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Hello everyone

We are going to share a very big announcement very soon

Be ready to open in the evening
Hello Community


Shiftal exchange is going to launch trading of more than 8 coins/tokens on the spot exchange along with SFL/USDT pair

This is going to be done very soon

All the pending deposits of SFL from will be approved and will start reflecting in your wallet very soon.

All pending SFL deposits from to Shiftal Spot Exchange is done and completed

You may open and check your balance

If anyone's deposit of SFL from Coinsbit or did not arrive to spot exchange kindly DM me

SFL Airdrop issue is resolved and you all will be able to check your airdrop balance now

Shiftal mobile app is in upgradation. Old app is for P2P and will not be available for new spot exchange

Shiftal will start deposit withdrawal and trading of ETH and SHIB very soon
BIG Announcement
Trading and Deposit/Withdraw of ETH and ERC-20 Tokens is LIVE
CEO has confirmed on Instagram that in next 5 days SFL trading will go LIVE on spot exchange.

Follow CEO on Instagram -
Trading to SFL is now live on
Hello Everyone

Shiftal Exchange is running smoothly. We currently have a password reset issue for old P2P exchange users which will be sorted out soon

We recommend all users to IMMEDIATELY transfer Coins bought from IEO to the new spot exchange

Last date to do so is 31st December 2022
Shiftal CEO is going live with globalrashid on youtube in the next 25 minutes
Hello Everyone

Exchange is live again

Will be testing it for a few days and then will be adding in new features and will be making an announcement

I, Founder am still on this chat

Any other questions? DM me or write your question in the group

I will answer all questions
Hello everyone


I, Founder am still here for any queries or issues you might have

Please write in group or DM me
All of the questions have been answered multiple times

1. Please wait for KYC, we have to be compliant with new laws

Till then users can trade without KYC

2. Airdrop SFL - we are planning a spinoff for that. Please wait for the announcement

3. Purchased SFL is available to trade on the exchange already