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Reliance , long only once it breaks out of yellow line
HDFC Not a happy picture, looks quite bearish on daily but is resting on a good historical support zone, short only below the shaded area

Kotak bank one of my fav stock is not looking promising on Monthly charts, i will do its detailed analysis over the weekend
Tata steel not a trade call but it seems it will test 260 -275 levels before it tests 415.
Positional holders should look to hedge their positions.
Wait for breakout and then buy
See the beauty of Trends,
I saw many brokers shooting buy calls for Nifty after gap up opening but Trends maintained its SELL call, Nifty reversed exactly from signal line of TRENDS and liquidated many retailers
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Forwarded from Trends
Forwarded from Trends
Trends have Gone short on BATA @ 1543
Forwarded from Trends
Forwarded from Trends
Though Algo for bata is still under trial but since signal was shared on HTF i shared it with trends members.
Now You can see the results😁

Most of these members joined us yesterday and have recovered their fee💪❤️
I m kinda tired of this index management activity
Government should come out with complete plan otherwise such news briefing will slowly lose their importance in the eyes of traders
Trends Subscription now comes with a unique assurance.
If you make loss in any month ,your next month subscription will free.
Offer valid for next 10 subscribers
Trends remained short on Nifty today!