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The people who were SJWs in 2015, would in 1995 have been:
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normal, mainstream people
arty / goths / punks / sci-fi / outsiders
I don't know
Forwarded from DukeOfDurham 🦌
This last week I have moved all of my food shopping to a local farm shop. It’s more expensive but this has made me think on what I actually need, cutting out crap that I’d buy cheap in supermarkets. Also highlighting the importance of using everything and avoiding waste. My money now supports local people and I know where what I consume is coming from. My meat is no longer wrapped in plastics and my milk is raw.
I have stopped using shower gels that are filled with all sorts of chemicals and sold in plastic bottles and now use only bar soap, made locally and from natural ingredients.
I have made preparations to start growing some of my own food, by no means anywhere near being self-sufficient but developing skills and knowledge I know will be needed in the future.
And I have also helped 2 friends start making survival bags, everything you might need in worse case scenarios to keep in your car at all times.

We must always make an effort to improve our skills and knowledge, think hard on who we support and where our money is going, and help others make progress too.
COVID-19: how it started and how it's going
Attachment to nation/people should not be reliant on past achievements of that nation/people. As an inheritor of that story, you are not a consumer choosing between products.
This video is a very interesting, laid-back discussion about a conversation between Stefan Molyneux and Cultured Thug. It dates back to when Stef was still in his hardcore ancap phase, so it might not reflect his thinking today, but nevertheless, worth watching. (And follow CT on Odysee!)
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On Jonathan Bowden's birthday, we remember his life and legacy at Counter-Currents:
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Today Swedish nationalist Tommie Lindh should have celebrated his 20th birthday with all his friends, but less than a year ago he was murdered by an African migrant when trying to protect a Swedish girl from getting raped.

Gone but not forgotten, because heroes never die. We wish you a happy birthday and know that you're celebrating it in a better place.

You can have only one pet:
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An image of London.
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Torba is so fucking based. Punch him, and he'll punch back. He's got status, credibility and no agenda.
I was contemplating my respective reactions to being banned on Twitter and Youtube, and it occurred to me... isn't it strange that you could say both "the opposite extreme" and "the extreme opposite"?

Both words - "extreme" and "opposite" - can be used either as noun or adjective. Strange.
Chatrooms I can recommend:

crypto: @crypto_nats

spiritualism, health, nutrition, astrology: @philosophicat_groupchat

cats (and other animals): @grungemuffin_chat

philosophy, esoterica: @MercurialVaults

Dr Who (and other sci-fi): @mw_dw_talk

religion: @mw_religion

cooking: @bigjimsinnit

trains, cars, aeroplanes, etc.: @mw_lgbtrains
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