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$SPURS has started trading on Bithumb! Bithumb already has the second highest amount of SPURS tokens among exchanges in its wallet, 740k SPURS were deposited into the exchange in the last 1.5 hours.
All 3 teams with a European national team fan token are qualified for the EURO 2024.
$POR - market cap 3.6 million USD
$ITA - market cap 3.6 million USD
$VATRENI - market cap 0.4 million USD
Only a few hours after the listing on Bithumb, there is already 25% of the circulating supply of $SPURS in Bithumb's wallet. That highlights the potential amount of users in South Korea for fan tokens.
The revenue numbers of FC Zürich are now integrated into Rocketfan. I did some extensive research in archives and newspaper articles to get the numbers until 2007, but now that they are integrated, they are easily accessible for everybody.
Revenue data of FC Basel is now integrated into Rocketfan. They have been the highest revenue generating team in Switzerland for the last 10 years, due to transfer revenue and several participations in European club competitions.
8 football teams from Switzerland were integrated into Rocketfan, this is their average total operating revenue over the last five years in million CHF:

1. Basel | 76
2. Young Boys | 73
3. St. Gallen | 32
4. Zürich | 25
5. Luzern | 24
6. Sion | 21
7. Servette | 21
8. Lugano | 20
🆕 The "chain" page on Rocketfan was refreshed. It now contains links to CC1 (Chiliz Legacy Chain), CC2 (Chiliz Chain) and Ethereum. You can find both fan token exchange addresses as well as the biggest $CHZ exchange addresses there.
7 fan token teams are playing tonight in the Champions League:
$GAL - ManUtd
$AFC - Lens
Real - $NAP
$RSO - Salzburg
🌞 GM, sports and crypto enthusiasts! As you sip your morning coffee, check out the current price movements of fan tokens on!
Six fan token teams are already qualified for the UCL round of last 16, this how they rank on Rocketfan:

2. $BAR - 25 million USD
5. $CITY - 20 million USD
7. $ATM - 16 million USD
10. $LAZIO - 15 million USD
16. $INTER - 10 million USD
37. $RSO - 1 million USD
$VERDAO is up 26% today. Palmeiras is currently leading the Brasileirão with two matchdays left to go.
Lots of fan token inflows into Upbit today. All other exchanges sent out more tokens than they received.
$NAP is up 40% today, the rally seems to be led by BtcTurk, where it is trading at 3.55 USD and 90k tokens were already deposited into the exchange. On NAP's biggest exchange Upbit however, it is still trading at 3.06 USD.
If you would like to host me talking about SportFi on your Youtube channel, Telegram group, Twitter spaces or wherever, feel free to reach out!
Most viewed asset pages on Rocketfan in November:
1. $SAM
3. $JUV
5. $ATM
6. $ASR
7. $CITY
8. CR7 NFTs
9. $POR
10. $BAR
Biggest fan token distributions in November:
$CITY +1,000,073
$ATM +600,144
$ASR +500,104
$DZG +144,073
$ACM +143,259
$SPFC +126,372
$CAI +118,451
Second day in a row that we are seeing lots of fan token inflows into Upbit. Tokens are sent to them from all other major fan token exchanges.