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God does not change the conditions of a people until they change their inner selves
                                                                                                                         Qur’an 13:11
Question: How to avoid infiltration by "agent provocateurs" and undesirable elements (psychopaths etc)?

Answer: The Revolutionary Committees Movement has no such problem because its ideology, method and structure makes it impossible/ineffective:

1. the aim of the RCMs are not to have power but to move the people to exercise it, thus revolution is separated from power. See:

2. the Revolutionary Committees aren't known to other RCs but operate as small independent groups united by the philosophy of the ThiRd Universal THeory. As these are few people in each independent RC and known to one another, infiltration is difficult and would at worst impact a single RC.

3. The role and method of work of RCs also makes it impossible for anyone with any such tendencies to remain, for it does not welcome anyone within its ranks, but sets a high standard. Again see: for a simplified introduction.
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Suitability to the RCM: "character test":
📊There is significant variance in consciousness among the “awake” many of whom awakened during the latest “new normal” - test your results from this anonymous “character test maze” and let us know where it finally took you - make a note of the final page address and share it in the comments.
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46 years ago on this very day in Libya on March 2nd, 1977 all power was finally transferred to the people and traditional government ceased to exist and the Libyan Jamahiriya was born after 8 years of revolutionary dictatorship and education led by Qaddafi, the Free Unitary Officers, the Revolutionary Command Council and the Revolutionary Committees Movement, the people were for the first time in recent world history once again able to govern themselves by themselves, directly, without politicians and political parties, gathered in their decision-making People’s Conferences and directly accountable executive People’s Committees. In order to conceal this achievement from the oppressed all over the world the global Mafia media branded him a dictator instead of a liberator and even a terrorist. During the NATO bombings in 2011 one of their very first targets was the academic World Centre For The Studies And Researches On The Green Book And The Third Universal Theory @jamahiriya and they burned all The Green Books containing the information how people can govern themselves and form the government themselves without deputation nor representation: for no one can represent another, representation is fraud, and no one knows the needs of the masses better than the masses themselves. As the Brother Leader taught: “Man should not be afraid of power, he should possess it”!
Green Charter RCM
Already in 2021 in line with the calls for a popular alternative to WHO to broaden public health knowledge and science, safeguarding human rights and free will while empowering the people to take control of their health and well-being, the World Council for Health was formed as a non-profit initiative informed by and funded by the people for the people. Join and share widely: @wch_org Edit: Read our updated comment
Why "Revolutionary" Committees? What does this word "Revolution" mean?

Many changes in history have been called a "revolution" so what is our understanding?

Revolution does not necessarily equate to violence or bloodshed it means "full circle".

For us revolution means returning back to our roots, to Natural Law and Justice.


Questions about GC-RCM or the Third Universal Theory are welcome, click on 'Comment'.
Green Charter RCM
❅ Muammar Gaddafi prediction of Covid-19 in the UN 2009 ● Read more: HERE
The United Nations Organization has failed as evidenced in the speech of the Brother Teacher-Thinker and Revolutionary Leader Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi in September 2010. It continues as a farce whereby the western states violate its own rules and procedures repeatedly in allowing a comedian in Kiev to attend via video link and with special privileges in violation of established procedures not given to any other member. As Turkish President also noted it pushes a minority agenda while ignoring the rights of the majority. Revolutionary Committees advocate and work for the establishment of grass-roots People's Congresses and People's Committees which culminate via National People's Congresses in the Universal People's Congress which will replace the United Nations Organization by directly channeling the decisions of the people of the world and a Universal People's Committee to replace the Security Council in addition to Universal People's Committee for Health to replace the WHO, and so on with every other international misrepresentational body and entity. This process starts with the formation of people's congresses around the world. Failure to do so will mean there is no alternative to the global fascist dictatorship mechanisms of control. Act locally, think globally. Ref: