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Here we share tips on Islamic Medicine according to authentic Islamic sources and advice from great Hakims and scholars in the field.

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Imam Reza:
O' son of Saad, indeed Allah (s.w.t.) forgives the sins of 60 years on this (Ghadir) day and releases twice as many people from hell than on Eed Alha day and Qadr night

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Due to lack of mobility, fresh air and other reasons, people's lungs have become weaker. Many people use only 60% of their lungs. Breathing deeply and effectively during the day is essential for improving the lungs.
Here is a simple test to check the performance of your lungs.

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"Research in Israel Health Ministry shows that covid patients who recovered from the virus were less likely to become infected during the latest pandemic waves."

This is yet another piece of research that backs up what we have been trying to tell you all! Simply work on boosting your immune system and do not worry about Delta covid, Beta, South African, Indian, British or any other future variants.

Is Your Child Hyperactive?

The more we have followed the modern lifestyle, the more we have lost the sweet moments of spending time together, our houses have become smaller and lost their gardens. Gardens used to be spaces where children could play freely and families could spend their spring and summer evenings together.

What has changed is our lifestyle and not the natural tendencies of our children.
Children need to be able to play freely and since they are confined in apartments, when they ask for their right they are called hyperactive.

Imam Al-Kazim a.s.:
People who are short tempered and are in a hurry are those who have not played enough in their childhood.1

Or in another hadith the Imam a.s. says that the one who plays in their childhood will treat others with dignity in his adulthood.

📚Bihar Al-anwar, Vol.30, page 362

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🌸 Imam Ali (a.s):

"An intelligent person should remember the bitter taste of medicine whilst enjoying the sweetness of food."

📚 Nahjul Balaghah, Hikmah 149

Fasting On The First Day Of Muharram

Today is the first day of the new year according to the lunar calendar.

Imam Al-Baqir (a.s):
"The one who wants to have a child should fast on this day and pray for conception. Allah (s.w.t.) shall respond to his Dua in the same way He did to Zakaria"

📚 wasael Al-Shia, Vol.7, page 347

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💡 Vaccination is NOT obligatory according to the supreme leader:

Question asked from the office of Ayatullah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader:

1- If we know that doing covid vaccination is harmful for us, is that still an obligatory to do it?

Answer: if you know that is it going to harm you, you should avoid it.

2- What if it becomes a rule in Iran, is it a must and Islamically obligatory?

Answer: even if it is approved as an official government rule, if you know that the vaccine may harm you, you can avoid it and it is not an obligation.

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French people who are against the vaccination passport requirement by restaurants, serve their food on the street in protest.

Where there is a will, there's a way!

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💡What is the solution of Islamic and traditional medicine for removing side effects of vaccines?
How to undo the side effects of vaccines?
How to survive if we have received any vaccination?

Short answer by Dr. Ravazadeh

👃Lost Sense Of Smell:

🔴 To remedy this issue using Islamic medicine, try any of the following treatments:

1🔸Sniffing a pinch of Kondosh powder once a day.

2🔸2 Drops of violet sesame oil into each nostril every night before sleeping.

3🔸Blend a red onion and add natural grape vinegar then seal with a lid. Smell the mixture once an hour.

4🔸Make a mild mixture of boiled water + sea salt or rock salt and wash the nasal cavity with this solution frequently (half teaspoon of salt + 1 glass of water).

5🔸Sniff rose water every day.

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🦷How To Whiten The Teeth According Islamic Teachings🦷

Based on Ahadith there are plenty of methods to whiten the teeth

1🔺Using Miswak (Araak wood or olive tree wood) whitens the teeth

2🔺Sweet Melon:
Sweet melon is a fruit which cleans the mouth, strengthens the heart and whitens the teeth.
Note: the whitening properties are in its skin according to some Ahadith and therefore it should be bitten not cut with a knife.

3🔺Rock salt
Imam Al-Reza(a.s.): If someone wants. to whiten his teeth he should use Andarani salt (Turkish or rock salt)

4🔺Cuttlebone whitens the teeth if powdered and used on the teeth


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💡Prevention and treatment of disability:

One of the companion of Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) called Khizr says that I was in presence of Imam and a man from our friends came and asked him:
We have got a new born who has some disability issues (What is the solution?)
Imam (a.s.) said that what prevents you from consuming Sawiq?
It strengthens the bones and grows flesh.

قال کنت عند ابی عبدالله فأتاه رجل من اصحابنا فقال یولد لدي المولود فيكون له القلة قال الإمام ء: ما يمنعك من السويق؟
فإنه يشد العظم و ينبت اللحم


💡A Multi-Purpose Natural Medicine:

Imam Al-Reza (a.s.): "Fig

🎈Removes body odour (and bad breath)

🎈Strengthens the bones

🎈Grows the hair

🎈And removes the disease enough that you will not need any other medicine alongside it.

امام Ø±Ø¶Ø§ (ع):«التين يذهب بالبخر، ويشد العظم، وينبت الشعر، ويذهب بالداء حتى لا يحتاج معه إلى دواء.»

📚 Al-Mahasin, Vol.2, page 554