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seeking bisexual girls for travel & living as tantric chakra soulmates. EN, CZ, ES, DE, FR, IT
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I know people don't like to hear it but corona will get worse. In most parts it hasnt even reach 10% of a country. It won't just vanish. Instead you have to take advantage of the time and recalibrate your spiritual journey
I am on clubhouse now :) testing it after people said I should try
I don't see the appeal yet. People say clubhouse is addictive. I just feel its like a phone conversation that never ends... 😂😂😂
But I think it's fantastic to learn and improve on language skills
You can join a French or Spanish conversation for example. If you have the basics
I am starting to meet really interesting and amazing people on clubhouse. I am starting to understand why people get addicted. My name there is realdanji if anybody uses it. I am sorry I cannot invite people because I do not have a contact list on my ipad
I found the first Czech room today and clubhouse and it was about spirituality. Exciting :::))) just need to find some French, Spanish and Italian people now 😍😍😍😍
Broken guitar. So sad.. I wanted to do a clubhouse concert. Music shops are closed now. I cannot buy a guitar online before I hear the sound
I figured out the best way to use the clubhouse app. Basically if you want to learn and grow fast without wasting time only chose high vibration rooms. How do you do that? By only staying in rooms that you feel super comfortable in right from the start. Listen to the vibration of the voice of the speaker. If you feel it resonates with you and you feel joy its the right room. Otherwise go to the next room even if the topic might not be the same or what you are looking for. Kind of like vibration hoping and picking the one where there is the most joy. Moderating your own room is more like an echo chamber and potentially difficult to learn new things and you don't have so much control over the vibration. Exciting way to accelerate your growth
Learning Italian.. Listening to feminine empowerment. You can improve any language fast on clubhouse :)
There is no doubt in my mind that clubhouse will become the largest social media app in the world. I will use it to learn and perfect many more languages
For everyone who doesn't have clubhouse yet. A friend of mine said you can get it here... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Highest joy is the only tool you need in life. Always follow your highest joy in any moment in your life. There is a misunderstanding of self-love. You cannot love yourself because for the self to love itself there needs to be a self that exists. The feeling that you want to feel is actually a physical vibration we call joy. Rather than an ego which loves the self as an ego. The vibration of joy is real truth while the self is an illusion
The clubhouse yoga network for German speakers. Everyone interested in yoga who speaks German should join :) @yoganetz
Following my highest joy is completely changing my life.... Very exciting. I will release another video about it soon :)))
An open API has been released on github for clubhouse. In other words it allows for anyone worldwide to listen and record and analyze public clubhouse rooms. Never tell anyone private information on clubhouse. Where you live, telephone numbers, passwords etc etc etc
99.999999% of people deny themselves of their highest joy. If you say "highest joy, OK, but..." then you already know your limits and believe systems. Here is a video where I explain the Resonance field of highest joy https://youtu.be/PxSTxNbvvSY