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Speech by the Brother Leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement at the 1988 Arab summit
For news from the Palestinian resistance follow
🔴 *Statement issued by the Palestinian forces*

(Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement / Islamic Jihad Movement / Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine / Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine / Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command)

♦️ The five Palestinian powers held a leadership meeting, in Beirut, today, Saturday, October 28, 2023, to discuss the course of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle with the Zionist enemy and its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip.

In their statement, the five powers saluted the martyrs of our Palestinian people and our steadfast and proud people in the Gaza Strip who are facing an organized campaign of extermination, stressing that they are the people of pride, dignity and steadfastness and they are the people of victory who are loyal to their cause and their homeland, and pledged to them to continue on the path of resistance until victory is achieved over the Zionist enemy.

♦️The attendees affirmed the following:

• This heroic epic is the battle of the entire Palestinian people, which they are waging in defense of their land, their sanctities, their existence, and their right to freedom, against a barbaric enemy that does not spare any of our people from its crimes. It targets hospitals, mosques, churches, universities, and ambulances, and cuts off electricity, water, fuel, the Internet, and cellular communications for our besieged people.

• Adhering to national unity as a main pillar in confronting the Zionist war of genocide against our people, and rejecting the enemy’s attempts to divide our people or monopolize any part of it, and we stress unifying efforts and closing ranks in this fateful battle.

• We call on the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world to continue their movements to stop the American Zionist aggression, open the crossings, bring in humanitarian aid and fuel, and remove the wounded from the Gaza Strip.

• We salute the resistance forces in our nation, especially in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran, and we affirm that our Palestinian people are not alone in this battle.

• We hold the United States of America fully responsible for the war of genocide against our people, as it chose to support, escalate, and participate in the war of genocide against our people, which requires a strong response from the Arab and Islamic countries and countries friendly to our people to stop this ongoing massacre of our Palestinian people.

• We demand the opening of the Rafah crossing and the entry of aid, humanitarian needs, fuel, and medical and relief teams to our people without delay, and allowing the wounded to be transported to Egypt and the Arab and Islamic countries, without interference from the occupation or any of the aggression countries.

• Calling on the masses of our people throughout occupied Palestine to escalate all forms of resistance and struggle against the Zionist enemy, targeting its soldiers and settlers, and strengthening popular initiatives of struggle in the face of settler attacks and the encroachment of enemy forces.

• The enemy’s cutting off all access to Gaza, besieging it, and cutting off communications and the Internet completely is a cover for a major crime of genocide that the enemy does not want witnesses to, and we stress breaking this siege with an “official and popular” Arab position.

• Adherence to the right of our people to resist, and its confidence in the victory of our people in this battle, as we fight this battle in defense of our land, our people, and our sanctities, and for the sake of liberation, return, self-determination, and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Glory to the martyrs
And healing for the wounded and freedom for the prisoners
Victory belongs to our people and their valiant resistance

(Hamas Movement / Islamic Jihad
Movement / Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine / Democratic Front / Popular Front General Command)

*Saturday, October 28, 2023*
🔴 A statement issued by the Office of the Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Our prisoners are being targeted

O masses of our Palestinian people,
Since October 7, 2023, during the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle, the Zionist occupation has transferred prisoners and detainees to an unknown destination, led by the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Leader Ahmed Saadat and his companions, and the prisoner, leader and thinker Walid Daqqa, who suffers from a difficult health condition. The occupation forces are also carrying out a campaign of arbitrary arrests targeting liberated prisoners and resistance members of our people in the West Bank. In this regard, the Office of the Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is sending a call through the media, all social networking sites, and international human rights and humanitarian institutions to break this silence that makes them partners. Fundamentally, in all of these crimes, it is unthinkable that the lives of the prisoners remain in constant danger at the hands of these fascist and Nazi gangs. We also fear that our prisoners will turn into martyrs through the torture carried out by the Zionist Prison Service and the deprivation of the prisoners of their most basic rights guaranteed to them by all conventions. International and humanitarian laws.

We call on the International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Health Organization to carry out their humanitarian duties, and to make an effort to visit the prisoners, learn about their conditions, and provide all necessary medicine and treatment.

We, in the Office of Martyrs, Prisoners and Freedmen of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, closely follow the conditions of the prisoners, and make great efforts to find out their fate, including children, women, the elderly, and patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease.

