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Tantra Expert. Spiritual Awakening. Beauty. Sexuality. knowledge, love & wisdom. Learn, live, love. Orgasms without touch, telepathic energy sex, nonduality

seeking bisexual girls for travel & living as tantric chakra soulmates. EN, CZ, ES, DE, FR, IT
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Channel name was changed to «Danji official (team danji)»
Channel name was changed to «Danji Official (team danji)»
Today I will post a video how to heal root chakra and get complete control over sexual energy. Powerhealing
Channel name was changed to «Danji Official (Team Danji)»
I am feeling unusually good and strong and this during full moon which for me as an HSP (highly sensitive person) is not normal. The new exercises to strengthen and open the root chakra and practice abstinence, meditation and following highest joy/highest excitement work wonders. Even my knee feels 80% better... The root chakra is essential for the rest of the energy system to work properly
I know people don't like to hear it but corona will get worse. In most parts it hasnt even reach 10% of a country. It won't just vanish. Instead you have to take advantage of the time and recalibrate your spiritual journey
But I think it's fantastic to learn and improve on language skills
You can join a French or Spanish conversation for example. If you have the basics
Broken guitar. So sad.. I wanted to do a clubhouse concert. Music shops are closed now. I cannot buy a guitar online before I hear the sound
Highest joy is the only tool you need in life. Always follow your highest joy in any moment in your life. There is a misunderstanding of self-love. You cannot love yourself because for the self to love itself there needs to be a self that exists. The feeling that you want to feel is actually a physical vibration we call joy. Rather than an ego which loves the self as an ego. The vibration of joy is real truth while the self is an illusion
The clubhouse yoga network for German speakers. Everyone interested in yoga who speaks German should join :) @yoganetz
Following my highest joy is completely changing my life.... Very exciting. I will release another video about it soon :)))
An open API has been released on github for clubhouse. In other words it allows for anyone worldwide to listen and record and analyze public clubhouse rooms. Never tell anyone private information on clubhouse. Where you live, telephone numbers, passwords etc etc etc
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