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Millennial Woes describes exactly what Rich Houck is doing currently on the latest episode of Counter-Currents Radio.

Listen to Woes folks and help get this ball rolling.

Read more about it in the link and consider dropping some coins in Richโ€™s cup.

- Gaddius Maximus
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This is how these pathetic people operate.

1. The American Jewish Congress ATTACKS GAB with a report that looks like it was put together by a high school student it so laughably lacks any evidence to the outrageous claims made.
2. I respond, calling out the American Jewish Congress for their lies.
3. They play the victim and claim I am "attacking" them.

Sorry, your games don't work here and never will. Begone, Satan.
RIP Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 1921-2021.
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I've never been a full on pro-royalist, neither anti-royalist but I've always respected the institution as it is part of our history, heritage and identity. That is a given, not a choice.

Prince Phillip's death is symbolic of an institution and country seeing out the last days of an era.

It is sad, and I do have sympathy for the Queen as Prince Phillip is her beloved.

Just like all our institutions, we should never give up on them as it is not in our spirit to concede defeat on such things.

We accept realities, but we never accept total defeat.

Prince Phillip will always remind me of better days when Britain was a truer country and men talked as they did and acted noble at the same time.

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Millennial Woes: Withnail & I (1987)

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What is this?
The "New York Jew" accent is fucking AWFUL. Don't they realise...?!
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Huge numbers of people openly celebrate the idea of children being punished for the sins of a minority of their ancestors. This situation is extremely dangerous.
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