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Media is too big
Nick Fuentes: 'The collapsing narratives of the Regime on the Election, vaccines, January 6th and the surge in crime disrupt the current direction of the Country. That's a good thing and we should take advantage of that to build up and safe the Country'
Media is too big
Nick Fuentes: 'If the vaccine was cracked up to, people would be getting it.
If the vaccine-science was settled, they would be convincing people, not mandating it.
If the pandemic was so bad, people would get vaccinated.
If the virus was killing as much as they said it does, people would notice and be afraid.
And if the vaccine worked, they get it.
But none of this is true: The vaccine isn't that deadly, or maybe not even real, honestly.
And the vaccine doesn't even work. Why are (vaccinated) people still getting sick?'
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Media is too big
Vincent James: 'Republican States have the power (under the 10th Amendment) to stop refugee-resettlement and Immigration to their States.
You have to reach out to your Governors and State Legislators and ask them to pass these* laws in their States in order to stop Mass-Immigration into your Red State'

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Vincent James: 'When you look at Immigration in general and you look at he jobs these migrants obtain here. A lot of these jobs are going to be automated in the next 20-30 years and these migrants are not going to learn to code. What are these people going to do? '
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My Instagram account got nuked, follow my backup @assistantspoon2
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I would also add that if you allow Telegram to have access to your camera and mic then it is extremely easy for you to accidentally dox yourself because the buttons are next to the message box and send immediately after you’re done recording.
Media is too big
Vincent James: 'A Trafalgar Group poll, and a couple of other polls who showed the same thing,
shows an overwhelming majority (71%) of Americans oppose Vaccine mandates or coercion:
58.7% of Democrats,
87.3% of Republicans
67.2% of Independent Voters believe vaccines should be a personal choice'
Media is too big
Vincent James: 'For those Conservatives out there that are pro-police, I have news for you: The police that you support, unconditionally in a lot of cases, don't support you.
They bend the knee for BLM and enforce the tyrannical laws that the Government wishes to implement'