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How many hours sleep do you need to be at your best?
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Less than 5 is fine
More than 8
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New house rules ban gendered language. Words like “mother” or “son” are now off limits. This is just the beginning.
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Guide to the Tartan patterns associated with various Clans, and peoples of Scotland, Ireland, and Cornwall
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If there are any graphic designers (preferably with experience in vector graphics) who would like to help with the branding of a very important movement project, please contact me @thevilevlogger
This is a good channel for keeping up to date with things:
Covid and the seasonal flu... you've got to wonder why you never seem to see the two of them together...
Well, this will certainly be a relief, after the prudishness of the 2010s.
A huge, high-testosterone bison would know what to do with devious subverters. "My fellow ungulates", indeed...
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Ann and Lawrence Nickerson would’ve been celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary, but were killed by diversity. He laughed as he found out he’d be free in a couple of years, able to carry on with his life as if nothing happened.

Nobody will riot and burn down cities for these murdered English people. It’s up to us to remember their names.
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🦌🌳 New folklore video 👻🏰

A tale of a ghostly black dog that haunted a road near the village of Littleport in Cambridgeshire. As usual, I try to avoid the well known tales that are all over the internet, and instead present tales that are relatively unknown.
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Well, at least Molyneux will be happy.