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🌍 The Cryptocurrency for Leisure and Travel with a Multi-Brand System
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Elon Musk wants to launch the very first hotel in mars by 2029 and #KubeCoin will be the currency to pay for it.
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Flexible #Staking officially started yesterday on Gate.io!
Earn up to 50% with no need to lock the coin #Kubers 🀩
More info πŸ‘‰ gate.io/article/27380
Our #AMA with Gate.io is coming todayπŸš€
We will discuss about #cryptocurrencies and #NFTs in the travel and leisure industries.
πŸ“… 1pm UTC
πŸ“ t.me/gateio
Mark your calendars #Kubers!
In 45 minutes: join an #AMA session with Gate.io dedicated to the future of #cryptocurrency and #NFT in the leisure and travel industry πŸ“’
Drop your questions bellow #Kubers!
The Cardano #Vasil was delayed to make it stronger and ensure perfection.
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7777 #NFTs, each of them giving you exclusive benefits!
More than a piece of art. 🎨
Still wondering about what is #KubePay and its use case?
Read this short article on CoinMarketCap πŸ‘‰ https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/32693
How soon can Cardano break into the top 3?πŸš€
#Swap will be coming soon to #KubePay!
You will be able to swap $ADAs with $KUBEs πŸ”‚
What other pairs would you like to have? πŸ€”
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Cardano Native tokens / KUBEs
Others (please comment)
Here is a short reminder about the vesting period #Kubers! πŸ“…
1st pre-sale (innovators) : 30 days
2nd pre-sale (early adopters): 90 days
3rd pre-sale (community engagers): 60 days
ICO: 180 days

Vesting started from July 11!
More details about the release of $KUBEs soon πŸ”œ
Our team is currently working on the final touches of our Royal Hawk Club #NFT collection!
Are you ready for the launch #Kubers? πŸš€
#KubePay will revolutionize the way payments are made with #cryptocurrencies⚑️
We will make it easy for anyone owning a smartphone to pay for a coffee or an entire vacation, just with a single tap.
Happy weekend #Kubers! 😎
KubeCoin wants to revolutionize the cryptocurrency payments industry.
Our user-friendly approach makes it easy for anyone to make daily payments in cryptocurrencies, whether it be a coffee or a plane ticket.
#Crypto is changing the 🌎.
KubeCoin will change the way payments are being made ⚑️
The #RoyalHawkCollection is almost ready, like if we should share a sneak peak of the collection!