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Kim Iversen (The Hill): VIOLENT Protests Show The World Is OVER Covid Mandates (YouTube).

Now it is for the masses to progress from mere protests violent or otherwise and own responsibility for the situation: their absence from power resulting in decisions being made by others. Their rights freedoms including those of the Green Charter are meaningless if they can’t be enforced and defended. This can only be if the masses stop appealing to their oppressors and others and instead take responsibility into their own hands adopting the Green Charter and organising themselves into Green Charter Committees or Revolutionary Committees after studying the vision of the self governing Freepublic set forth in The Green Book so that they can plan their local strategies with those they trust while being united by the collective vision of the Green Charter rights to make them a reality in practice thinking globally while acting locally encouraging the free people to convene People’s Conferences to decide their own policies and form People’s Committees for Health, for Education, for Security etc to execute those decisions with the various People’s Committees being directly accountable to the People’s Conferences and strictly limited to the execution of the specific policies legislated by way of consensus at the People’s Conferences. The QR codes at can be projected onto walls visible to all at protests so the masses can scan and join this channel and progress to the ways and means to exercise power directly thus freeing themselves of govern-ment (mind control).
"The time of the result can be prolonged for a lifetime, or it can also be reduced it to months (the revolution is an abbreviation of time) depending only upon the level of awareness. Effort is what reduces or extends the time of the revolution, and its strength or weakness." - rcm
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Although the peoples of the Western countries are aware of the failing of their own #political systems, most feel there is little they can do to alter those systems. The idea of #revolutionary change is strange and even frightening to them. But were they to read and understand the Green Book and appreciate the meaning of the Third Universal Theory, then such drastic change would not seem so very strange after all:

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This academic institute was one of the first targets bombed by the #terrorist #NATO western alliance in 2011. 8 Africans were martyred. Western academics were called upon to condemn this bombing, they did not. Academics in the Libyan #Jamahiriya such as Dr Ahmad #Ibrahim were abducted and tortured and their fate remains unknown many of them murdered. Again Western Universities were called on to condemn these horrific #human #rights abuses against their Libyan colleagues, but did not.

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