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At the height of GFC the borrowing at the discount window was $112bn

It has just spiked to a figure of $153bn.
We also discussed this throughout 2022 and here we are today.
With almost 90% of votes counted, BBB had secured a share of 19%, according to projections, to give it 15 members in 75-seat senate, making it the biggest bloc upper chamber with combined Labour and GreenLeft parties, also projected to have 15 senators.
Bank of Japan, Finance Ministry and Financial Services Agency plan to meet, this evening, for the first time since last September to discuss markets.
Ironic West threw everything at Russia to destroy its banks and financial system, intentionally and failed.

Meanwhile US banking system has an aneurysm because of a single bank with $209bn in assets.
Clown show continues, this is absurd:

Slovakia will send its entire fleet of Soviet-era fighter jets to Ukraine.

All 13 of its MiG-29 jets – grounded since last August and in various states of readiness – at an unspecified date.
Xi is visiting Moscow from 20th to 22nd March.

This is not a photo opportunity.

It's to put the icing on the cake following recent government level meetings.
Western bond markets are behaving like illiquid penny stocks on minor exchanges.
Back in 2019 we stated that the new subprime would be the UST markets.
Easter bunny is also real:

The US banking system is sound and resilient. Recent developments are likely to result in tighter credit conditions for households and businesses and to weigh on economic activity, hiring, and inflation. The extent of these effects is uncertain.
So fed raises interest rates and the DXY gets slammed.

Gold and silver rising.

Given the fragility of the US financial system that is precisely what should happen. You get out of FIAT into sound money.

Let's see what the ESF thinks about this. We will know in the next few days
US suddenly seems concerned what other nations might be thinking:

US is concerned that by being seen publicly to ignore China's peace plan, it is now being perceived by many countries that Washington has no interest in a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict.
Egypt has now officially become a member of the New Development Bank (NDB) created by the BRICS member states. This is to finance new projects across member states.
Ridiculous to see Yellen and Powell giving contradictory assessments wrt bank deposits at the same time. Powell stating all deposits are safe, Yellen saying not considering blanket insurance coverage.
Clown show continues:

Apparently Russian jets have violated the airspace of the Al Tanf US base in Syria approximately 25 times already this month.

Only problem with this assertion is the US is there illegally under international law.
On 21st March 2023, Xi stated to Putin change is coming that hasn't happened in 100 years.

Stated back in 2018:
Continue to reflect upon fact we spent yrs telling people precisely/accurately what Chi Russ relationship was really all about, including govts and vast majority claimed it was nonsense and we didn't have a clue what we were talking about. Now they realise they were clueless ones
Elements in Europe telegraphing they want Zelensky to enter peace negotiations without explicitly saying so. Rutte being one obvious example.