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There are many beautiful and unexplored places in India, follow us to explore Famous Places in India. πŸ™
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The lost Temples….!

An extremely Ruined Mandir of Bhagwan Shiv, known as Yadneshwar Mahadev Mandir, located at Lonar in #Buldhana district of #Maharashtra.

Sad to see no one is taking care of it.
This view of the 50m tall gopuram of the Virupaksha temple from the #MatangaHill is simply spectacular.

The #VirupakshaTemple has survived through the years and never ceases to prosper. It is still pristine amidst the ruins that surround it.

#Hampi | #Karnataka | India
Meera Temple (#Chittorgarh)

It is dedicated to Meera Bai, a mystic poetess and great devotee of #LordKrishna. She was born in Kurki village near Merta to Ratan Singh Rathore and was married to Bhojraj, son of Rana Sanga of Mewar. In front of the temple is the cenotaph (Chhatri) of Shri Rai Das of Banaras, the 'Guru' of Meera Bai. Within the cenotaph is a carved figure of five human bodied with one head. The figure conveys that all castes are equal and even outcastes can attain God. Rana Khumba built it in an ornate Indo–Aryan architectural style. The popular legend associated with her is that with blessings of Krishna, she survived after consuming poison sent to her by her evil brother-in-law.
Harishchadragad, the hillfort of #Ahmednagar has an interesting story worth exploring!

#Harishchandragad is one of the very old hillforts of #Mahrashtra. It has a mention in the holy texts of India including the #Matsyapurana, #Skandapurana and #Agnipurana. The hillfort is said to belong to the 6th CE whereas the caves were carved in the 11th CE. It is also said that the great sage who created the epic tatvasaar, Sage Changdev meditated here in the 14th CE.
#KedareshwarCave -
As you move towards the Harishchandreshwara temple is the beautiful cave of #Kedareshwar. This cave has a 5 ft tall #shivalinga and is rather hard to get to because of the icecold water it is surrounded by. The pillars here are said to have a peculiar meaning. The four pillars symbolize the four Yugas, 'Satya Yuga', 'Tretha Yuga', 'Dwapara Yuga' and 'Kali Yuga'. Each pillar breaks by itself at the end of each Yuga!
#Devprayag - #Ganga's birthplace - Confluence of #Alaknanda & #Bhagirathi

Devprayag is a town in #Uttarakhand, India, and is one of the Panch Prayag (five confluences) of #AlaknandaRiver.
DevaprayaΜ„ga" means "Godly Confluence" in Sanskrit. As per Hindu scriptures, Devaprayaga is the sacred event of merging two heavenly rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi, to form the holy Ganga.
Tomb of Kalyani Nawabs

The Kalyani Nawabs were the fort keepers of #Basavakalyan (A city in #Bidar in Karnataka which was part of Nizam’s territory) for #Nizams. They arrived in #Hyderabad in the 18th century and one of the Kalyani Nawabs, Ghazanfur Jang married Sahibzadi Kamal-un-Nissa Begum, the daughter of Asif Jah III, the third Nizam of Hyderabad. After the marriage, Ghazanfur Jang set up his devdi or haveli (residence) in today’s Moghulpura.

Arrival of Kalyani Biryani: After the nawabs went into decline, some of their cooks set up their own stalls and introduced the Kalyani biryani.
There are few sights in the world as iconic as the #TajMahal.⁠
As the single most famous sight in the subcontinent, the #Taj is a must-see on most India itineraries, particularly for travelers on the famous Golden Triangle circuit, linking Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. ⁠
The grandeur of this magnificent monument is equaled only by the tragedy of its backstory – the tomb of a royal bride, created by a mourning emperor, who ended his days robbed of his empire, imprisoned in a gilded cell with a view of this beautiful, tragic mausoleum. ⁠
If you are ready to make this trip of a lifetime, we've got a few tips:⁠
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πŸ—“ It is possible to visit the Taj Mahal year-round, but it’s much more pleasant to explore the monument during the dry winter months, from October to March. From April to May, temperatures soar, and the skies open up for the monsoon from May to September. ⁠
πŸ‘• What is the dress…
#LotusMahal - It was a part of Zenana enclosure, a place where royal families of #VijayanagaraEmpire resided. Lotus Mahal designed as a palace for royal ladies of those times to mingle around and enjoy recreational activities. The Mahal also served as a meeting point for the king and his ministers. This place is also referred to as a council chamber in the maps found in. It is said that the Queen of Krishna Deva Raya used to spend most of the time seeking pleasure and peace in the palace. The palace also served as a meeting point for the king and his ministers. Kamal Mahal is also referred to as a council chamber in the maps found in 18th century. Kamal Mahal and Chitrangini Mahal are the other names by which it was known earlier. Several musical concerts and other recreation activities were held at this place.
#GangotriDham, located at the height of 3,100 meters (approx.) on the #Himalayan range in #Uttarkashi district of #Uttarakhand, holds a very special place in the hearts of #Hindus. It is one of the four sacred and important pilgrimage sites of #ChotaCharDhamYatra in Uttarakhand. Amid all the natural beauty and grace which the mountains and altitude of the place affords, what makes Gangotri one of the holiest places is its intimate connection with #RiverGanga (the #Ganges).

