem so calm they could almost be drugged or hypnotised. But I don't think they are.)

As for what the activists are thinking, God knows. Presumably they think they are genuinely fighting for the cause, and just feel really lucky that professional organisers are involved who have "connections" and can thus guarantee them legal immunity.
The two Stonehenge heritage terrorists, Rajan Naidu and Niamh Lynch. In my opinion, they sound like actors pretending to care about the environment.