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Crypto Dictionary SAFU meaning is “Secure Asset Fund for Users” meaning “safe”.
BTC and market cap continuously rising. Always trade safe, have s/l and never panic or fomo. 🙂 Sometimes the best move is to just wait. Cheers, #CryptoKyle
Bitcoin vs. Gold chart... eerily similarity. Of course always DYOR but wow... mind blowing. 😂
Three brand new vids coming at you for the VIP members! Might release one publicly... DM @cryptokyle to request anything specifically. Cheers.
Someone spent $10,999 on a Bitcoin on the USDS Stablecoin market! Pushing upwards momentum towards $10K before we settle, perhaps?
BTC pumping again, alts had their couple hours of fun. Keep an eye out if you're swing trading. Cheers. #CryptoKyle
If anybody is into mining with their computer (earning a few satoshis every few minutes, subject to gpu power) by letting your computer mine in the background, here ya go.

Just hit $200B market cap! woo hoo!! 🙌📈 Only 4x more before we're back to previous ATH = $$$ 🙂
#Poloniex delisting these 9 alt coins for USA since they are in “grey spot” for SEC regulations.
#Poloniex delisting these 9 alt coins for USA since they are in “grey spot” for SEC regulations.
$6B+ added to Coinmarketcap whilst btc dominancs has dipped from 56.5% down to 56.1% = alts will pump from bottoms.


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