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This channel was founded by #CryptoKyle to teach others how to master the art of cryptocurrency investing and achieve your full potential!

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Run a miner in the background, make a few extra bucks passively. Over time with the marketing going up, this is just a few extra bucks into your wallet. Honeyminer app.

This is a Crypto Kyle's Crypto Call!

Get in on ETH ASAP! This is the week charts and we have 5x to go till ATH! EASY MONEY! Price is around $315 right now and we can easily hit $1400+ again especially with some HUGE upcoming news from Ethereum! Just get in... (if you were me). I'll come around end of summer and see where we are... ;)

When you make those profits, come join us in VIP room and maybe take our mastery course to maximize your info and profit potential.

If you look on week candlestick we're only on third green wick and 4 is typical in the patterns (4/8/10 on a rarity)

So I think we may go for $14K - $16K

Good momentum

And when we start to level off on volume, we'll plummet rapidly for a good 10-15% of cap. If you're margin trading, just do a reverse and short it.

And look for top 10-20 alts to get some movement off that too.

And alt will likley get some massive surge since they've been bleeding out.
Update on our analysis from yesterday. We have gone to the $14K mark and then plummeted rapidly over 13%, just like we predicted.

It was due to whale profit takers pulling out money from the market very rapidly. Hopefully you caught it and got some profits from it. If not, wait till we go up a bit more.
Here is room for one more green candlestick on the weekly (for 4 consecutive) to hit those $15k & $16K mark(s). I feel like momentum is not lost yet. I've seen much steeper candlesticks before so this "re-awakenining" of bitcoin has to be something a bit more grand than the previous 2017 "hype" version, since this run is now manufactured adopotion at its finest. Like an appetizer before the main meal. This might even only be the second mountain peak on a triple mountain... so... time will tell.

We’re seeing correction here, many calling for $8.4k if we don’t sustain these levels. If this is the “bottom” then next target are as stated above. I’ve entered a few more positions at this level, but not all in yet. Waiting to see what happens next.

Alts got a bit of surge from this, but not quite sure we’re ready for heavy alt push quite yet. Only time will tell.
We're approaching a descending triangle wedge on BTC between $14K and $10.5k and we'll level out in between those two zones. After we consolidate, I feel we will keep going north again. This was NOT that massive up a dump... when you look at how much it wen up before this quick correction... we have a WAYS to go north yet. Three steps foward, two steps back (which would put us around $60K for new ATH beating old ATH. This is just how I see it with big institutions coming in, partnerships up the wazoo and more adoption. DYOR but I think we're about to head north again within the next week or two most likely. But only time will tell... Cheers. #CryptoKyle
I'm buying $50 of bitcoin every week AND every dip merely in CashApp only as a side project to see how it compares to my trading profits over all and as a SAFU fund. If for some reason all my trades become compromised (mostly likely they won't but sometimes exchanges have issues), I also have this as backup (besides cold storage which I will NOT touch for years. It's locked away). I literally like to try just about. everything when crypto investing to find the fastest, easiest way to make profits. I've traded nearly half a million in margin this past week alone. Imagine how much I've traded in crypto since 2017... millions... 😉 #CryptoKyle
Ya'll I think we found "bottom" for btc / eth at consolidation (give or take like $10-$20 for eth and $100-$300 for btc)'ish... This week will likely be kinda slow and sideways movement which tends to happen after big run. But look at litecoin since halving is coming up and keep eyes on alts with upwards volume. I think we slowly starting moving up again before a hefty August run.

We're at dead cat bounce for BTC

If you look at the previous two "mountain tops" we also did a little sideways movement before slowly climbing up, and then fomo'ers come in halfway through and drive price up.

Always DYOR and safe investing!

Cheers #CryptoKyle
PS Should we sudden fall or bleed out on Bitcoin, next support is $10.5K region. ETH around the $270-$280 region for support. DYOR but that's what Im seeing. Still room to move down as well. Play it safe. Cheers.
Thanks team ☺️📈
Been mining monero (converted to sats) with Honey Miner in the background of my computer for like a month and got a few extra sats out of it with no real change to my electricity. With us on the CUSP of adoption, this can turn into 5-10x+ more or much more in the long run. Easy extra change for a vacation, children, etc.. down the line. Think long term and stack the "pennies". #CryptoKyle

Just signed up for ByBit, a futures exchange with a cleaner looking interface. May have a bit less volume but they make up for it in security and customer service (from what I understand). Use this link to sign up if you're interested. It has up to 100x leverage. Also, have a link for BitMEX if anybody wants to sign up. Just HMU. I also use Kraken but margin is limited to 5x and $50K until you're an accredited investor with paperwork. They also track your trades.

Bybit >> https://www.bybit.com/app/register?ref=ngqp4

BitMEX >> https://www.bitmex.com/register/OJq0aO