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Dear Fellow Students!

We would like to inform you about the development we achieved in cooperation with the Feedback Committee which aims to solve the previous system’s faults.

It was widely known that there were problems in extracting and processing the submitted data due to the limitations of the system so these questionnaires did not really make any difference.

That will change from now on!

Although the change will not be visible from the students’ side, a platform change has taken place in the background. It will no longer generate a big pile of invaluable data. Each teacher will receive scores in a dedicated performance appraisal system based on the automatically generated evaluations so the completion will directly affect their professional advancement.

For all these reasons we encourage everyone to fill in the questionnaires completely and thoughtfully as from now on they will not only provide a bonus day when signing up for exams but each completion will influence the development of the education quality.

Feedback questionnaires can be completed again from today via Neptun.
Dear Fellow Students!

We would like to inform you about the basics of the exam opportunities in August. This year it will be possible to take an exam in two periods at the end of August:

1️⃣ Extraordinary exam period - between August 23rd and 27th.

Students may participate in this period if they suffered a severe disadvantage during their spring semester due to voluntary/seconded work or COVID infection and they can prove these conditions. It is possible to apply through Neptun via the Administration/Requests/Available requests menu. All applications will be judged by the Educational Committee taking into account the individual circumstances of each student.

Exam opportunities during this extraordinary period and the credits earned on them are counted towards the spring semester. We draw your attention to the fact that during this period only those who have paid the required exam fee in advance through Neptun can apply for a “C chance” exam.

During this period an exam will be announced for any subject which at least one student wishes to take and is entitled to do based on the circumstances above.

📆 Please note the following deadlines:

You must upload the request and the documents proving your eligibility to Neptun between:
July 20th 8:00 and August 6th 16:00.

Registration for exams is possible for those students whose request has been accepted between:
August 16th 8:00 and August 20th 12:00.

The official information on the extraordinary exam period and all the exact details are available here:

2️⃣ Usual pre-scheduled summer exam period - between August 30th and September 1st.

It is available for those students who activate their fall semester and take up the exam courses of the subjects they wish to complete. After passing the pre-scheduled exams the students are entitled to register for the subjects that require the completion of these prerequisites and will be able to continue their fall semester without missing any courses.

Exam opportunities and credits earned during this period are counted towards the fall semester. All the exams taken are considered to be an A exam. However, if someone takes the 3rd (repeated) exam on a given subject, it is also necessary to pay the exam fee in advance through Neptun.

The last column of the table below provides information on the announced pre-scheduled exams:

📆 Please note the following deadlines:

You must activate your fall semester between:
August 23rd 8:00 and September 4th 24:00.

You can register for the exam courses between:
August 23rd 9:00 and Szeptember 10th 24:00

You may take up the pre-scheduled exams between:
August 23rd 9:00 and August 27th 12:00

After their completion you may register for obligatory courses between:
August 23rd 9:00 and September 4th 24:00

Please note the fact that there may be a short time to take up the obligatory courses if some completes a pre-scheduled exam on September 1st.

We wish everyone perseverance for the exams!
Dear Fellow Students!

📊 Feedback questionnaires can be filled out until July 25th, this Sunday.

We requested a deadline change by the Feedback Committee to make up for the lost time that the Neptun shutdown caused during the weekend. Our request was accepted therefore the deadline for the Feedback questionnaires was extended from July 18th to July 25th.

⭐️ We encourage everyone who hasn't filled them out so far to take the opportunity and earn a bonus day for the next exam registration period by completing all the questionnaires.
Summer exams are coming - we've created a calendar to make the period ahead more transparent
👉 At the end of August, we’ll have the opportunity to take exams in 2 periods:
- extraordinary exam period
- usual pre-scheduled summer exams.
🗓 With the calendar below, our goal is to make planning easier and to draw attention to the important deadlines and to the steps required before the exam.
We hope you find the calendar useful.

📍 For more information on the summer exams look for our previous Facebook post:

🙌🏽 If you need more help you can contact us through message or e-mail.
🌎📣 The open days of our office (“Diákiroda”) are different than the usual schedule that you got used to during the semester. These are the days you can visit us for the rest of the summer.

🔄 From September you will find us again every weekday on the 2nd floor of the Main Building, in the meantime, we wish everyone a beautiful summer! 😎🏖
🌍 Extended deadline for our logo competition: 15th of August!

😪 Our POTE events site has been stagnating because of the lack of offline programs, but we hope we can return to them with new enthusiasm in the autumn.

For the new enthusiasm, we also need a new look:

🧐 Keep these in mind if you dive into logo designing:
- the logo has to represent the medical profession,
- it has to depict the POTE sense of life,
- it has to refer to what our "POTE events" Facebook page is about,
- as a text, it can only include “POTE events”.

📩 Where to send the logo designs and until when?
send it to:
until: 15th of August
We can accept a maximum of 3 plans from one applicant.

🎖️ How do we honor the winning plan?
The creator of the most imaginative logo is recognized with a prize package worth 🟡HUF 30,000🟡.

🙌🏿 Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the application, we look forward to your logo designs!
Dear Fellow Students!

🥳 We are pleased to announce that after a two-year hiatus the Medical Cup will return between September 24th and 26th.

🏨 Unfortunately a very small number of accomodation is available for fans this year so before we go into the exact details of the event we would like to assess your needs in advance.

📊 Please fill out the following questionnaire so that we can organize one of the biggest events of the year for you in the most optimal way possible.

🔗 The questionnaire:
Dear Fellow Students! 

