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A Canadian politician asks why his government is building internment camps to detain large numbers of people, for "a wide latitude" of different reasons (ie. not just quarantining after returning from abroad). His question as to why the government is preparing to detain large numbers of people is ignored. Something very, very serious is going on.
Somebody said this looks like me.
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I'm now 100 subs away from 2K! If I can reach it by my birthday next month that'd be fantastic!
It's essential never to give these people any respect or credence.
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I just don't understand Stefan Molyneux continuing to advocate anarcho-capitalism after a private corporation chose to deny him his 1m subscribers. He's like the bull that gets effortlessly castrated yet still says that the farmer should be given even sharper scissors.
The fact that the Skeptic community have any concern whatsoever about the opinions of someone like ShoeOnHead is a terrible indictment on them as a community. ShoeOnHead is, at best, a mid-wit.
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I've never seen such an obviously manufactured "crisis" in my life.

At the start of this year, nobody was talking about some dire urgent need to completely alter daily life, social attitudes, life expectations, economic systems, political structures, etc. Now, suddenly, these bigwigs are saying this grandiose stuff as if they've been pleading for years to be listened to, and finally the COVID "crisis" means they will be taken seriously. This is utter bullshit.

These are not well-meaning underdogs desperate to be heard. They are immensely powerful people who have full grasp upon the reins of narrative control, and they are spinning the most disingenuous, power-crazed and self-serving shtick we will ever see in our lifetimes.

I'm amazed by the grandiosity, but even more by the sheer obviousness of it all. There is no crisis, there is no need for a drastic solution, there is nothing here but trickery and globalist empire-building.
The BBC's top story in each section, on the day of the "Hunter Biden laptop" scandal exploding:

Website front page: "Five things to know about coronavirus this evening"

News page: "South Yorkshire to move into tier 3 lockdown"

World news page: "Pope indicates support for same-sex civil unions"

US & Canada news page: "Early votes in US election already top 40m"

US election news page: "Different rules for women?"

If you then explore the US election news page, you will be presented with literally dozens of articles to click on, but not one of them is about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

To find anything on it, you have to do a manual search. The BBC is doing what it can to prevent people hearing about the scandal.
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How positive are you that this isn't all a dream?
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