We demand the formation of a rapid investigation committee to find out all the details that led to the death of a number of prisoners as a result of torture, beatings, and deliberate medical negligence.

We also call on our Palestinian people to carry out the widest campaign of action and solidarity with the prisoners and detainees in Zionist prisons.

The Office of Martyrs, Prisoners and Freedmen of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine also condemns the barbaric Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, which targets hospitals, innocent citizens, medical and media teams, and the perpetration of massacres against our Palestinian people.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs
Freedom for prisoners
Healing for the wounded
Victory for our people

Office of Martyrs, Prisoners and Freedmen of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Saturday 28 October 2023
🔴 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

The duty of the nation and supporters of Palestine is to escalate the struggle against the forces of aggression.

The primary duty of all forces supporting the right of the Palestinian people and opposing the genocidal war against them is to intensify their struggle against the countries involved in the aggression and war against our people. This comes in light of escalating genocidal crimes and the cutting off of all communications with Gaza in an attempt to hide the massive and egregious crimes committed by the enemy against unarmed women, children, and the elderly.

It is inconceivable, after the fall of about 8,000 martyrs, tens of thousands injured, and the displacement of one and a half million Palestinians in Gaza, along with daily genocidal crimes, that the international and Arab response would be at this level. The UN General Assembly's statements have been weak, the European Union's stance is hostile and supports the continuation of genocide, and the positions of the United States and Britain are fully involved in the criminal war against our people.

This aggressive alliance will not be dismantled by timid positions or half-hearted stances, but requires an escalation of serious revolutionary action against all these forces, primarily the United States and the other forces of the aggression alliance. Their embassies and bases remain active and present in Arab countries and around the world, untouched by even the minimum amount of protest.

The Front expresses its deep appreciation for every act of solidarity. Still, the scale of zionist crimes against our people requires much more. The magnitude of the massacre and genocidal war should shake the world and mobilize all Arab, friendly forces, and supporters of freedom worldwide.

The Front calls for escalating the struggle and focusing on the embassies of the countries of the aggression alliance and its supporters, considering America as the spearhead of this aggression. They should realize the consequences of their actions and their clear complicity in the killing our children and in the massacres and genocidal war against our people.

Providing justifications and excuses to lower the level of revolutionary and solidarity action to symbolic and formal levels is a stab in the back of Palestine and its people, and will comfort the aggression alliance to give it space to continue crimes against our people. The Front reaffirms its previous call for a mass flood towards the embassies, interests, and bases of the aggression forces and a greater role for solidarity parties and forces in escalating the struggle against the alliance of enemies worldwide.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department
October 28, 2023
No human rights or laws have any meaning unless you have the power to enforce those rights! This is why the Green Charter starts with Article 1 which is the right to power. If we don't have power, we can't have our rights so we must struggle to reach power. This is why the Green Charter concludes by offering The Green Book as the guide to attaining power. So that your movement toward power is not suicidal you form revolutionary committees together with others to study and share resources, make daily, weekly and monthly plans, and work to create popular conferences in your area.

In summary: the Green Charter is like a manifesto for the revolutionary movement as well as a vision of the new free society that would emerge with the Authority of the People based firmly on People's Congresses and People's Committees. It can easily be printed on two side A4 (see our Files section) and shared with others.
“The ThiRd Universal THeory is firmly rooted in Truth. Truth is one of the Names of God. Those serving Truth serve God. Those ignoring Truth can’t be free. Many want to be free but aren’t willing to do the minimal work even though we made it easy and put some basic fruits of Truth into a small basket. Especially those in the West who avoid looking at bloody pictures which tell the truth are not ready for freedom. They are compelled to suffer the fate of others they failed to support and they’re ill equipped for resistance and resilience with an abundance of mental, physical, moral and spiritual weakness. Few are the exceptions even in the so-called Truth and Freedom movements which only wish to see small parts of the Truth which fits their cotton wool comfort and suffocation zones. A cultural revolution to decolonize the mind and heart is required as a first step before they can receive the Truth and act on it.”
🔴 Urgent

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:

👈 The Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, with all its military arms, is waging the battle according to a strategy developed to exhaust the enemy’s forces and achieve victory for our people, and this war will not end except with a victory for the resistance.

