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ETH formed a head and. shoulders on the 2 hour so now critical to break down or up. I think up. Testing support at $305 region. I think we bounce there and wait to see volume shifts. #CryptoKyle
Just in...

Justin Sun cancels lunch with Warren Buffet due to health. If you were planning on purchasing TRX or BTT based off this news, you may want to consider looking more into this.

Cheers. #CryptoKyle
Bitcoin and Ethereum on the move again... get ready for the next bull run. #CryptoKyle
I have a gut feeling that Binance wouldn't randomly just add margin.trading on a bunch of alt coins and risk losing a bunch of money while most alts bleed out. Binance is good at "market control" and might throw a curve bball in there and pump some alts soon. Keep your eyes out ihe coming months for a potential reverasl of alts. Might happen after. the finish of the next bitcoin pump perhaps? Food for thought. #CryptoKylw
Food for Thought:

I think alts going through a phase right now where BTC and top alts (eth) are being invested by institution money, Wallstreet just opened futures for btc & eth.

Alts are being bled out on purpose too, in order to see who survives this apocalypse.

In order to lead the way to adoption, we NEED the powerhouse(s) to lead the charge. That’s why alts are getting killed. Most of them don’t have use cases.

“Alt season” will be a money grab. It cannot be timed but most likely to happen after a massive pump on BTC which wants to break new ATH by end of year.

BTC dominance going up to almost 70% now.

Most people’s beliefs in crypto are related to other people’s beliefs which are one dimensional, mainly focused on TA & “news”.

The way I see it is the MEGA whales (like $3B+ positions) are the ones controlling the narrative. Pro & Con btc maximalists are at a “war” but btc is the perfect place to store money when hell breaks loose in the global economy, which it is, especially real estate and fiat manipulation.

If Bitcoin was a business rollout (which it is) how would you treat it? I’d want NO competitors to bitcoin whilst I create the “new economy” and only have a handful of those that actually have use cases or potential. Everything else, let’s bleed it out until it cannot physically function (teams that are not organized, no funding, or similar business models overtaking old ones or absorbing them). Which is what is happening now... So if I was someone with $30B+ what I would do is find any way possible to ensure that the place most my money is stored will succeed... I won’t take a chance on some shit lower name that nobody really knows about in an emerging market of an asset class the government is still trying to wrap their heads around.... I want less volatility, more control, and a brand name people recognize as a save bet if I’m to invest in this side of the fence and push adoption... so that’s what’s happening.

These are all my own beliefs, gathered from my own perspective, not from anybody that I follow online because most people are sheep in this entire market and just want to follow people rather than think outside the box or put in effort to fully understand how the economy market is played.


Tip of the Day

After we see any double-top, high chance it will always CORRECT/DIP afterwards so look for double-tops if you are looking to exit or enter a position. Can go both ways since you can also short the position or re-enter as well.

Food for Thought

For reals, matic was good this week but who'd have guessed? Gotta be alert 24/7 to get in on an "instant highway" like that for quick gains. BTC taking the juice for now. As I've said since beginning'ish, BTC has brand name, it created crypto so respect it, and institutions will put their money behind the STRONGEST BRAND NAME AND MOST RELIABLE NETWORK which is Bitcoin... I don't care people's opinions about it becuase it's a fact and human psychology and basic investing econominics. Once it's done bleeding out the shitcoins, only the strongest will survive and those will pump best. Smart money running the show now because newbs are either hodlers and "forget it for a few years" or got rekt or scammed and are out "for now" till crypto is more mainstream which is yes... fomo... but most retail are not real investors, they just bought in based off hearing one or two things such as "I just made this much" or "Just buy it on coinbase" or somthing, and they do, with no plan or idea of what's goin on, then they lose it, and they are out in negative mindset which in turn slows down adoption. It's a big "controlled" and better risk than a casino gamplace for now, but at some point when the economy crashes and money pours in, it will HAVE to prove reliable or we're all f'd again. The wealthiest always control the flow. Think like them even if they play dirty, because that's how the market moves. #CryptoKyle
I think alts have bottomed as I'm seeing a lot of lower highs and some starting to take off big from their bleeding points. Quick % gains for anybody swing trading. Keep your eyes peeled on the day charts. We'll see a little fluctuation now but might dip back to complete the bitcon ATH push. I think that will happen when the megawhales decide they're ready to truly open the floodgates with "positive news". #CryptoKyle
Hey AYFP Crypto Fam... Not telling you how to trade or anything but look at RSI on day/week/month charts of ETH vs BTC... If you're shorting, you will make a TON of XBT on this. RSI says we're stillg heading south and only 2 solid reds on the week. Monthly RSI looks ready to break down further as BTC dominance stays high. Bitcoin is king. Thank me later when we travel somewhere with profits. DYOR 🙂 #CryptoKylesCryptoCalls
Anybody trying to get into Instagram growth or monetization, join us in our FB group.

A few called me crazy saying we’d seen bottom... not so crazy after all! Hope you’re all shorting! #CryptoKyle
So Binance.us will be released sometime in November according to Binance. Withdrawals are ok anytime but no more trading after September 12, 2019.
Anybody here set up with an ROTH IRA for zero taxes barred crypto trading? If you need help with this, let me know. Cheers, #CryptoKyle