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WEBCHAIN: A Blockchain for DApps, Secured via Websites
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We are present on https://mycrypto.com since some time already! You can select Webchain in upper right corner.
https://twitter.com/TheWebchain/status/1127825937209397249 small teaser,
P.S. thank you all for your help in testing, we still look for more testers though - so if you you are not helping us already and you want to test new platform - DM https://t.me/juice0101 for details.
still no major bugs found, we tested (final testing) 70%, we expect to finish last testing round (100%) on monday, you can still join the fun!

l: mintme
p: mintmedev

real coins, but don't send too much money, send some WEB. in case you lose web, we can reimburse
we won't reimburse BTC ;)
This database will be removed before release, so take all your money back once you finish testing.

Please ignore confirmation email looking weird - it is caused by the fact that dev.mintme is behind password and your email client cannot access some graphics. It will work fine on production.
testing period has finished, database on dev.mintme is going to be deleted soon, so if you have any WEB or BTC there, please take it out immediately
After working hard for almost a year, we are finally releasing the beta version of mintMe, our trading and support platform! Click in the link for more! https://www.mintme.com/news/mintme-release
We have just released new updated version of https://webchain.network/ page. Refreshed design, emphasized mintme exchange, explained that we are building whole ecosystem, added statistics taken from blockchain (number of transactions, wallets etc.) and more... Right now we are working very hard on new mintme version (1.1.0) containing many changes that is planned for release July/August.
Please support mintme by doing few simple actions
1) go to alternativeto.net/software/mintme/ and click on Like https://monosnap.com/direct/G4UpqgVeq4RRVCWAwllQL6LqDRSYvz (register if necessary, but you could skip it too I guess)
2) go to alternativeto.net/software/patreon/, scroll down until you find mintme, hover with cursor over mintme so that "Good alternative? Yes / No" will show up, and click YES. https://monosnap.com/direct/sPY6dqlSwCTV6gAXdjCBiPgsVBye3N If it asks you to leave comment, you can add comment why you think it is best, but you can also skip this step if you don't have anything to say
Remember - to support WEB, start using our exchange mintme.com :)
We have implemented segwit standard on https://mintme.com/ and in result lowered Bitcoin withdraw fee to 0.0005! We invite you to trade WEB there.