The resistance has not yet suffered any retreat or failure, and our people have full confidence in the resistance in what it declares. This is the main strength in this battle, in addition to the determination of the resistance fighters and leaders to achieve victory.

👈 The resistance is making every effort to spare our people from the enemy’s brutal crimes, which brings additional burdens to it, which it carries out with all determination and a sacrificial spirit.

We call on the masses of our people, our nation, and the free people of the world to escalate action and struggle against the forces of the aggressive coalition, and to transform popular anger into a fire that burns the forces of aggression and its supporters everywhere in this world.

👈 We affirm our complete confidence in achieving a historic victory for our people, despite the brutal crimes of the enemy army and the war of extermination that is taking place around the clock, and the forces of aggression attacking our people.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Information Department
November 10, 2023
Human societies seek to gain power, security, military ability, and all means of self-defense. Some of them are not satisfied with this level and seek to control others and their wealth.

Human societies the world over have surrendered power to "authorities" to rule on their behalf and in their stead. This is a surrender of power and responsibility of the people.

Muslim societies have misunderstood key verses in Al-Qur'an relating to the running of their affairs among them and under consultation and misunderstood verses relating to those in authority. The Green Book shows how to run affairs in accordance with "shura" and for the Muslims or any society to rule themselves by themselves taking full responsibility.

The result of surrendering authority away from the people and toward so-called "representative democracy" has allowed the Zionists to control governments the world over for their own objectives and against the interests of the people.

The state of weakness in the reality of the people and the resulting tragedies in the reality of our nation clearly indicates the importance of the obligation of the struggle blessed by Allah and the need to retake power directly into our hands.

There is a need and necessity for the nation to be strong and invincible, capable of fulfilling its responsibilities on the one hand and protecting itself on the other hand and this can only come about when people take responsibility directly themselves and exercise power in people's congresses.

Prior to attaining power by replacing false authorities with the people's authority based on congresses and committees the role of the revolutionary committees includes resistance to and the struggle against Zionism, fascism, imperialism, settler colonialism and ignorance.

It is the duty of revolutionary committees to confront the zionists and their settler colonial partners wherever they be and by any means necessary, in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance which is leading the world revolution today.

Unjust tyrants use the means of tyranny to intimidate people and instill fear in them, and this is what we see in brutal and criminal killing practices.

The nation needs to carry the spirit of martyrdom through which it overcomes the barrier of fear and dread of enemies to begin seriously carrying the banner of jihad.

When the nation loses the jihadist spirit and the love of martyrdom and lives the defeatist spirit, its enemies will defeat it. Unfortunately, the situation has reached the point where the Zionists are able to humiliate Muslims and humanity at large.

When we compare the reality of the nation with regard to its capabilities and large number, and then look at the level of its influence and global role, we find the absence of the masses who are spectators to their treasonous regimes.

In the face of the great tragedy of the Palestinian people for more than 70 years, we see the position of more than a billion Muslims as limited and weak.

Gaza is experiencing genocide and cold-blooded killing of people, even in their homes, mosques, schools, hospitals, and the international organizations in which they took refuge.

What is happening in the Gaza Strip reveals the extent of the oppression experienced by the Palestinian people, with the very evident Arab and Islamic failure.

This has long been coming and evident to us especially with the war against the Great Jamahiriya and its destruction over a year of massive bombardment from NATO and Arab and hypocrites allies including Turkey, Saudi and the UAE.

Syria and Iran reneged on their obligations as partners in the so-called Steadfastness Front and did not lift a finger. They are now paying the price for this lack of solidarity and jihad.

The Great Jamahiriya never recognized the zionist entity and has given extensive support to to the Palestinian resistance since the Great Al-Fateh Revolution of 1st September 1969.
Many of our nation’s people have reached the point where their consciences have died, and their consciences are dormant and in need of something to awaken and revive them.

The scenes in Gaza are enough to awaken everyone from the slumber of consciences and this is the price the Palestinians have to pay showing their high faith and strength to the world.

Any mountain is as light as a feather when carried by many. Due to the generations of retreat from power by the masses of our nation and the lack of shouldering any responsibilities the immense weight is carried by the few especially in Palestine.

