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MINTME: A Blockchain for DApps, Secured via Websites
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MintMe's Direct Purchase feature lets supporters buy tokens straight from creators, fostering a more personal connection. This unique approach supports creators directly and offers supporters a meaningful way to contribute.

Learn more about it here:
Launch your token on the Coin blockchain for just $49, a dramatic cut from the original $300, or, deploy on other blockchains for only $149, down from $500.

And that's not all - we're also slashing our market creation fee to just $149, originally $500!

Act now! This is the boost your token has been waiting for! 🚀
Every new token on MintMe is born with exactly 10 million units. This fixed number sets a standard for all and opens the door to strategic planning and transparent trading. Create a token to support your idea and plan your token strategy wisely!
On MintMe, your token's score can be the key to sparking supporter interest. A fully fleshed-out profile signals a well-thought-out project. It's your first step towards fostering a strong, trusting relationship with your supporters.

Learn more about how token points work here:
Use your tokens as currency for your own Shop! It's an innovative approach to enhance the value of your token and engage your supporters in new ways!
Did you know? When you deploy your token on MintMe, the MINTME coins used for deployment are locked for 5 years, reducing supply and potentially boosting value! It's a win-win for creators and supporters alike.
Seamlessly integrate our platform into your applications for enhanced functionality and versatility.

Learn how to generate and manage API keys effortlessly to take your project to new heights:
Don't miss out on essential features such as making deposits, creating orders, and more. Take full advantage of what MintMe brings to your project by verifying your phone number today. It's the key step to unlocking all the benefits our platform has to offer!
🌸 Happy #WomensDay! Today, we celebrate the incredible achievements of women around the world. At MintMe, we're committed to empowering women in tech and beyond, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Here's to breaking barriers and building a more inclusive future.
Boost your token's impact by linking your social media profiles to your MintMe page. This simple step enhances supporter interaction, strengthens your token's online presence, and sparks active participation. Start integrating and elevating your community engagement!

Learn how to do it here:
Unlock the power of tokenization with MintMe! Our platform lets you create your own token effortlessly and for FREE. Whether you're building a brand, sharing your art, or expressing yourself creatively, tokenization is the key to unlocking new opportunities. Dive in and start tokenizing now!
💡 Ready to engage more users? Learn how MintMe's Sign-Up Bonus can be a game-changer for your token. It's not just an incentive; it's a community builder.

Dive into the details here:
Ready to take your token to new heights? Once your token is deployed, consider also listing it on other price-tracking and crypto-assets platforms. It can significantly increase its visibility!

Check this article for more: wishes you a Happy Easter! Let's cherish the beauty of spring and the joy of new beginnings.
Empower your followers with MintMe’s token-based content access! 🗝 Craft posts for your most dedicated supporters and harness the power of popular tags for greater visibility. Ignite your project’s interaction now!

Learn more about posts here:
In a few hours, we plan to initiate the update of MintMe to version 2.9. Please be prepared for the downtime. is undergoing maintenance as we update to version 2.9. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please stay tuned for updates.
We're excited to roll out MintMe version 2.9, marking a significant leap forward by giving you the ability to deploy your token to multiple blockchains at the same time and integration of the Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Base blockchains. This update isn't just about enhancing functionalities; it's about expanding possibilities, enabling you to explore new horizons in trading and crowdfunding.

❗️Please keep in mind: With the release of version 2.9, BTC deposit addresses for all users have been changed❗️

Check our release notes here:
Wishing you a festive Eid Al-Fitr! May your celebrations be filled with meaningful moments and the joy of togetherness. 🌟
The #BTCHalving is the perfect opportunity to begin your own crypto journey! Unlock secure trading and start creating your tokens for free at Start shaping your financial future today!