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The lighter side of genocide!
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Counterspin Media’s tech guy Justin needs some IT upgrades to continue the fight! Mostly needs a router to connect devices and to make them accessible offsite (to do tech support and pre-show set ups and 2 way links.) Also Hannah and Kelvyn have been experiencing short term power cuts out on the farm.
While these are usually not lasting long, it takes 20 minutes for the Skylink internet to stabilize so they need a grunty UPS to keep all the gear and studio lights running for at least 30 minutes or so.

The total list of items they need are in the screenshot below, if you could help them it’ll be a great investment in the war effort.

Donate here:
Media is too big
NZ Spirit wasn't exciting, it wasn't exhilarating, it was TRANSCENDENT!
A safe and effective citizens initiated inquiry.

Come and give your testimony about what happened to you and your loved ones at the first NZCCI public hearing!
Spread the word!

Sunday 24th March
Mangawhai Library Hall 45 Moir Street
Refreshments served!
Register at: 0211387005
Many say there’s “agents” in the truth movement,
now, although I agree and have literally exposed one who was working with the FBI,
the question is how can you identify them?

What does an agent do?

How do you know for sure they’re an agent?

Now, Because MOST of us did not grow up in the intelligence community,
worked for an alphabet agency or studied cointelpro,
we have no idea what the answers to those questions are.

Yet, because some people watched a documentary this one time,
or are antisocial in general,
they feel qualified somehow to point out agents in the truth movement with 100% certainty,
usually, anyone who’s done anything long enough or well enough to make a name for themselves.

Basically, anyone who tells the truth publicly is an agent...
When you're new to the truth movement,
you may be under the impression that everyone within it knows what they're talking about
and isn't operating under the same illusions as the bulk of humanity,
this is a very big mistake.
Truth causes trauma to those living in lies,
trauma can heal over time,
lies cannot.
What were y'all thinkin'?!
Talk to people as you truly are and don’t hold anything back. Now you’re listening, to the Vinny Eastwood Show
Looking forward to seeing some of the Tauranga truthers and Warkworth warriors this weekend!
At the mount Maunganui community hall today!
Brian Tamaki and Billy TK are going to be speaking!
Starts at 3:30pm
Those little random times when you look at the clock…
Just face it, there’s worse things than getting enslaved and exterminated, like Vinny’s Jokes
How do you know if you’re someone that is on the true path to understanding the nature of reality?

Answer this question:

Do you believe that reality is a holographic fractal being projected by collective consciousness experiencing itself subjectively?
If you laughed or said yes without much hesitation, you are on the path.
Channel photo updated
One of the first appearances Vinny Eastwood made as a guest on US talk radio right after he got his first show on American Freedom Radio.
This recording is from the 21st of June of 2010
Something interesting about getting content removed without getting a strike?
Glad to have my content backed up on rumble