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In-depth fan token data, such as prices, market cap, supply, ftos, liquidity and exchanges.
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The FTO of $ITA has been going on for 25 minutes. So far, 13% of the available allocation has been sold, earning a total amount of 43k USD. 4.7k users participated up to this point, which ranks the FTO already 35th by users.
Two polls have been made available for $ITA. Fans can decide on a motivational message in the locker room of the team and also choose the goal celebration song. Both poll outcomes take effect at the game against North Macedonia.
The fan token offering of Italy was sold out! 150k $ITA were sold for a price of 2 EUR each, earning a total amount of 300k EUR (~327k USD, ~1.66 million CHZ). To my estimation, 9,427 users participated in the FTO, ranking it 23rd by users.
Looking at advanced FTO data, 6% of all users bought the maximum cap of 100 $ITA. 37% bought the temporary max cap of 5, 22% bought 1. 15% of all users participated for the first time in an FTO. 56% of all users also participated in the $ASM FTO.
$ALPINE up 45% today! It is recovering a bit after its price has been in a downtrend since listing day.
$NAP breaking out, it is up 38% today.
New feature on Rocketfan: You can now see the weekly fan token market cap over time for Socios fan tokens and Binance fan tokens. Also, the overall fan token market cap chart was changed from daily to weekly data.
Formula one starts this weekend and today's top gainers were $SAUBER +46%, $AM +18% and $ALPINE +11%. The tokens have huge differences in their market caps though, while ALPINE is sitting at 52 million, AM is at 2.3 million and SAUBER at 1.7 million USD.
Small improvement on Rocketfan: Previously, all charts showed daily price data, which led to many candles for some of the older tokens. I now changed the charts from daily to weekly data for all tokens with a longer trading history than 270 days.
Three new fan token polls were added to Rocketfan. On Socios, you can decide on the captain's armband for $SACI and choose a player for a highlight reel for $CPFC. On Binance, you can choose the layout of the new $SANTOS FC Museum's mural.
8 new polls were added to Rocketfan, 7 on Socios, 1 on Binance:
- $LUFC retro club outfit
- $LEV locker room design
- $APL challenge event
- $SPFC training ground
- $ALPINE technical insight
- $VIT merch item
- $ASM meetup
- $ASR player prediction
Today's top gaining fan token is $GOZ! It went up 72% after it was rumored, that Roman Abramovich wants to buy the the club. Second placed is $VCF with a 22% increase. $CITY went up 12% after it got listed on crypto exchange gateio today.
$ASR is up 58% after gateio annouced that it will get listed on the exchange.
New feature on Rocketfan: You can now see aggregated poll statistics on the "market" page. A new chart displays the user numbers of Socios polls over time. Below the graph, you can see the number of polls and how many of those had the highest impact score.
The same statistics are also available for Binance on the page. In total, there have been 421 fan token polls on Socios and 37 on Binance. Only 36 polls in total where awarded the highest Rocketfan impact score.
The demand for $GOZ today is unusually high. It is still up 90% from today's opening price and this rally has been led by buyers on Paribu. The whole day, the price has been higher on Paribu than it was on Chiliz Exchange, at times even up to 30% higher.
At daily opening, there were 763k $GOZ on Paribu. 19 hours later, there are now 1.45 million $GOZ on Paribu! 450k of those came from Chiliz Exchange, possibly by users that bought cheaper there and sold for higher prices on Paribu.
On the other hand, the balance of Chiliz Exchange has decreased by 450k tokens today and is now down to 594k tokens. As you can see, liquidity on Paribu is much higher, there are 65k USD buy orders 5% from the current price, Chiliz Exchange has 700 USD buy orders in same range.
New feature on The exchanges MEXC, Huobi and Gateio were integrated into the site. You can now see price, liquidity and fan token holdings of trading pairs of these exchanges on Rocketfan.

This applies to the trading pairs of CITY/USDT and ASR/USDT (Gate), OG/USDT and PSG/USDT (MEXC) and GAL/USDT (Huobi).
Eight new polls were added to @Socios today! For $ACM, you can decide on 5 different goal illustrations of their new workspaces. $ROUSH lets you choose the hats of the team during Throwback weekend. And $AFC lets you decide their kit against Southampton FC. Very nice selection!