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Exchange is very smooth with best liquidity

Trade with ease
All the OLD USERS of spot exchange

Please go to forgot password and RESET your password

Your SFL will be there in the exchange

NOTE : AIRDROP users will have to wait for their free SFL to show in the exchange

Currently on the new exchange only purchased SFL or the SFL transferred from will show

Airdrop SFL will be added later - please wait for the announcement
Shiftal exchange is launched with LIQUIDITY of Binance and other top exchanges

Trade with Ease

All users who had account on have to make a new account on

Only users who had account on old exchange will have to reset password

Reset password will not work for users trying to put their email id and password
They have to register a new account

Jin Jin bhi users ka pe account hai unko new account bi banana padega password reset nahi hoga

Jo Jo users puraani spot exchange pe the sirf unke liye reset password hai waalo ko reset karna padega password

Jis jis ne bhi se SFL buy Kiya hai PRESALE me and wo new Shiftal exchange par transfer karna chahte Hain

Wo mujhe apni ki email ID and username, also ki email ID and username send karein

Aapke coins transfer kar diye jaayenge

Everyone who has purchased SFL in PRESALE from and wanna transfer them to the new exchange

Please send me your email id and username of and also for

Your coins will be transferred
Shiftal exchange is under maintenance

We are adding a few more functionalities

Exchange will be up soon

Which more tokens do you want Shiftal exchange to add for your trading?

Comment down
Shiftal Exchange is back up again

We have opened the withdrawals

Now users can deposit, trade and withdraw any coins that are listed
Exchange under upgradation
Hello everyone

Are you trading at brand new Shiftal exchange?

Shiftal will soon launch 3 level referral program

Users will get FREE SFL which will be unlocked periodically
Hello everyone

Exciting news

We are adding your favourite new coins in Shiftal exchange

They will be ready super soon

Trade Trade Trade

We have added tons of more coins to the exchange

To check them out go to the exchange

Big Update

We have added Support functionality in Profile section

If users have any issues they can open a support ticket
Update 2

We have launched Level 3 referral program

You can use your refer link to refer your friends to the exchange and earn commission