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Founded in 2016, TRAEL FilmFest International Film Festival is a non-profit and non-government organization. Our mission is to promote all types of travel, identify and support independent filmmakers around the world.
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Selected films TRAVEL FilmFest 2021

Devin Luther, Charlie Taylor Dear Mama (28:18) United States

Maxim Zhuiykov Santra │ A Tale of India (9:53) Australia

Jenna Costanzo C.I.T.M.O.A.B.A. (Caught in the Middle of a Blue Afternoon) (2:18) United States

Wooram Seo 500-year tradition, Dangjin-Gijisi Tug-of-war (2:08) Korea, Republic of

Dmitriy Arbatov Zion (3:11) United States

Aleksa Ristovic Monumental (5:00) Malta

Aleksandr Malkov Tales of Iceland (1:48) Russian Federation

Patrick Rutnam Hidden Pockets (33:51) United States

Koyo Sasaki Thaipusam (5:53) Japan

Guillaume Blanchet After Eight In Ghost City (3:01) Canada

Dimitris Chatzimalis Kavala Full Of Experiences (6:30) Greece

Gabi Steindl Wave Of Life (9:57) Australia

Ioannis Giannelis The best Crete has to offer (4:30) Greece

Monserrat Santillano Foodies (1:12) Mexico

Chris Grewe Wooden Skate Heaven (0:59) Sweden

Chris Grewe Balidise (1:49) Germany

Alexander Draheim Lebensspur Lech (2:05) Germany

Brady Skye Somewhere in Utah (48:00) United States

Karina J. Duffy Tahi: The Human Journey (01:26:29) United States

largo-frames Hanwha E&C_The Memory (2:50) Korea, Republic of

Andrew Malcolm Discovery Mode (58:00) United States

Carlos Virgili W.W.W.W.W (20:00) Spain

Leonid Astashov The Incredible Adventures of a Postmaster, Envelope and Stamp: Balloon mail (21:00) Russian Federation

Ciaran O’Connell TransSiberia (34:51) Ireland

Olaf Obsommer Bike2Boat Alps (27:52) Germany

Arty Velle Ethiopia, Natural Utopia (4:39) France

Christian Ghammachi Adventures of Aya – Kenya (3:34) France

Martin Rieger Colourful and creative Leipzig in 3D Audio (wear headphones) (1:42) Germany

Colin Jones, Anthill Films Never in the Way (6:01) United States

Miho Sato Honmono Japan Ninohe (7:40) Japan

Antea Ratkovic Central Dalmatia – A Dream Waiting For You (2:03) Croatia

Alexey Saprykin, Pavel Evsyukov Six seas. Don’t lean (23:58) Russian Federation

Marcus Witte Travel Italy (7:07) Germany

Marcus Witte Fall of Chernobyl – Two Days in Prypjat (3:28) Germany

Laurent Leprince Waka Huia (15:13) Belgium

Martin Venier A Circle Line Train (5:36) Austria

Dongheon Shin Drops in the Ocean (19:25) Korea, Republic of

Dennis Schmelz White Angels of Camargue – Europe’s Last Cowboys (3:00) Germany

Shane Sykes Ride That Dream (10:32) United States

Pierre Audouin Porto in August (2:00) France

Jacob Teixeira Vegan on a Jet Plane: Bali (49:34) United States

Daniel Holz Chiloe (16:03) United States

Jose Emilio Ramos Gómez Polar Spin (52:06) Mexico

Goran Načinović Central Istria – Dare to Explore (3:09) Croatia

Niobe Thompson The Long Today (16:47) Canada

Aurimas Kislius Hi, I Am A Dreamer (3:26) United Kingdom

Mark Knight The Great Atchafalaya Basin (8:30) United States

Dimitris Kravvariti Checkpoint Berlin (1:37) Greece

Kamila Delart The Egret’s Voyage (15:00) Czech Republic

Raul Garcia Perez The Great Way (01:20:00) Spain
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