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This well-organised fake crisis was used by Govt's and the pharmaceutical industry to promote a massive #vaccine campaign they claimed would somehow stop a new ‘global pandemic.’ Sound familiar?

Forwarded from Mark🇬🇧👊🏻
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Miracle in India!
Dead suddenly opens his eyes but then dies again when he realizes he is being filmed by the camera.
Simon Coveney took to social media last night to condemn Israel for limiting the right of peaceful assembly, after a year of limiting the right of peaceful assembly here in Ireland.

How, asks John McGuirk, do Irish people tolerate hypocrisy like this? #gript

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LIVE NOTICE - BEN GILROY to make an important statement at 8:30 PM on Make Change Happen see link for video. PLEASE SHARE 👍🏻

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Major Announcement from Ben Gilroy on Make Change Happen. Please Share!
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Message beamed onto St Thomas's hospital in London last night.
👉 join https://t.me/YellowvestIre 🇮🇪💚
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This is what Vacc-Forcers are sharing on social media.
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‼️‼️A MUST WATCH. ‼️‼️PLEASE SHARE.. Mark Sexton ex policeman has made another incredible video - calling for all whistleblowers to come forward - police/NHS anyone who knows this is not right !
Please share around - he has had 35 police inbox him already
It needs to be a united effort ! The more people whistleblow the more they can’t be discredited
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This Saturday May 15th is Worldwide Freedom rally day!
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LIVE FEED DUBLIN - Worldwide Rally for Freedom on the Make Change Happen https://mch.honeycommb.com/posts/12539746
Follow us on the new www.makechangehappen.ie app see url for app store links.
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LIVE Special Tonight 9 PM
Watch Ben Gilroy tonight live at 9 PM with Vincent Byrne discussing what can people do to stop the Government extending #covid19 emergency powers on the very first LIVE SPECIAL on the Make Change Happen app.

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