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Here we share tips on Islamic Medicine according to authentic Islamic sources and advice from great Hakims and scholars in the field.

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To all our members in the UK:
Tabib group has started their branches in London (Harrow and Stanmore)
Our organic products and medicines will be available at these branches.
For ease of access you can also order your items from the Tabib UK web store and have them delivered to your home address.

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💠 The Holy Prophet:

"Benefit youself from the coldness of spring and avoid the coldness of autumn as indeed it does to your bodies what it does to your trees"

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✔️ Where in the world can 30 million people gather together and compete in providing free help, food and services. This only happens in the Arbaeen walk.

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Forwarded from Practical Islam (Samer Hakim)
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Will the #Corona #Virus #Vaccine be #mandated?

Short answer may be no, but you will have to take it!
Special thanks to the researchers who recommend feeding Najis poop to new born innocent infants!
They say Imam Kazim immune system medicine has not yet been authorised at academic institutions! Yet #pooptherapy has been authorised 😀💩

Great health boosting benefits gained from contact with natural sheep's wool:

🔸Removes coldness from the body and reproductive organs
🔸Relieves aches and pains
🔸Improves sleep quality
🔸Boosts circulation
🔸Repels bacteria
🔸Helps the body to maintain a state of equilibrium
And more

Most people have a habit of using slippers made of synthetic materials at home. When the feet do not have regular contact with natural materials this can cause health complaints in the legs and abdominal areas. This is because toxins cannot be released into artificial materials whereas carpets made from natural ingredients encourage body detoxification.

All you need to do to enjoy all the mentioned benefits is to sit on the rug – that’s it!

These natural rugs are now available in our online store for everyone worldwide.


Due to lifestyle changes or other reasons these days we are noticing a concerning increase in the number of people with spiritual diseases. People are usually unaware that this is the cause of their problems.
Ayatullah Tabrizian believes that one third of people are either directly or indirectly suffering from Jinn issues and the disorders they cause to human beings.
Due to popular demand we decided to invite Sheikh Tabrizi (a student of Ayatullah Tabrizian) for a one day online course to talk about spiritual diseases and Rohani problems from an Islamic perspective.
He will be answeing related questions after the course iA.
If you are on telegram you can register here: @Teb4register
🤰🏻Pre Pregnancy Tips: 🤰🏻

✔️Both parents consuming Sawiq at least 2 weeks before conception protects the child from physical and mental disabilities.

✔️ Eating chicory or 'Kaasni' 40 days before pregnancy is highly recommended for the child's health (1 teaspoon daily or 7 leaves).

✔️ Eating quince fruit (especially if it is fragrant) on the night of conception makes the child good looking.

✔️Avoid intercourse to try for a baby and intercourse in general during the first, middle and the last day of the lunar calendar, as this can cause madness or leprosy to the child.

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"Doctors for truth" tell us more truth about corona virus.
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‍ ‍ 🔴 Islamic Medicine Treatments:

One of the most important and beneficial remedies in Islamic Medicine is Jame of Imam Al-Reza (a.s.) or Morakkab #5.

💠 Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.) says to a companion, "Why don't you benefit yourself from the Jame' medicine of my father that is famous among the Shias?"

💠 Imam Hassan Al-Askari (a.s.) said, "Use Jame' medicine as indeed it is the medicine of Reza (a.s.)." (📙 Ibna Bastaam, page 70).

✅ This medicine is made of saffron, white pepper, cardamom, etc. mixed with honey then cooked.

👉🏼The dosage is one pinch or pill (the size of a barley grain) per day.
👉🏼 It is usually taken with something else for specific treatments.