It has recently become clear that the vaccination related complications are escalating with the start of the new semester. For our 3500 students who were vaccinated in a foreign country or not at all due to their health conditions or other reasons, the Registrar’s Office came up with a temporary regulation. According to the latest information the final decision will be announced on 16th of September. 

Until then we prepared a guideline to help you through this temporary period and to make you understand better the documents sent out by the Registrar’s Office. 

How can I participate in the practices?

You are fully vaccinated and you can certify the type of the vaccine and the exact date of vaccination with the following documents:

EU Digital COVID Certificate

How can you get it? There are different methods for different countries that you can check out here:

If you got vaccinated in Hungary you need access to the webpage (through governmental credentials called ügyfélkapu) in order to download it.

Medical vaccination certificate which contains every dose if the vaccine has multiple doses.

This is the paper that you got at the vaccination point. In case you lost it you can request a new certificate based on the template at the following link ( at the currently operating vaccination points.

International vaccination certificate by WHO, which contains the certificate of the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

If you would like to verify your vaccination by a document different from the above, you will have the opportunity to fill in an application form on Neptun very soon. The request will be forwarded by the Registrar’s Office (RO) to the Centre for Occupational Medicine (FMK), who may confirm the certificate.

According to the RO’s handout, the Hungarian immunity certificate (plastic card) is only valid with the certificates mentioned in b) and c) points. The Hungarian immunity certificate is not accepted on its own because it does not contain information about both dates of the vaccination in case of a two-dose vaccine and does not indicate the type of the vaccine.

2. You started your vaccination program, but in case of a double-dose vaccine, you only got your first one.

You have to certify your first dose with the already mentioned options.

Up until you get your second dose, you have to take a documented antigen-test before starting each and every one of your practices.

3. You are exempted from the obligation to vaccinate and the UP Centre for Occupational Medicine’s (FMK) physician issues a certificate about that.

Ask for a recommendation of the exemption from your GP or medical specialist and forward every document related to the exemption (e.g., about hospital care from complications from previous vaccinations) to FMK ( Their physician issues a medical certificate that will be accepted by the University. You may be asked to do an antigen-test before your practice. 

What if I’m not vaccinated at all and have no medical justification for an exemption?

You can not visit practises until you get vaccinated. The constantly updated version of the Faculty’s vaccination programme:

/Currently there are no free appointments, further ones are getting arranged./

We are in constant communication with the Registrar’s Office and the leadership of the Faculty. We are trying to draw their attention to the uncertain parts of the current system. We also hope that the desired certification system that will run through Neptun and will be set up by the second half of September is going to be more viable than the present system.
Hi Bulls! 🐃

🤩 An avalanche of information is coming tomorrow regarding the Medical Cup!

Make sure to join the following event and group so you won’t miss any important updates!
The event:
The group:

🧐 Turn on notifications and invite your friends to these, so they won't miss anything either! Take out your tents, the ticket sales are coming! 😉⛺️


  EU digital Covid-certificate / International WHO vaccination certificate / certificate based on the Hungarian form (📍

  One shot of a double-dose vaccine: the application will stay in “awaiting” status until the second dose → notify the RO via / after getting the second dose → you will be able to reach the application and upload certificate again.


  other certification


  certification issued by FMK’s physician

  Send your medical documents regarding your exemption to RO only accepts the final certificate issued by FMK.

  RO administers your exemption after accepting it, but you won’t get a separate certificate, FMK’s document serves as such.

📍RO’s filling in guide: ,

📧 Appeal in case of rejection: via the already mentioned emails.
🎁 Remaining packages 🎁 
1️⃣ Package 1: party ticket + travel expenses + accommodation: 87 available 
2️⃣ Package 2: party ticket + travel expenses : 8 available
3️⃣ Package 3: party ticket only: sold out ▶️ survey ( ▶️ it will be separated by the organizers in Szeged ▶️ payment will be made at the location 
🎉 Cheering package: the registration for cheering packages has closed, we will notify you later about the date of arrival.

💵 Prices 💵
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Fodor József Dormitory: 17 000 HUF (27 places are still available) 
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Teke Club: 22 000 HUF (31 places are still available) 
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Youth Hostel: 23 000 HUF (19 places are still available) 
1️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses + Mosoly Apartman: 24 000 HUF (10 places are still available)  
2️⃣ Party ticket + travel expenses: 10 000 HUF (8 packages are still available) 
3️⃣ Party ticket: 4000 HUF

⚙️ Payment method ⚙️
👉 Those who pre-registered on Friday are able to pay from Monday till Wednesday between 9.00 and 16.00 in our office, “Diákiroda” (2nd floor).
👉 Those who couldn’t make it to the pre-registration on Friday may still come for registration which is also available until Wednesday 16.00.
👉 We only accept cash.
👉 It is not necessary to come in person to the office, you may send someone else to pay or register on your behalf.
👉 We can only accept your payment if you have a valid vaccination certificate. If you send someone else that person must show a photo of your vaccination certificate as a proof.

🎓 Graduated fans 🎓 
From now on, the already graduated students also have a chance to reserve accommodation. Those who already purchased a “party ticket + travel expenses” can add a reservation for an accommodation to their package too. If you wish to do so please notify us prior to making the payment.
Dear Fellow Students!

📆 The previous deadline has been extended and it is still possible to submit a request through the Neptun to certify your vaccination against COVID-19 or that you are medically exempted from it.

The new and final deadline: September 19th (Sunday) 24:00.

‼️ Students whose application has already been accepted are not required to complete it again. However, anyone who has failed to complete it so far must submit the application because they will have no other option to do so later in the semester.

ℹ️ Look for our previous post for additional information about the application: