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KIN Cryptocurrency and Code Wallet (unofficial channel)
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pet legends code wallet based NFT mint was so popular that the number of code wallet users exploded
Channel name was changed to «Code Wallet Kin Cryptocurrency $KIN»
Thx to very talented developers android github version is making progress. We are coming slowly closer to full android release
you can now tip Brandon for his awesome work on Android:
dont forget to tip brandon he is bringing android release very close!!!
Android is getting closer and closer to launch. If you want $kin you should get it before the launch
We are closing in on android. My guess is February
A new ios update has been posted for code wallet. Update now :-)
To make things clear about android update. It's not just any update. It will have tons of new features and is absolutely revolutionary. Guess is February march release
People waking up
coming closer and closer to android release
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