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The wearing of masks has nothing to do with Health. It has nothing to do with Truth and real science. It is all about annihilating Freedom and forcing YOU to mindlessly follow the Deep State.

For Truth Freedom Health, WE must defy mask-wearing. It's anti-Science, anti-Health, anti-Freedom. My video below provides the truth about masks.

If the Establishment cared about YOU and public health, they would focus on methods to BOOST our immune system. But they don't! They care about Power, Profit, and Control.

It's time we fight for Truth Freedom Health.
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The paper examines Covid-19 from the perspective of an imam in relation to Islamic teachings and media representation explaining that muslims and non-muslims are pre-disposed to succumb to fear and falsehood in line with pre-end-times Qur’anic prophecies that encapsulate the Islamic eschatology.
“130,000 #CoronaVirus “deaths in US” - likely inflated given hospitals get ~$50K/death.

300,000 Americans die of OBESITY, a pre-existing condition for COVID-19, PER YEAR!

Time for MDs to speak up about this TOTAL FRAUD or BECOME the MOST DISTRUSTED profession(ahead of lawyers)!”

— Dr V A Shiva
USA withdraws from so-called World Health Organisation WHO giving required one year notice. If Trump loses election this would be reversed. USA is biggest single government funder of WHO a United Nations Organisation. giving $400 million per year but majority of WHO funds is PRIVATE money mostly from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Global Clinton Initiative which both stand countless billions to gain by new vaccines in which they’re invested. The WHO continues to propagate false recommendations and directives based on false interpretation of deliberately manipulated data as pointed out numerous times in this channel and has been and is the prime vehicle providing and promoting damaging policies regarding COVID 19 to media and governments worldwide which however benefit the elite billionaires which fund the Organisation. WHO was caught in the 1980s distributing AIDS to Africa within WHO vaccines attempted to conceal their own internal investigation the report was however leaked by their investigator to the London Times newspaper. WHO has a long history of corruption and this continues today in plain view for those who research it unlike the lamestream media which continues to peddle false modeling and coronavirus plandemic response policies detrimental to world health.
We're at the cross-roads of a "dark" age or an "enlightened" age.

The dark age will be full monitoring of everything we do, no freedom, total control, ignorance and fear, implemented by top-down governments, you won't be able to access services, nor travel without x, y, z, e.g. vaccinations, full compliance agreements etc.

The alternative looks like this: a bottom up world, where we trust human beings, make our own decisions, truth, freedom, health.

Dr.SHIVA is interviewed on X22 Report where he discusses the CoronaVirus, the effects of it on the economy, and how the Deep State is utilizing this to further their interests!
The elites are clever with their masquerade. They outfit muppets - MDs - with white coats, embroidered name, collared shirt, tie, glasses and a smile so YOU trust and feel "safe" to accept fearmongering and their one-size-fits-all medicine, Vaccines. But, WE have awoken and see beyond their MASKS!

Our future - our health - our economy - our freedom is under attack and we cannot succumb to fascism brought to you by fear and Fake Science. Public health must move into the future. That future is personalized and decentralized - right medicine, for the right person, at the right time, determined by YOU and the "doctor" applying ENGINEERING SYSTEMS principles - so we move beyond the reactionary approach we are witnessing now.

The need of the hour is to boost immunity, not masks and social distancing. Only that can truly result in a healthy population. My video above teaches you 5 immune boosting activities you can do.