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While the rest of the world will be celebrating the new year, the people of Gaza are fighting to survive.

هكذا استقبلت غزة العام الجديد
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Gaza enters the new year, under the genocide.
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
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Resistance begins with you. Shatter the walls surrounding your mind.
"Liberate your mind before the land," in the words of the revolutionary intellectual martyr Basil Al-Araj.

Basil calls on us to challenge to perceived invincibility of oppressive forces: their power comes not from their weapons, but from our own minds.

"Start with yourself." Take direct action to challenge oppression, as Basil did. Recognize your own capacity to create change. It is a battle to reclaim minds, dignity, and land.

Khaled Odetalah, in mourning Basil, said: "Basil did not call on us to be resistance fighters. Nor did he call on us to be revolutionaries. Basil told us to be true; that is all. If you are true, you will be revolutionaries and resistance fighters."
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
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“Not a day has passed without an act of resistance; not a single day! The rate of resistance ebbs and flows, but always remains above the the zero line. Not once did it disappear, not for a single day in our history.”
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
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"Oslo was a mistake. We do not recognize 'israel' or its legitimacy, and we want the downfall of this entity.

Palestine in its totality is 27,027km squared."

The fugitive, prisoner, fighter, intellectual, and martyr Basil Al-Araj, after he was beaten by traitorous Palestinian Authority Forces while protesting with martyr Sheikh Khader Adnan.
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🔴 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

On the 102nd day of the war of genocide:

- Escalating the struggle and resistance and igniting a comprehensive intifada is the way of our path and its allies.

- Imposing a comprehensive boycott on the zionist entity

- The intifada against the embassies, interests, and bases of the countries of aggression.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls for a qualitative escalation in all forms of struggle and Arab and international protest against the war of fenocide waged by the occupation and the alliance of aggression against our people. We are facing a decisive phase where pressure must be exerted on the United States, the actual leader of this aggression, and its strongest allies and supporters of the occupation in the war of extermination, namely Britain and Germany.

After more than 100 days of genocide, the United States and the countries of the aggressive alliance still enable the occupation to continue its war of extermination against our people, providing it with political cover, military support, and protection in international institutions. They exercise all forms of political pressure against any movement to stop the aggression or a stance supporting the people of Palestine and their legitimate rights.

Those who stand with our people and its resistance and the resistance forces in the region in the face of this aggression are the protest forces representing the majority of oppressed peoples. Escalating this protest and focusing its efforts towards the forces of the aggressive alliance, especially the occupation, the United States, Britain, and Germany, is a duty of all the free people of the world.

The Front calls on the forces, parties, and Arab masses to put an end to this official Arab inaction, to rise up against the embassies, interests, and bases of the countries of aggression, and to impose a comprehensive boycott on the zionist entity and its supporters.

This aggressive war waged by the enemy to exterminate our people represents a decisive phase in the history of the region and the world. The forces of aggression are determined to achieve their goals of exterminating and displacing our people and erasing their political and material existence. Our people and their resistance are fighting the battle in defense of their right to life, independence, return, and self-determination. The role of the Arab masses and the free people of the world is very crucial in deciding this battle in favor of our people and for the benefit of humanity in facing this savagery, terrorism, aggression, and criminality.

Our people, upon whom the fire pours down, will not and cannot surrender, and will continue to defend their rights. The entire world must realize that the fate of this battle is either complete extermination in front of everyone on Earth, or victory for our people, their cause, and their rights.

Every person in this world is required to decide their position and role in confronting this brutality. There is no meaning to neutrality, waiting, hesitation, or timid movements and half-hearted stances.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department
January 16, 2024
⚔️ Popular Resistance Committees:

The malicious American proposals to establish a disarmed Palestinian state are another form and face of the infamous "Deal of the Century," which our people will thwart with their steadfastness and resistance.

Continuing normalization with the zionist enemy and any talk of new normalization with it is a reward for its massacres, slaughters, and genocides carried out against our people with American decision, participation, and weaponry.

Aligning with American and zionist plans is a continuation of clinging to the zionist-American illusion and mirage. What is needed now is to stop the aggression, massacres, and slaughters against our people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank with unlimited American cover and support.

We call on all the free people of the nation and the world to continue supporting and standing with our people who face genocide and ethnic cleansing. Here, we turn to all fighters on all fronts and arenas who continue to direct blessed strikes against the zionist-American enemy in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and we invite all the free people of the nation to join this great honor.

The Media Office of the Resistance Committees in Palestine.
Sunday, January 21, 2024.
🔴 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

It will be confronted and we warn any Palestinian or Arab entities against dealing with it.

