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Price Action: 4 Golden Rules You Can't Ignore

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Discover how to use Trend Line to better time your entries, ride massive trends, and “predict” market turning points

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Good trading isn't about how much you make.

You can make money on poor decisions and lose money on good decisions.

Instead, focus on the process.

Identify your edge, execute it relentlessly, and don't look for shortcuts.
Trading as a business: How to successfully start one and avoid the common pitfalls that destroy most traders

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4 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started Trading

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Are you looking for a reliable Forex broker you can trust?

Then you might want to check out Blueberry Markets.

It has 1000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot, regulated by ASIC, and has one of the lowest spreads in the industry.

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You shouldn't think about how much money you're going to make this week.

Instead, you should ask yourself:

Do I have a plan that keeps me in this business for the next 50 years?

If you do, the money will take care of itself.
Golden Cross Trading Strategy Guide

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Get all my trading courses and programs at a whopping 54.8% discount.

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Trend Followers:

1. Buy high sell higher

2. Short low cover lower

3. Trade many markets

4. Cut losers

5. Ride winners

6. Risk a fraction of your capital on each trade

7. Don't predict, react
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5. A simple trading system to profit from the stock market—even if you have tried everything else and failed

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Candlestick Patterns Cheat Sheet

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Ed Seykota took a $5000 account and turned it into $15,000,000. Here are 19 powerful trading lessons you can learn from him…

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No one can consistently predict the markets, call tops and bottoms.

So just follow price. Ride winners. Cut losers.

You'll be much further ahead than trying to outsmart the market.
Everything you need to know about trading pullbacks and breakouts successfully

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How To Combine Trading Indicators Like A Pro (Most Traders Get This Wrong)

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Do you want to read the price action of the markets like a professional trader?

Then download a FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Price Action Trading.

You’ll learn how to better time your entries, “predict” marketing turning points, identify explosive breakout trades about to happen, and much more…

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7 Habits of Happy People:

Be grateful
Keep learning
Be generous
Laugh often
Be positive
No entitlement

And lastly...

Stock Trading: 5 Things to Look for Before You Place a Trade

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The Secret To Reading Candlestick Charts That Nobody Tells You

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