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Forwarded from Media Tricks Exposed
Wikipedia Co-founder says: “The articles are so biased, in fact, that it is fair to call them propaganda”
Congratulations to @BeginnerHomesteader on reaching 1K subscribers.
🌞As you may know, last year I “lost” my job as a teacher. There were a few reasons, the foremost of which was my refusal to comply with working hours a day with a mask on, and forcing my students to suffer the same.

I’ve also had to endure the frustration of having my places of sanctuary and hobbies (the gym, practicing martial arts) be closed off to me due to mask mandates and covid passports.

As a result, I’ve got a lot more free time, and a lot less certainty. It may be cliché, but a crisis also brings opportunity. Necessity is the mother of invention. On that note, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to my “content creator” persona.

This means I will be making more videos, and more videos about a lot more topics such as training from home, eating healthy, and book reviews, to name a few.

I’m always pleasantly surprised to get such positive feedback on my videos on YouTube/Odysee, the rants on my various banned twitter accounts, and my musings here on telegram. There are people with many more credentials than I, and who make much better “content” than I, but the comments of support and praise I’ve received over the years have showed me that, yes, I do have something to offer and yes, throwing my hat into this ring is worth it.

All this is to say that you’ll be seeing a lot more of me, and that this will likely take over my life and become my new job. That means I will be monetizing and creating subscription based content. That’s where you all come in.

I need you to subscribe on YouTube

and more importantly on Odysee

I’ve also created a substack, where I will post long-form essays about the events we’re experiencing and other topics too. These essays will give all of us a chance to express our thoughts on a greater range of issues and in a form, the written word, which I’ve always preferred.

Eventually, the idea is to gain a wide audience from which subscription payments, 1-off “pay to read” payments, and donations, are enough to keep me well-fed and making more and better content. It really would be nice to advance beyond using a laptop webcam.

Here’s to the future. 🌞
If America were ever to engage in a real war with a world power the enemy demoralisation propaganda would just be whatever the US army is posting on twitter today
The UN and Big Tech collude.
A very good analysis of a Tony Blair speech and interview by @BertieBassett4Life:
There's almost nothing in life better than baked potatoes.
Please vote in this Twitter poll about whether statues etc. to Robert Burns should acknowledge his supposed misogyny and supposed links to slavery:
Forwarded from Bubba Kate v The State
So most of you will be aware that I am in the process of taking my University to Court and that there are several legal claims within the case. One of them is regarding being subjected to disaplinary proceedings for calling Black Lives Matter a terrorist organisation.

I had previously asked you for evidence to support the claim that BLM are a terrorist organisation and many of you did, which was greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately the admin of that group accidentally deleted the entire content before it could all be logged.

I'm completing the evidence bundle at this time and would greatly appreciate if any of you would like to assist in re-gathering evidence of BLM committing acts of violence or intimidation to further their political aims, also all evidence of their marxist objectives, calls for racial violence and links to proscribed organisations criminals and terrorists.

I know there is so much of it out there but any of it you have that you can forward so it can be considered for the bundle would be extreamly helpful at this time.

Thank you.
"Liz Lochhead called Robert Burns "Weinsteinian" and a "sex pest", citing letters where he bragged about giving his lover Jean Armour a "thundering scalade [a military attack breaching defences] that electrified the very marrow of her bones," doing it until she "rejoiced"."

A centrist/centre-right take on the removal of statues:

"I am fed up with all this removal of statues. They represent history. Like it or not they were part of it and to remove relics of past sins or successes is simply pushing facts under the carpet. Get over it and be proud of where you are today with the freedom to be able to voice."

The centrist is trying to defeat the leftist by claiming that the leftist's proposal actually works against the leftist's own ideas - ie. "get rid of the statue to the man, and you merely hide the man's sins."

So, the centrist is agreeing that the man's "sins" should be emphasised - just not by removing his statue, because doing so actually works against emphasising his sins.

In other words, it's yet another attempt to beat the Left at their own game, by being even more pro their ideas than they are.

So tragic.
Here, liberal Bari Weiss calls for an end to COVID, and says that the vaccines don't work, and is cheered by a liberal audience:

In some sense, the wheels are coming off the COVID narrative. But it's also clear that certain powers (let's say, personified by Tony Blair) want it to continue. Certainly, they don't want to give up what it has secured for them.

I think this year is going to be dizzying, fast-paced, and very confusing. People are going to claim they were never for mandating this or that, and that they were always skeptical about "the science", etc.

Meantime, powerful people are going to have to adapt to advocating continued IOT-style "progress", while now dealing with a populace that is pissed off that their two-shots-and-back-to-normal promise was fake. They will be dreamily insisting that we dive headlong towards the bright transhumanist future, while the public will be annoyingly insisting on staying a good few pages behind, moaning about those fake vaccine promises of mid 2021. How will politicians deal with the widening gulf between where their masters are, and where the public are?

And this is without even considering the mass emergence of bad vaccine side-effects. They'll probably put most effort into keeping a lid on that, because otherwise it could be explosive.

The instinctual solution for the technocrat will be to side-step democratic processes as much as possible - but I think the public are beginning to get wise to that. A lot of them already know that they are being ignored, and, raised on bullshit promises about democracy, they don't like the idea of being ignored. They think they're important; this is the monster that the technocrat has unwittingly nurtured.

In order to accelerate the dissolution of national governments, the technocrats could try to blame it all on them, but that won't wash when there are endless archived clips of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates telling those very same national governments what to do. There is, in general, simply far too much video evidence of globalists saying what kind of world they want, for them to escape blame when that world begins to materialise.

War with Russia might be the only way to side-step this global constitutional crisis.
Forwarded from Counter-Currents
Mark Gullick inaugurates his new monthly series of news roundups from the UK, The Union Jackal, by regaling us with tales of the head of the UK's Border Force saying that "borders are just such a pain in the arse," Jon Stewart accusing J. K. Rowling of using anti-Semitic caricatures in her work, Health Minister Sajid Javid being confronted by a doctor who doesn't want to get the Covid vaccine, and more.
"Reasoning with the Left makes you accept their projected moral framework which they don't even hold (otherwise Trudeau would have gotten at least something for his blackface enthusiasm). When a leftist comes with moral arguments he mimics human speech in order to get an effect out of you. He feels neither guilt nor regret nor hope nor love."
- @Cathuggersedits in @mwpublic
Forwarded from [XD] Productions
"Imagine being so much of a braindead hippie boomer that you are afraid of how extreme a stoner who wants Michelle Obama to be president is."
- Tyler in @mwpublic
Forwarded from Thuletide
"Identity politics was a ploy by the elite to destroy the class consciousness of the traditional Left" is probably the most cancerous take to gain traction in recent years.

Where do these people think feminism, anti-racism, LGBT politics, etc. actually originated? Bankers who were oh so terrified of the smelly Anarcho-Communist hippies behind Occupy Wall Street?

The so-called "traditional" Left (oxymoron) invented all of this "woke" bullshit. For example, The Communist Manifesto (1848) explicitly calls for the abolition of nationality, family, and traditional culture.

Leftists love to blame "elites" or "capitalists" for their own crimes against humanity, especially now that the masses despise so-called "woke" politics, which are merely the culmination of centuries of Leftist ideology and decades of Leftist political hegemony (see here).
"The US Armed Forces have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for talent. Anyone with talent becomes a PMC. Meanwhile, the recruitment ads I’ve seen have been pushing nonsense about the work benefits for single mothers rather than anything about patriotism. No American would volunteer to fight Russia. Now that the memory of 9/11 is fading, there is no America to fight for."
- @Chossingston, in @mwpublic