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The CryptoShow Interview of the SuperDAO's team and Jeff Berwick; anarcho-capitalist activist and organiser of @Anarchapulco.
Hello Fam! The wait will be worth it. Decentralized Exchange for new dApp set. Finishing touch of new dApp; Security checks. dApp website set. Strategic partnership ongoing. marketing set. Userbase of dApp - shut down the network last year, bounty/DAO system in making. More details soon via blog post.
Hello fam. Sorry for the long silence. I guess a leopard can't easily change its spot 😕 but we are still trying to. We have update on the new dApp we've been working on which we thought was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy under 3months. The good news is we done and about to release it. Watch out for announcement on our blog about the dApp.
Winter is about being over for us. Been a very loooong while but this is what we have been upto. TLDR: Well here is a summary. A shift in our time, Update on pokereum development, release of 3 dApps simultaneously and what they are, rewards for token holders.
First dApp to be release
Second dApp to be release
Third dApp to be release
Bug fixed, users can now access: on desktop & mobile without metamask, Heres the team : , more coming CryptoKitties game #KittieFIGHT #Ethereum #Eth #dapps