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👉 Both the payment and the registration deadline has been extended.
👉 Those who do not complete the payment by Friday will have their bookings cancelled.
👉 We can accept new registration also only till this time.
👉 The opening hours of Diákiroda (2nd floor): Thursday (9:00-16:00); Friday (9:00-14:00)
👉 It is not necessary to come in person to the office, you may send someone else to pay or register on your behalf.

🎁 Remaining packages 🎁 
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Fodor József Dormitory: 17 000 HUF (13 places are still available) 
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Teke Club: 22 000 HUF (15 places are still available) 
2️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses: 10 000 HUF (7 packages are still available) 

⛔️Sold out packages ⛔️
🎟 Party ticket only: sold out ▶️ survey ( ▶️ it will be separated by the organizers in Szeged ▶️ payment will be made at the location 
🎉 Cheering package: the registration for cheering packages has closed. We will notify you later about the date of arrival.

🚌 The transport system of Szeged offered to sell a 72 hour ticket for a discounted price (approx. the price of a single ticket, 4-500 HUF; this is not a fixed price at the moment) to the participants of the Medical Cup. In the following questionnaire we would like to assess how many of you would like to claim this 72 hour ticket:
🌍 If you would like to participate in a casual beerpong game with studens from all programs here is your chance!
We would like to introduce 🍻 INTERNATIONAL BEERPONG! 🍻
📃 Registration: Monday (10.25) from 9:30 at our Diákiroda (Main Building, 2nd floor)
💵 Entry fee: 2500 HUF/team
📌 Location: Pollack B-Club (Boszorkány dormitory, first floor)
Starting time: October 27th (Wednesday), 18:00
Please arrive 30 minutes earlier!


🇩🇪 Wenn du Lust hast an einem BeerpongTurnier teilzunehmen, wo sowohl ungarische, deutsche als auch internationale Studenten mitspielen, dann ist dieses Event die beste Möglichkeit für dich.

Wir stellen euch vor: das erste 🍻

📃 Anmeldung/Gebühr: Montag (25.10.2021) ab 09:30 Uhr am "Diákiroda" (2. Stock, Hauptgebäude),
💵 2500 Forint pro Team
📌 Location: Pollack B-Club, Boszorkány Studentenheim
Beginn: Oktober 27. (Mittwoch), 18:00 Uhr (wir bitten die Teams eine halbe Stunde vorher da zu sein)

Facebook event:
📣 Share your opinion with us according to the Public Health education!
📍 Fill out our Google form -
Our Student Group for Educational Development is preparing a package of proposals for the Dept. of Public Health Medicine with the intention of renew the education of the subject.
Important questionnaire - just one question about "Medical Sociology"
The Dept. of Behavioural Sciences plans to shorten this subject, by making it 7 week long and put the exam on the 7th or 8th week in the semester.
Click on "I like it." or on "I do not like it." according to your opinion in this ANONYM form
🔴 Deadline: Wednesday, 11am 🔴
Check the new regulations 👆
Get your third dose againts coronavirus next week without registration!
📝 Declarations you need:
📍 (🇩🇪
Dear Students!

We created a questionnaire to gain feedback about our work in the last year and to better suit our future projects and visions to your needs. It is essential for our improvement to become a more capable team and to further strengthen the representation of all 3500 students.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous. Your login credentials won’t be stored in any way.

You get a chance to win one of the 3 individually designed PTE sweaters by filling out the form. Only a single code word is required in the questionnaire to participate.

You can fill out the questionnaire at the following link:

Deadline: November 30th (Tuesday)

Thank you!
UPMS Hungarian Student Council (HÖK)
Check out our GIVEAWAY on Instagram! 👆

Follow on Instagram, too, to get all the infos, for example about the Medical Cup 2022 - coming to our town Pécs!
🧨 Save the date: between the 8th and the 10th of April, after five years, the Medical Cup will take place in Pécs again!

📣 Help us by filling out this one-minute questionnaire about the cheering packages!
➡️ ⬅️
What's exactly the Medical Cup?
🥁 Ticket sale for the Medical Cup will start on Monday, we have early bird "Medical" tickets for 5990 HUF in a limited amount.
The ticket includes
the matches,
💃🏽 the parties,
🏆 and all the programs at the Cup (news coming soon 😉). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🐃 The information regarding the cheering package is coming out on the weekend.
Invite your friends from other UP Faculties or even from outside the University, they can buy tickets for 6990 and 7990 HUF, let's show them the real medschool spirit on the Cup!
ÁOK HÖK iroda (="Diákiroda", our Student Office at the 2nd floor of the Theoretical Building)
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: from 9am to 4pm, Friday: from 9am to 2pm.