The Gaza Strip is subjected to a joint Israeli-Arab siege. Neighboring countries are not seriously trying to deliver food, medicine, and humanitarian needs and what little they provide is for appeasing theirn own masses and does not enter into Gaza.

Arab regimes have long lost seriousness and do not have the will to move seriously towards Gaza let alone to use their immense economic clout against the Zionists and their sponsors since they are in secret alliances with the Zionists.

Their immense economic clout has been used to bring the USA on its knees begging but only for the personal selfish needs of the leaders of Turkey and Saudi whenever they were insulted until USA came begging for mercy and apologized.

They will never do this for Palestine since they despise the Palestinians who show them up for exactly what they are, friends and servants of zionism who wish the Palestinians did not exist and only do the minimum to avoid being overthrown.

The Arab and Islamic Summit, although it was an emergency summit of 57 countries, did not come out with a position or practical action, and this is shameful but is a mere repetition of their positions of weakness over the years.

The summit, which they say represents all Muslims, only comes out with a statement with a verbal demand without any practical position.

Is this the capabilities of more than one and a half billion Muslims? No, it is the capabilities of the regimes which stand as a barrier between the masses and Palestine.

The regimes of 57 Arab and Islamic countries, with their weight and capabilities, issued a statement that could have been issued by a primary school and by one child.

Some countries presented a better formula that included some practical steps, but other countries, led by Saudi Arabia, rejected it, so that the outcomes of the summit were a very ordinary statement that was ridiculed by the Zionists.

The Zionist entity understood from the statement of the Arab and Islamic Summit that they were taking it into consideration and were restricting the nation so that it would not take any practical action or even take a minimally firm position.

The position of many Arab countries did even not live up to the position of non-Arab and non-Islamic countries, such as Colombia and others, which boycotted the Zionist enemy.

Some Arab countries including Saudi and UAE even collude under the table with the USA so that the Zionists can do what they want in Gaza.

These Arab countries want Gaza to be removed from the control of the Mujahideen and to be under Zionist control directly or through the "Palestinian Authority", which does not have control in the West Bank, until it has control in Gaza.

The Saudi regime even announced the season of dancing and promiscuity in Riyadh, while Gaza is being exposed to horrific crimes and experiencing a great tragedy of genocide.

While Gaza is experiencing bombs and siege, the Saudi regime hosts Western bands that promote homosexuality and a Jewish singer who opens the season with a song that insults God.

Thousands of people in Saudi Arabia are dancing to the tunes of a Jewish singer in conjunction with the Zionist Jews’ massacres of Palestinian children, women, elderly and men.

The USA and the Zionists are two sides of the coin of tyranny, crime, humiliation of peoples, and the aggressive tendencies of settler colonial societies such as USA, Australia.
The US Americans, British, French, Canadians, Australians all moved to provide the Zionists with all forms of supplies and support, militarily, by air bridge and sea, providing them with all types of weapons and advisors, and on the political level.

These neo-colonial settler societies and their regimes even encouraged the Zionists to carry out as much massacres as possible by promising their unconditional support and opposing any cease-fire, calling these actions "defense".

The US Americans provided financial support worth billions of dollars and put pressure on the Arab countries, which responded to the slightest pressure from the US Americans regarding Zionist requests.

The world has woken up to the long history of double-speak regarding "rules based order", "right to protect", "defense", "united nations", "new world order", "globalization" and other such policies of the "international community" of Zionists.

Boycotting US American, Zionist "Israeli", Australian, German, French, Italian, Saudi and UAE goods and services is one of the most important positions that the peoples of the earth must adopt as well as targeting Zionist and their allies interests everywhere.

The boycott option is within the reach of everyone, even people who suffer from repression, oppression, and are prevented from even demonstrating and speaking or are weak.

The worldwide revolutionary committee movement stands firmly with the Palestinian resistance and in particular with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the General Command calling to pay heed to their statements and calls to action.