Proposals for the "establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state" are a new American plan to liquidate the cause.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the proposals of the war criminal, American President Joe Biden regarding the "establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state" are a new American plan to liquidate the Palestinian cause and an attempt to rescue the zionist entity from the quagmire of defeat it is mired in amidst the existential problems that haunt it.

The American administration is an enemy and partnered with the zionist entity in its aggression and genocidal war on the Palestinian people. Our people view any plans or ideas presented by this criminal administration as part of the conspiracies targeting the Palestinian cause, and the clear support for the zionist entity at all levels.

Any proposals for a "demilitarized state" have a clear and obvious goal: the total end of the Palestinian cause, which goes beyond even international legality resolutions despite their flaws and shortcomings, leaving our people as easy prey for occupation, stripping them of sovereignty, imposing conditions of surrender, depriving them of their basic rights and means of life, keeping them under a suffocating siege, and turning this state into a large ghetto where the zionist occupation can commit the most atrocious crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, settlement, massacres, and theft of the Palestinian people's resources and natural wealth.

The American positions, hostile to our people and their rights, manifest in their ugliest form in this dubious plan, revealing the double standards and hypocrisy. How can our people accept this grotesque "demilitarized" state when the zionist entity possesses the most powerful internationally banned weapons, including nuclear ones?!

The Front affirms that the Palestinian people alone will decide their destiny and that neither the American administration nor any other oppressive force in the world can impose any surrender solutions on them. Our people now possess the elements and leverage to impose their will on everyone.

The battle of Al-Aqsa Flood has created a new phase in favor of the Palestinian cause, capable of defeating and thwarting any dubious plans or ideas, armed with our people's legendary steadfastness on the ground, the bravery of the resistance, unprecedented international sympathy, the fall of the zionist narrative in the face of the successful Palestinian narrative and injustice, and the exposure and disgrace of the falsity of the Western system.

The Front warns the [Palestinian] Authority or any Palestinian or Arab entity against dealing or aligning with this rejected and suspicious American plan, affirming that the Palestinian people are determined to reclaim their full rights by continuing the resistance until achieving their strategic dream of establishing their state on all Palestinian national soil with its capital as Al-Quds, against the will of the occupation and the American administration.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
Our Narrative-Operation Al-Aqsa Flood-Web.pdf
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🟢 Hamas publishes a memorandum entitled:
"This is our Narrative.. why the Al-Aqsa Flood."
Forwarded from The Real News Network
For a century, international law derived from British colonial rule has been premised on the non-existence of Palestinians as a people.

via The Real News Network
Forwarded from Resistance News Network
⚔️ Popular Resistance Committees:

We condemn the actions of some faltering Arab regimes in operating land and sea bridges to supply the fascist zionist entity with foodstuffs through their territories, crossings, and naval ships to circumvent the decision of the Yemeni armed forces to prevent the sailing of zionist ships and those related to this Nazi entity in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea until the cessation of the genocide war on the Gaza Strip and lifting the siege on it.

We call on the Republic of Egypt to immediately and fully open the Rafah crossing to allow the entry of food and medical aid and the exit of the wounded and injured for treatment abroad.

We salute all the free people in the world who continue to take to the streets in capitals across the globe, rejecting the genocide war waged by the zionist entity on our people and nation in the Gaza Strip. We affirm that negligence and silence on what is happening in the Gaza Strip by the peoples of the nation and their regimes is a full partnership in these massacres and the war waged by the zionist entity with American and Western blessing and support.

We salute all the fronts supporting our people and their resistance in Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq, and we call on the free people of the nation to emulate this blessed and valued effort and to strike the interests of the zionist-American enemy everywhere until the cessation of the aggression and genocide war on our people in Gaza.

The Media Office of the Resistance Committees in Palestine.
Saturday, 10 February 2024.
Today March 2 is the Day of People's Power. On this day in 1977 the Libyan people completed the taking of power, responsibility and freedom into their own hands. Gathered in People's Congresses without representation nor deputation, exercising their decision making legislative power directly via direct participatory democracy, they declared the birth of the Jamahiriya from the General People's Congress bringing together all the people's congresses and their resolutions, in Sebha. Known as the Sebha Declaration they moreover declared that the Holy Qur'an is the Law of Society in the Libyan Jamahiriya. People's Committees, tasked with implementing the decisions of all the People's Congresses, replaced all administration as executive organs under the direct supervision of the People's Congresses. This is the true and only method of a self-governing free society devoid of all politicians, political parties and other forms of dictatorship.

This year March 2, 2024 also marks the International Day of Action for Palestine. Free people and revolutionary committees everywhere are tasked to take actions in support of the Palestinian people who are subjected to an all out genocide.