#GangaMaa (mother), the much revered deity of Hindus, originates from the #Gangotri glacier at #Gaumukh which is some 18 km from the #GangotriTown. It is said that #GoddessGanga came to earth in order to wash away the sins of King #Bhagirathi's ancestors. From the folds of mythology till the present time, #GangaRiver has always been a sacred source of purity for the mankind. Coming to Gangotri for a religious tour is not only a religious duty but a spiritual calling too.
#DilkushaKothi is the remains of an eighteenth-century house built in the English baroque style in the quiet #Dilkusha area of #Lucknow in India. Today there are only a few towers and external walls as a monument, though the extensive gardens remain. The house was shelled during its involvement in the Lucknow siege in 1857 together with the Residency and the nearby school of La Martiniere.
#BijuPatnaikPark is situated in the city of #Berhampur. This park is dedicated to the great leader and many times chief minister of #Odisha, Shri Biju Patnaik. It is a beautiful #GardenPark spread oven a huge area of seven acres of land. This #park is built and maintained by #BerhampurDevelopmentAuthority. It is one of the most beautiful place of the city with a #MusicalFountain, a floating mountain and beautiful flower garden. A pavement goes around the park with manually trimmed and shaped ornamental plants on both sides. A #boating amusement inside the park is built for children. Localites visit the park often in the evening to have a relaxing time amidst beauty of flowers and ornamental plants. It is a good place to refresh yourself from the busy city life. At night the park is illuminated with beautiful lamps. The park charges nominal entry fee for visitors. Entry for children below five years is free.

#BerhampurCity, aslo called as #Brahmapur is the head…
#DorzongMonastry #GopalpurDistrict #Kangra

Located on the foot of #DhauladharMountainRange, #Dorzong Monastic Institute (DMI) is a place for studying and practicing #Buddha Dharma. The institute is situated about 20kms from Kangra near #GopalpurVillage. It was established by Eighth Kyabje Dorzong Rinpoche at a scenic place that is covered with cedar forests to preserve the Buddhism and the Drukpa Kagyu community. At DMI, students of the #Himalayan border hill areas like #Zangskar, Lahoul-Spiti, Kinnaur and Tibetans residing in India have the opportunity to study and practice Buddha Dharma and the tradition of their ancestors. Buddhist Festivals, Prayers and Ceremonies are also organized here and medical aid to the needy local population is provided. The institute is also recognized as the yellow roof #monastery.
May this #Holi bring you beautiful colors of joy and inspire you to embark on your next adventure. we wish you a joyous and auspicious Holi!!
Holika Dahan, Palaj Village,

#HolikaDahan also Kamudu pyre is celebrated by burning Holika, an asura. For many traditions in #Hinduism, #Holi celebrates the killing of Holika in order to save Prahlad, a devotee of #GodVishnu and thus Holi gets its name.
Ganpati temple in #Kanipakam village, located in #Chittoor district of the Indian state of #AndhraPradesh

Temple was established in the early 11th century CE by the Chola king Kulothunga Chola I and was enhanced even more in 1336 by the Emperors of Vijayanagara dynasty.

Years ago there lived three brothers in a village near viharipura, one of them was blind, one deaf and the other dumb. One day they were drawing water from well and water dried out. Hense they started digging down and were shocked to see blood oozing from the ground.

On further excavation it was found to be "UDHBHAVA GANAPATI SWAMY"
Brothers worshipped ganapa and got rid of their physical defects.
Whole village worshipped ganapathi by offering coconuts.

The coconut water started flowing into a stream, to a distance of more than one and a quarter acres. This phenomenon led to the coinage of the word "KANIPAKAM"
where "Kani"means wetland and "Pakam" means flow of water into wetland.

*The waters…
The Govind Dev temple is one of the oldest temples present in #Vrindavan. The temple was built by Raja Maan Singh in the 16th century following an indo-islamic style of architecture which was prevalent at the time. The idol once enshrined here has a deep significance and was excavated by saint Chitanya Mahaprabhu’s disciple, later to be moved to a temple in #Jaipur for safety where it is present today.
The Lodhi Gardens are a 90 acre city park in #NewDelhi, India. Named after the fifth and final dynasty of the #Delhi sultanate, the Lodhi's, the gardens were founded in the 20th century.

The #LodhiGardens became the park they are now in the 1930s, when the wife of a British expat, Lady Willingdon, cleared two villages in order to landscape a park in the area containing Lodhi era (late 15th/early 16th century) tombs. The gardens were originally named after her, but after Indian Independence in 1947, they were renamed the Lodhi #Gardens.