The Palestinian struggle is central to the world wide struggle for freedom and the establishment of the Authority of the People everywhere to safeguard humanity and its aspirations.
Palestine has continued to shame the world and fight single handedly for the freedom of everyone from the Zionist cancer. The resistance until now has defeated the enemy of humanity in every one of their military objectives including prisoner releases whilst the enemy hasn’t achieved a single military objective other than massacres of children, women, constant bombing of homes, hospitals, schools and abducting and shooting civilians. The Zionist entity is destroyed in front of the world and its projects for world control along with its racist western backers have no credibility left whatsoever. They cannot talk any more about rules based orders, International law, International community, human rights, democracy, one health, United Nations, Red Cross or anything else as all these claims were buried under the rubble in Gaza. The resistance have called on the free people of the world which includes the revolutionary committees to inflict pain and confusion on the rogue enemy state wherever the occupation’s interests are found. The Palestinians are seekers of Justice and fighters for freedom and represent the will of all the free people in the world.
Revolutionary Committees Movement

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So-called International Organizations and Western slogans buried forever under the rubble in Gaza

The Revolutionary Committees Movement is not new to the struggle against zionism, colonialism, racism, fascism, and reactionism and all these so-called international organizations that are set up by the enemy to fool the masses and usurp power are known to us from the outset. We have been at war with the anti-human forces and their tools for many generations culminating in the united satanic front against the Great Jamahiriya in 2011.

Central to the historic struggle of peoples for their freedom and rights has been Palestine and our movement has never wavered from continuous and direct confrontation with the occupation and its supporters notably the so-called "West" nor have we ever given any recognition to the Zionist entity. The world war against the free people of humanity and their natural institutions from the family through the tribe to the nation started long ago and with the genocide being openly committed in Palestine all the excuses and apologists have forever lost all credibility and are not to be entertained any further.

The collective West and its allies have forever been exposed to the world as never before from its total destruction of the bastion of freedom and revolution, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and its targeting of the Teacher, Thinker and Leader of the National Revolution, the Islamic Revolution and the World Revolution, Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi who embodied freedom and resistance and continue to live in the hearts of millions. Our gift to the world, the Third Universal Theory with the solutions to the problems of power, wealth and arms which should all be in the hands of the masses, as well as the national, social and religious factor and its application resulting in the free and happy Jamahiri society where the people possess the power, the wealth and the arms, has been censored by the enemy and ignored by the false revolutionaries to the detriment of humanity.

All liberation movements, central among which the Palestinian freedom movements, were actively supported and armed by the Libyan Jamahiriya. Now that the Zionist enemy and her backers are completely naked in front of the world, we will not assist them in covering their nakedness and all free people must exert their utmost to confront and disarm the Zionist enemy and its supporters as well as those who have remained silent since this is a clear issue of basic humanity where any position of neutrality means support for the Zionist enemy and its unlimited crimes.


All revolutionary committees must heed the calls of the Palestinian resistance to confront Zionist interests and those of its enablers such as the collective West and in particular the neo-colonial occupation regimes which have always been natural and firm allies with Zionism having assisted in its creation and having given the Zionist entity unlimited supply ever since its inception.

No one should listen to the "West" and its slogans, institutions, "international organizations", nor rely on them or give them any respect since their purpose of creation for subtefuge has been laid bare for all to see and is beyond repair. This is not a case of future forgiveness since these organizations have merely carried out their purpose and are exposed in not carrying out what the naive and gullible considered to be their purpose be it human rights, health, welfare, protection, cooperation or any other positive trait which were only necessary window dressing in order to continue to deceive, divide and neutralize revolutionary forces and the forces of resistance to themselves take the necessary responsibility to build genuine structures based on people's conferences and people's committees.

Thus the United Nations Organization and its sub organizations, the World Health Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch, the Doctors Without Borders, the International Labour Organizations and all other such so-called "international organizations" along with their slogans such as "international community", "democracy", "human rights", "rules", "order", "peace", and whatever else they proclaim have been forever buried under the rubble of Gaza along with their so-called International Law.

Likewise the regimes of the world and in the case of Palestine in particular Saudi, the UAE, Egypt, and in fact most Arab regimes, Turkey, have all been exposed beyond any doubts as to their opportunism in secretly wishing for the defeat of Palestine and its resistance to oppression so that their economic projects can continue with a future dream "normalization" with the Zionist enemy.

These regimes stand between their masses and the liberation of Palestine or even the necessary basic welfare support needs of the countless thousands of wounded, homeless and deprived Palestinians. They are thus also legitimate targets for the resistance as obstacles on the road to freedom and peace for Palestine and all of humanity.
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