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Green Charter Movement — See the Files tab below + expose plandemic with info
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Sovereign People’s Assembly and first Common Law Court House established today in Australia.

Great Green Charter of Human Rights Article 1:

Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular assemblies and the people’s committees.
No new normal. No fake science. No bloody masks.
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UK 🇬🇧

Mark Dolan schneidet seine Gesichtsmaske 😷 live in der Luft auf: "Wenn Sie Leben retten und das Land wieder in Schwung bringen wollen, besteht die einzige Möglichkeit darin, wieder normal zu werden.
Der erste Schritt, um dies zu erreichen, besteht darin, diese elenden Masken zu bündeln."

A study by medical researchers from UCLA and Stamford University puts into perspective the risk of dying from "COVID-19"... The risk for those in the "at risk" age group is 1 in 19.1 Million, and that's without social distancing nor lockdowns! As we’ve been saying since early April when this became obvious:
Message from Australia from the Freedom Collective which already has over 6k Telegram followers
Good morning everyone.

You’ll have noticed the name change and the change of group icon this morning.

I promised I’d do that today, yesterday was a long day.
The reason for the change for those who didn’t catch last nights message is that there are rumours circulating around the other people responsible for the Facebook groups and the telegram and MeWe channels.

This channel was set up with good intentions as a safe space for people to gather online, I’ll write it again, this space will never be compromised or infiltrated.

The controlled opposition, plants, people paid to cause online division will hate this, but that’s just the way it is, we make no apologies.

We also need a unified message and strategy, we need critical thinkers who can think outside the box.
Uniting in groups and protesting is one thing, many of us are extremely passionate about this movement and that’s fantastic, but this passion needs to be harnessed and directed.

I’ve witnessed exchanges between people on the chat group which need to stop, I’m sure they come from a place of passion and wanting the same thing, but biting lumps out of one another isn’t helping the cause.

Save that for another time.

What we do have folks is a battle for public opinion. Yes it’s important to pressurise the authorities and ministers and protesting is one way of doing that, but we all have a battle to win our neighbours. The people in your street, the person working behind the counter in Coles, the nice lady at the exit in Bunnings etc.

This is the real battle.

The MSM will spin this movement as a bunch of tin foil hat conspiracists, in order to sway public opinion.

There is a huge swell of people joining this movement and we also have to be honest, there is a massive percent of the population who believe the MSM and Government line.

What we must not do is label these people, call them sheep etc.

We need to see ourselves as shepherds which are there to guard and encourage the flock, not ridicule or abuse them as one day the flock will turn on the wolves and trust me there is power in numbers.

So I’ll leave you with that thought.

We are in a war for public opinion.
Love thy neighbour, as soon our time will come ❤️
This what I said at the UN General Assembly 54th Session in September 2009, and my predictions came true, I was ignored and not taken seriously. During the first few minutes I asked why antedotes (vaccines) were being created AND the viruses for them, what did they intend to do with them? See here my speech with English translation:
Channels of interest to those in Australia:

#Lockdown #Objectives of the #Plandemic are:

1. Bring about total government control via fear. A compliant afraid population who will do whatever they're told to do by authority.

2. Bring about the economic collapse of small to medium businesses for the benefit of the multi billionaire transnational businesses.

2a. Via 1. above, Small businesses are to shut down or follow unprofitable rules while large ones remain open.

2b. Microsoft and other players will be the go-to tools encouraged by governments and authorities not better smaller alternatives.

3. Mandated Medicine. Vaccines that will become compulsory if people wish to travel, obtain benefits, put children in school, etc.

3a. Benefit the main private funders of WHO who are heavily invested in 3. above, such as Clinton Global Initiative, Gates Foundation et al.

4. Cover up the massive crimes committed against humanity and the environment over recent decades by wall-to-wall virus media coverage.

5. Allow nature to re-assert itself to recover as much as possible from the effects of 4. above, with reduced geo engineering efforts.
6. Social engineering. Create mistrust and fear between people, break up families, prevent gatherings, trust, healthy relationships.

7. Break down immunity. By depriving social contact, sun shine, exercise, natural foods, the immune system is weakened.

7a. This again benefits big pharma and the billionaire major company and 'philanthropy' players behind the plandemic.

8. Block religion. Prevent mass religious gatherings in person to re-inforce all of the above.

9. Implement a total LockStep Rockefeller strategy scenario or one of the alternatives that best benefits the super wealthy elite, via technocracy and do away with political systems of 'democracy'.

9a. Remove the few remaining tools of resistance, enforce total compliance and surveillance in movement, restrict travel and mobility.

10. Eugenics and #technocracy are the objectives and tools of the (N)ew World Order since over 100 years and are nearing accomplishment.

If you want to know more, do your research. Some pointers: YouTube's "Amazing Polly" sign up to Bitchute and follow her there. Also Dr Shiva (inventor of email) on all popular social media platforms.

For an exclusive alerts group by those in the know with links to important information to arm yourselves with, join Telegram Messenger, and join the channel.

For example, what no one will tell you, is simple old fashioned steam breathing for a few minutes every couple of days will destroy viruses and protect you and others from this and other viruses.