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KIN Cryptocurrency and Code Wallet (unofficial) @kincryptocurrencygroup for multilingual discussions and automated cashlinks 😊 Download: #cryptocurrency #crypto #solana
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the project @cashflirt has 78 members now 2 days after launch... soon on android as well 😊 signup to the telegram channel
i aquired domain it will be a site for yoga people, conscious people, coaches of all types, healers, yoga teachers and microfunding all with code wallet supported... nonadult definitely 😃
Another build release. Coming closer to android launch
Sellers are gone. Fomo has started
Another breakout. It's not stopping
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Android Version 1.1.317 just dropped on github. Getting really close to play store release IMHO $kin
Breakout happening in real-time
Nigeria is experiencing massive inflation. Doubling of cement prices in a week. Places like Nigeria Is where code wallet will explode really fast with android release