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Twitter, one of tools of the enemies of the people, tries to scare people away from visiting — so afraid are of they of the very concept of People’s Power and the approaching Era of the Freepublics being built on the ashes of the Era of the Replublics working without www. Still investigating. New resources page added. All Committees: always meet and read and discuss section of The Green Book and ensure a printed backup. Copy the Green Charter and distribute. Share or also in public spaces. Refer to it for your Committees duty.
Thanks to all new members of this channel. Welcome to join @jamahiriya linked chat group if you have any questions or info.
“Freedom is indivisible. For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of satisfying their own needs.” — The Green Book
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The laws of the dictatorial instruments of government have replaced the natural laws, i.e., positive law has replaced natural law. Consequently, ethical standards have become confused. The human being is essentially, physically and emotionally, the same everywhere. Because of this fact, natural laws are applicable to all. However, constitutions as conventional laws do not perceive human beings equally. This view has no justification, except for the fact that it reflects the will of the instrument of government, be it an individual, an assembly, a class or a party. That is why constitutions change when an alteration in the instruments of government takes place, indicating that a constitution is not natural law but reflects the drive of the instrument of government to serve its own purpose. 
The abrogation of natural laws from human societies and their replacement by conventional laws is the fundamental danger that threatens freedom. Any ruling system must be made subservient to natural laws, not the reverse.
The law of society is an eternal human heritage that does not belong only to the living. Therefore, drafting a constitution or conducting a plebiscite on it is a mockery.
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The Authority of the People
We call upon our brothers and sisters in the armed forces the police forces the medical corps and the educational sectors to arm ourselves with knowledge and prepare to assist and serve the higher good and those resisting the new world order dictatorship and serving humanity, truth, right and freedom.