🔸Here are some combinations that can be used with Jame:

🔹 Jame + Saffron water = diaphragm and internal inflammations
🔹 Jame + apple juice = cure for fever
🔹 Jame + quince juice = heart improvement
🔹Jame + carrot juice = vision improvement / menstrual cramps / urinary system improvement
🔹Jame + grape juice = cure for depression and anemia
🔹Jame + Sadab (Rue plant) = cure for kidney stones
🔹Jame + water of boiled Daikon = cure for kidney stones
🔹Jame + Senna leaves= gallbladder stone
🔹 Jame + water of boiled cumin = tummy ache, pain on the ride side of the tummy and palpitations / irregular heart beat
🔹Jame + water of boiled cumin = tummy ache (right side)
🔹Jame + water of boiled celery = tummy ache (left side)
🔹Jame + water of boiled Marjoram = one drop in the nose every night 👉🏼 cure for all neurological issues like epilepsy, Parkinson's, M.S., madness, etc.)
🔹Jame + honey and water = cure for cold and flu
🔹Jame + honey and water = cure for all internal infections
🔹Jame + honey = applied on the wound to be healed
🔹 Jame + boiled water = cure for TB (3 days , before sleeping)
🔹 Jame + water and honey = vaginal infections (insert into vagina
🔹 Jame + water and honey = cure for colitis, intestine infections and bleeding (insert into anus)
🔹 Jame + water of boiled Zucchini = cure for hyperactivity, low intellectual ability and it improves the face skin
🔹 Jame + water of boiled broad bean = cure for osteoporosis
🔹 Jame + fig juice = hair growth, hair thickness, bad breath, clots in the veins, colic, gout
🔹 Jame + onion juice = improving the nervous system/ body disinfection
🔹 Jame + water of boiled 2 spoons of chicory or Kaasni = bladder infections
🔹 Jame + water of boiled chickpeas = cure for backache and spinal disk issues.

🔆 It is highly recommended for people to ensure this valuable remedy is always kept in the home.

Jame is now available in our online store:

And also in the UK store:
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Watch this to understand why we are told not to comb our hair in the bathroom when it is wet

When you're in lock down😄
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✅ The Importance Of Baking Bread And Using Natural Rugs In The House
By: Hakim Baqeri

25,000 particles of plastic in a cuppa: Drinking tea or coffee from paper cups may raise risk of cancer from swallowing microplastics, experts warn

Drinking coffee or tea from a paper cup is not only wasteful but also puts you at risk of swallowing thousands of microplastics, warn scientists.
A takeaway hot drink can become contaminated with the tiny plastic particles in just minutes, according to a study.

🧅Onion a Medicine for Fever and Infectious Diseases

According to Islamic teachings, onion is a protection for human beings against various diseases.

🌹Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s.):
"Onion removes tiredness, improves the nerves (nervous system), increases the liquid (semen) and steps (walking ability) and also removes the fever."

🌹قال الصادق (ع):
البصل یذهب النصب ویشد العصب ویزید فی الماء والخطا ویذهب الحمی

💡Removing the fever in infectious diseases means removing the virus and the root of the issue.

🌹The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h):
"Whenever you enter a town make sure you eat the onion of that area to be safe from cholera."
🌹قال رسول الله (ص):
اذا دخلتم بلادا فکلوا من بصلها یطرد عنکم وباءها

💡Each town can have its own type of disease even if it shares similar symptoms as diseases in other towns. This is why the prevention of each disease can be found in the onion of that town.

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A memory of doing Hijamah on Iran's supreme leader,
Ayatullah Khamenei.

💧Avoid drinking excess water

🌺Imam Al-Sadiq(a.s.):

"Do not drink excess water as it encourages pains (to your body)."

Al-Kafi, Vol.6, page 382

Islamic Medicine and Lifestyle
💧Avoid drinking excess water 🌺Imam Al-Sadiq(a.s.): "Do not drink excess water as it encourages pains (to your body)." Al-Kafi, Vol.6, page 382 @Med4all
In many articles even Western scientists confess that drinking excess water is not sensible.
We are very quick to believe that conventional medicine is the ultimate truth, yet we hardly research advice given in Islamic teachings.

According to our own experience over the past couple of years we have consulted over 5 thousand people from various nationalities and found that those who drink more water (either due to eating spicy foods in excess or smoking or using tobacco, etc) are mostly over weight and either seeking ways to lose weight or complaining about infertility issues, acidity, reflux, low energy, fatigue and kidney failure. These issues are all directly related to drinking excess water.