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Here we will compare two of Samsung's latest smartphones from the A series in 2023: the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G.

We had the opportunity to test both devices, and we discovered some interesting features that can help you decide which one is the better choice.

To make it easier for you to understand, we have created a video that directly showcases the comparison between these two smartphones. You can check the full comparison on this video.
In this video, we will share the 14 latest cool and useful features in the latest WhatsApp application in 2023 that you may not have known before.

In the recent update, there are actually many new features added to the WhatsApp application in 2023 that can be very useful.

Okay, now let's check out the new features in the following video.
Updating WhatsApp statuses or stories can be a bit annoying at times. The reason is that the videos we record are of super high quality, but when we upload them, they become broken and pixelated.

But don't worry, now there is a solution to this problem. With the tips in this video, your WhatsApp video statuses will be more detailed and less distorted. Check out the full method in this video.
Great news for Samsung phone users! The latest addition, Quick Launcher in One Hand Operation+, is now available on various Samsung phone models, bringing convenience to your daily usage.

This feature allows you to use your phone with just one hand, making it incredibly practical and efficient. You will no longer need to use both hands to access frequently used app shortcuts or settings.

With the latest Quick Launcher feature in One Hand Operation+, your experience using Samsung smartphones will be more enjoyable and efficient. Check out the tips on how to set up the Quick Launcher in the following video.
In the recent update, a feature that many were waiting for is now here: you can easily add Widgets right to the lock screen and Always On Display of different Samsung smartphones.

By putting these widgets on the lock screen and Always On Display, you can make your smartphone's home screen look better and also make it more useful for everyday things.

To see what it looks like and learn how to do it, let's check out the full video.
Samsung phone's lock screen animation display still looked less dynamic and smooth as the iPhone animation, especially when turning on the screen or switching from the Always on Display to the lock screen display. 📱🔓

But now, with the latest update, you can make your Samsung phone lock screen more exciting by adding cool animation effects. 🚀

Check out these awesome new animation effects for Samsung phones in this video. 🎬👀🌟
7 awesome and cool widgets you should try on your Samsung phones! This video will show you different cool and fun widgets that can make your Samsung phone's home screen look more appealing. 📲🎉

By installing this widget, you can make the appearance of your smartphone's home screen more attractive and also increase its functionality in daily use. 💫🏠🚀

Let's check the various widgets in the following video. 📺👀🔍
Currently, Samsung phones are packed with loads of cool features that users might accidentally overlook. 📱🤩

Even though these features are designed to be really helpful in day-to-day use. 👀

In this video, we've brought together 11 cool features that you can try right away on your Samsung phone. 🎥
📱🔗 Here, we'll share quick and easy tips for using two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. 📝👥

📌 These tips work on the official WhatsApp app and don't require any additional apps or dual-app features. 📲 Check how to activate it in the following video. 🎥👀
Guess what, WhatsApp users? Some great news! 🥳

Those super cool features that were just in the Beta version? Well, now they're right in the regular WhatsApp version! 🎉 No need to bother with the Beta anymore – it's all set. 🙌

Check out the video to see all the latest cool stuff you can use on your everyday WhatsApp! 📱
With the tips from the previous video, you can upload WhatsApp Status updates in HD quality, but the drawback is that you can't add captions directly. 📱

However, in this video, we will share a quick tip on how to upload HD-quality videos to your WhatsApp status with captions directly. 🤯🎉"

Check out the full tips in the following video. 🎬
This time, let's talk about how to make your Samsung phone's notifications look awesome using the newest feature in Good Lock called Edge Lighting+. 🌟💡

With the latest Edge Lighting+ module available in the recent Good Lock update, you can now make your notification display even cooler and more eye-catching. 📱

Let's take a look at how the notification's appearance changes once you activate this feature in the video below. 🎥🔔
Here we'll show you how to enable the new "Action Button" feature on various Samsung smartphones. 📱

While the term "Action Button" only recently came up during the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max a few days ago, Samsung actually introduced a similar feature back in 2019 with the Samsung S10+ series. However, it was later removed in the newer models. 📅

But the good news is, you can still access features similar to the Action Button on the latest Samsung phones by using the power button. ⚙️

For a step-by-step guide, check out the video below. 👍🔥
Here, we're going to unbox two of the latest Samsung smartphones: the Samsung A05 📱 and the Samsung A05s 📱.

The Samsung A05 and A05s were both released at the same time and are part of Samsung's entry-level smartphone series. The specifications of these two smartphones look very interesting, and we're excited to discuss them. 🤩

To learn more about it, you can watch the following video. 📺
Here we'll explore the newest feature on Samsung smartphones, which can display cool animation effects when adjusting the volume. 😎📱

There are several new display and animation options that you can customize in this latest feature update called Flex UI. 🎉

You can apply this feature directly to One UI 5 without the need to update to One UI 6 first. You can immediately check out these features in the following video. 📲👀🎥
In this video, we will continue exploring changes and new features introduced in the latest update of Samsung One UI 6.0, built on Android 14. 📱🆕

Let's dive into the video to quickly discover all the changes and new features. 👀🔍🎥
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