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KIN Cryptocurrency and Code Wallet (unofficial) @kincryptocurrencygroup for multilingual discussions and automated cashlinks 😊 Download: #cryptocurrency #crypto #solana
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Forwarded from J. S.
i am doing a giveaway... launch a crowdfunding campaign on and i will be the first one to send the first donation: post anything you are passionate about
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do you mind the always on camera on code?
Anonymous Poll
not really
privacy concern
battery draining
Download the new code wallet update. It let's you share code quickly with friends
announcing @kinloot gaming channel where you can play others for KIN with code wallet 😊 its an experiment. lets see if it interests people
Forwarded from Tanner Philp
Hi all, we just published a new build on Android and iOS that features three updates:

1. The ability to enable Face ID / Biometrics to enter the app

2. The ability to toggle off Auto Start Camera

3. Updated FAQ

All three of these updates had had direct input from community feedback. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these, and any other thoughts/ideas you have. As always, we are driving to improve the Code experience, both in net new features and refinements to the existing experience. Thank you all for your continued feedback.
KIN community is launching a spaces. talking live about code wallet and kin: June 26
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