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Green Charter Movement — See Documents (Docs) below | expose #coronoia with info
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❤️This Supreme Court Judge decimates the #Lockdown narrative: — confirming my own analysis that less than 10% of deaths are FROM and not WITH #coronavirus — attention everyone: please GIVE THIS LINK to others so they can join this Truth Freedom Health channel too: 👈
Starting in 10 minutes, discussion of #Coronoia #Lockdown #Resistance #Power and more… all you need is Chrome browser, allow access to Microphone, click to join in.
Live now:
The short answer: N95 masks only up to 1 or 2 hours. Cloth masks, NO. For scientific answers and results of tests, listen to the broadcast at the above link.
ATTENTION: Daily Broadcasts at at 10:00 UTC (GMT). Join in using Chrome browser, and give access to Microphone if you want to be able to ask questions. Be on time otherwise broadcast is locked to new arrivals.
Read this for truth about #Sweden vs #Britain (UK) coronavirus deaths:
The Weekly Saturday Mathaba.TV get together is coming up ON THE HOUR. If you see this message, then click and join in. Once it has started and been locked or closed, this message will be deleted.