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🌍 The Cryptocurrency for Leisure and Travel with a Multi-Brand System
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Our team is working hard on adding the staking functionality inside #KubePay.
In the meanwhile, did you know you can stake on Gate.io?🤩
More info: gate.io/article/27380
First pre-sale investors announcement 📢
The vesting period is coming to an end for #innovators!
A short guide on how the tokens will be released 👇

When will they be released?
$KUBEs will be released progressively between August 10 and 20. Every day, 10% of investors will get their KUBEs unlocked. The earlier you invested, the earlier your tokens will be released.

How to transfer your KUBEs?
1. If it was not done previously, claim your tokens inside KubePay: https://twitter.com/Kubecoin_/status/1510982614836027394 (KubePay is now available on the App Store and Play Store)
2. Your wallet will need a minimum of 1 $ADA (we recommend having at least 10 $ADAs for security reasons).
3. When your vesting period is over, you will be able to transfer your KUBEs by clicking on "send" inside #KubePay.
Which project or influencer would you like to see next on #KubeCast?
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Explaining #crypto today is the same as explaining email back then.
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We created KubePay because we realized that very few establishments allow payments via cryptocurrencies. If ordinary users couldn’t use digital currencies in the real world, how would it be possible for Cryptocurrencies to become mainstream?
Before KubePay, the only utility of cryptocurrencies was to belong to a community by trading, staking and investing in projects. Cryptocurrencies lacked a use case for the ordinary user, who simply wants to pay for their coffee on their mobile phone. Our payment method and wallet allows users to easily purchase products with their digital currencies, permitting the mainstream incorporation of cryptocurrencies into the real world.
Should we organize a #KubeCast with other #Cardano projects? 🚀
Kubers, distribution has started!
During 10 days, the investors of the first pre-sale will receive their Kubes in KubePay and will be able to start using them. The earlier you invested, the earlier your tokens will be released.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to report a bug, you can use this form to contact our team at info@kubecoin.org

- The progressive release will take 10 days. You’ll see the amount in the general view in KubePay. If you don’t see it, it means your KUBE are still locked, check during these 10 days.

- No need to send an email, DM, tag or ask when your KUBEs will be unlocked, just be patient.

- If you didn’t claim your KUBEs yet, you’re not included in these 10 days unlock, fill the above form with your information and you’ll be included in the next unlock round.
- Byron address fix will be included in next update this week.
It is time to update #KubePay ⚡️
What's new?
1️⃣ Value of the wallet displayed in USD
2️⃣ Improved price chart
3️⃣ Percentage function on price change
4️⃣ Improved ADA wallet functionality
5️⃣ Performance improvements
6️⃣ Support for Byron addresses

Download KubePay:
🤖 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kubepai.io.kubepay&gl=ES
🍎 https://apps.apple.com/es/app/kubepay/id1610520310?l=en
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Tomorrow at 3pm UTC, we will be live with Occam.Fi 🎥
This will be the first #Cardano based project appearing on #KubeCast!
At KubeCoin, we want to create a great family around Cardano projects in development and support each other 🙌
Leave your questions in the comments 👇
KubeCoin focuses on long-term goals⚡️
This is why since the beginning we are following a strong roadmap to achieve all our objectives.
Read more: https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/33414
$KUBEs RELEASE has officially started yesterday for 1st pre-sale investors🥳
If you have any questions, suggestions or want to report a bug, please send an email to info@kubecoin.org and the tech team will assist you 📧
In 1 hour we will be live on YouTube with Occam.Fi 🎥
Drop your questions in the comments #Kubers!
... is better than #ETH.
Complete the sentence 🤔
How will we encourage adoption by general users?
Most of us manage our money in our bank accounts. But how many of us really know precisely how banks manage our money, and what kind of security it offers? Likely a small part of the population. People rely on bank accounts because they believe it’s the norm. The logic says that if we all use banks on a daily basis, it must be because it is the best way to manage your money.
Can we get to that level with cryptocurrencies? Of course we can. While the majority of the population uses bank accounts, there is an underlying tendency to distrust these institutions. What if they lose your money? What if your institution goes bankrupt?
Decentralized wallets are the solution to these misgivings. You are in complete control of your money. No matter what happens institutionally, your finances will not be affected.
Users must be educated about this problem and its subsequent solution. Like the invention of the Internet and credit cards, this process takes years. There is a learning curve involved, meaning that we have to start with early adopters until we reach general users, who are bound to incorporate it when it becomes the new “norm,” like banks are now.
For all Android users, you can now update KubePay to version 0.4.2.
For iOS, it will be published by tomorrow.
Are you ready for the swap functionality inside #KubePay? ⚡️
Exchange ADA for KUBEs, with no need to pass KYC verification.
Download KubePay 👇
🤖 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kubepai.io.kubepay&gl=ES
🍎 https://apps.apple.com/es/app/kubepay/id1610520310?l=en