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Not sure how many of you initiated a short in #bnb after my tweet
M sharing screen shot of my running bnb trade just to make you all see the kind of life changing opportunity crypto trading offers.
If you guys need any help with respect to crypto trading feel free to tag on twitter and post your doubts/query/questions
Labs trade shared on twitter gave 4x returns within 2days
Next week m.going to share one such stock on twitter,dont miss it!
Last week I must have shared bank nifty buy calls atleast 3-4 times on twitter.
Congratulations to all who followed it!
Bank Nifty💥💥💥
When entire so called pro experts were bearish on bank nifty we were the one buying it !
Offlate I ve been quite busy with my own proprietary trading and somehow not able to share my setups on telegram but I do share few setups on twitter
If you rely wanna improve your trading then go to twitter and check my tweets of last 6 months.
Almost 90% of the charts shared have hit the targets