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The Final Solution to the Israeli Problem was offered by the Great Revolutionary Teacher-Thinker Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi in the White Book which was written to save the Jews and preserve them into the future. The One State of Isratine solution was offered but instead the Zionists responded by turning parts of their occupied lands into a big open air prison and expected the Palestinians to die cut off from the world. Now they've unleashed what will result in their utter destruction. The good citizens could have formed Isratine based on direct participatory democracy and replaced the Zionist entity with a democratic Jamahiriya. Is it too late for that now?
The Green Book - Part One - Solution to the Problem of Democracy:

Plebiscites are a fraud against democracy. Those who vote "yes" or "no" do not, in fact, express their free will but, rather, are silenced by the modern conception of democracy as they are not allowed to say more than "yes" or "no". Such a system is oppressive and tyrannical. Those who vote "no" should express their reasons and why they did not say "yes", and those who say "yes" should verify such agreement and why they did not vote "no". Both should state their wishes and be able to justify their "yes" or "no" vote. 

Revolutionary Commmittess Commentary:

The YES OR NO forced vote in Occupied Australia on whether to put a "voice" for the Originals into the Constitution is an attempt to prevent any future claims of Sovereignty, is in violation of the Third Universal Theory principle "Representation is Fraud" and the First Article of the Great Green Charter for Human Rights and Freedoms which is the right for the people to exercise power directly and without representation via legislative People's Congresses and exutive People's Committees.

Further, it is an attempt to divide the people, make the regime look good at international fora where they wish to speak on human rights while havng children locked up on remote islands and supporting the Zionist Entity in its ongoing occupation of Palestine.

Therefore the Australian people must tear up the ballots for all the above reasons, as no matter which way they vote it favours the neo-colonial dictatorial fascist settler-regime occupying Canberra, and if a gun is held to their head forcing them to vote, then they should vote NO to scupper their plans.

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The World Has Risen For Palestine
Forwarded from Nakba News
Urgent | Spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza: More than 500 victims were killed in the targeting of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital
Forwarded from Nakba News
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Watch | Hundreds of displaced martyrs were martyred in the Israeli occupation bombing of Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital in the Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza.
Forwarded from Nakba News
Urgent | Ministry of Health in Gaza: 500 martyrs in an Israeli bombing of Baptist Hospital
Forwarded from Nakba News
#شاهد children injured in the occupation massacre at Baptist Hospital in Gaza.
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#شاهد أطفال أصيبوا في مجزرة الاحتلال في مستشفى المعمداني بغزة.
Look at the power that the Arabs have!
The Arabs have a million soldiers
And ten thousand cannons
And two thousand planes
That’s with a 50% reserve that we left for them!
And yet...
They cannot stop an Israeli bulldozer that is destroying East Jerusalem.
In front of the Arabs, this tractor did not stop and he won't stop
Shame and disgrace upon the million Arab soldiers, and over ten thousand tanks, and over ten thousand cannons, and over two thousand pilots and their planes.
Curse be upon them, shame and disgrace
They must die rather than remain alive, in the face of these scandals!
In the face of this humiliation!
When will this force move?
If you do not move to defend the sanctities!
And about women and children!
And about the occupied land!
And about honor!

- Muammar Qaddafi
Important analysis
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Speech by the Brother Leader of the Revolutionary Committees Movement at the 1988 Arab summit
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