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Public Administration students refers:-

Above is the scheduled date and time for the missing PUB200
Good Day All.
This is to inform you:
1. That payment of fees and course registration for 2022/2023 session will end on 30/8/2023. (7 days, 8 hours, 25 minutes from today)
2. No amount of pleas will be entertained after the expiration of the deadline.
3. Those who are yet to pay their fees and register courses for the session should make haste to avoid frustration.

Thank you and stay safe.
Use "uniabuja" as default password
Use "uniabuja" as default password
Use "uniabuja" as default password

This is to notify those who could not make School Fee Payment for this session (2022/2023) before the closure that, the GENERAL PAYMENT SECTION on the Portal is available (for now) to do so.

You are required to report for this Payment to be converted and for the Course Registration to be done for you.

This is a privilege that will not last days.. Spread this information for the sake of those in need of it.

Thank You.
InfoChannel: UniAbuja CDL&CE pinned «2022/2023 FEE PAYMENT VIA GENERAL PAYMENT SECTION This is to notify those who could not make School Fee Payment for this session (2022/2023) before the closure that, the GENERAL PAYMENT SECTION on the Portal is available (for now) to do so. You are required…»
Good Day All.

You are to reminded of the following updates;

Your Lecturers/Facilitators must have had 4 weeks of Virtual Class Sessions with you on various Courses already since the commencement for this Semester. This exercise closes by 14th of October, 2023 (4weeks). This covers for both ODL & PT.

The payment of Fees for 2022/2023 has closed but the privileged window of Fees payments via General Payment closes this week.

The first phase of Our Computer Based Tests (CBT) covering all the topics facilitated thus far comes up this week and this comes directly from the office of the Exams and Records.

Final Grades for 2021/2022 Research Projects shall be worked on this week for all the concerned Students. This marks the commencement of their results processing and presentation.

The complaints pertaining N/A comes to a close this week. This is to enable the Processing and Presentation of 2021/2022 Session's Results. Those concerned with this problem should get in touch with their Departmental Coordinators for prompt solution.

Great Week Ahead For All.

Please share with others
Use "uniabuja" as default password.

• The list below shows the students identified to have completed registration for 2021/2022, out of which the graduating and non-graduating list shall be generated. (Please read once again). The list is not Graduation List.

• Anyone found missing on the list below therefore did not have an active registration for 2021/2022 and shall be automatically found missing out of graduation or non-graduation list.

• The purpose of this list is to give the active Coordinators the privilege of communicating with the concerned set and retrieve any probable complaint for speedy processing of 2021/2022 results.

• The list is to also serve as the Name Verification List for all recently Students that graduated for 2021/2022 session. Anyone with observation on Name can take this privilege as the last chance to make and effect any genuine observation. The name in CAPITAL LETTER is recognized as the Surname while others are considered Firstname and Thirdname.

• The list also consists of a section named STATUS. This has either Cleared or Not-Yet-Cleared Label. The Cleared category have no carryover nor Outstanding against them while the Not-Yet-Cleared have some sorts of issues that are going to stand against their graduation. Endeavour to contact your Coordinator for clarity.

Please Note:
The Not-yet-Cleared could be as a result of Project Score or N/A scores not uploaded yet.
Dear All,

As the autumn leaves fall and the air grows crisp, it's that time of year again when we celebrate the wonderful souls born in October! 🍂🎈

To all of us October celebrants, may our birthdays be filled with laughter, love, and memorable moments. 🍰🎁 Your unique presence brightens up our school community in so many ways.

And speaking of October celebrations, 🥳🎂 It's truly an honor to share this special month with so many amazing students. Your passion for learning and dedication to excellence are a constant inspiration.

Here's to a month of festivities, growth, and new beginnings! 📚💫

Let's make October a month to remember! 🥂🎉.

The General Payment Provision for Fees closes this Week implying, payments of fees shall totally come to a close this week

2: Course Registration for 2022/2023 session also comes to a close this week and this is to be done via the Admin

3: We have just Two Weeks left for the Virtual Classes to come to a close. Join up for the summary

4: Immediately after the Virtual Class Sessions, we shall commence the Face To Face Tutorial Sessions at the Campus. The Timetable Schedule for this shall be sent shortly.

5: The Convocation / Graduation Ceremony comes up 7th October for our 2020/2021 set. Gown collection shall be at your respective Faculty. Detailed info regarding the cost and other modalities shall be communicated to you by Tuesday.