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In case you missed it, RNDR was featured on Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, MarketWatch and more!

Check them out here:

Yahoo! Finance: OTOY Introduces RNDR, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain


Business Insider (Markets Insider): OTOY Introduces RNDR, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain


MarketWatch: OTOY Introduces RNDR, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain


Seeking Alpha: OTOY Introduces RNDR, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain


L.A. Business Journal: OTOY Introduces RNDR, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform Built on the Ethereum Blockchain


Bankless Times: OTOY Introduces Blockchain-based Rendering Platform RNDR


Nairacoins: Blockchain Finds Use in Graphics Rendering

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Dear RNDR community,

We're excited to announce our revamped website is now live! With this approach, it will be a great way for our community to learn about the project, follow the development process and hear about our latest news. Check it out!

www.rendertoken.com 👈👈
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Dear RNDR community,

In case you missed it, RNDR's Phase II Announcement has been covered by our media partners:

Make Money While You Sleep: OTOY Wants To Rent Your Idle Computer

Scaling AR with Blockchain Technology

Venture Beat
OTOY's RNDR brings sophisticated graphics rendering to masses via blockchain

OTOY takes rendering to the cloud, blockchain, and crypto

Blockchain Powered 3D Rendering Platform RNDR Now Available

Global Banking and Finance
Bringing Sophisticated Rendering Tools to the Masses, Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform RNDR Available Now

OTOY Rolls Out Blockchain-Based Rendering Platform RNDR

Wide Bitcoin
Otoy's RNDR brings sophisticated graphics rendering to masses via blockchain
Sign up to be an early RNDR miner/artist!

Everyone that fills out this form will gradually be entered into the network - Genesis participants already have their seat granted. The RNDR Team will release dates regarding network entry and the waitlist soon.

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The RNDR Team is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the second phase out of the four planned on the project’s roadmap. Deep dive into the technical details and learn more about Phase II and what comes next for Phase III.

Dear RNDR community,

We are more than grateful to our community for the amount of forms submitted for Beta during the past week!

We have decided to close subscriptions for Beta on Friday August 10th at 11 AM PST. This will allow us to ensure that everyone who completed the form will gradually enter the network. Remember that Genesis participants already have their seat granted.

It's really motivating for our team to see that the RNDR community is as excited as us for the development of the next phases in the months to come.

Find the form above for a final chance to sign up ☝️

Thanks for the support and stay tuned for future announcements!
Dear RNDR community,

At SIGGRAPH 2018 OTOY and RNDR previewed its 2018 and 2019 roadmap for OctaneRender and the RNDR SDK. The general theme was a convergence of cinematic and real-time pipelines into one end-to-end workflow for photorealistic holographic media. Notably, we demonstrated preliminary results of hardware-accelerated real-time raytracing and previewed integrations with the leading game engines Unity and Unreal Engine

Deep dive into OctaneRender 4.0 Release with AI acceleration, OctaneRender 2018.1’s new procedural rendering pipleine with Octane Vectron and Spectron. Finally, we showcase OctaneRender 2019.1 which includes integration into Unreal Engine and the first phase of a RNDR SDK with cross-platform support for RTX Ray Tracing, CUDA, Vulkan, D3D, and Metal, bringing RNDR services to a dramatically expanded user base, now including iOS and the world's leading AAA game engine!

Dear RNDR Community,

Since Q3, scenes with different complexities have been rendered successfully on the network and securely sent back to artists.

Nodes from around the world have joined the network to provide GPU power. We've made a short description of the steps involved for the node-side user to download and run the RNDR token application. These same steps will soon be shared to Genesis and Beta list members individually, so this is a great chance for you to start to get familiar with the following procedure.

Check out “A Node Side Application Walkthrough” and learn how it fits in with technical development to date.

Dear RNDR community,

In July, after completing Phase II of our roadmap, we released a Beta Interest survey to help get a picture of GPU supply and demand for the launch of RNDR Network’s Beta phase.

The results were astonishing, showcasing the power of a decentralized GPU compute network to scale exponentially faster than centralized structures. We were able to accumulate over 1,100 responses, over 14,000 unique GPU’s with over 40% of them as premium cards, and a total OctaneBench power of over 1.5 million.

Read our latest blog post with full details on the survey results from users and miners focused on learning about community so that we can implement a user-centered design in advance of our launch.

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Dear RNDR community,

We are half-way through Phase III of our roadmap, which will conclude with a completed Beta on Ropsten (Ethereum Testnet Environment) and the V1 launch of the RNDR Network on Ethereum’s Mainnet. This version will come with streamlined back-end processes and full automation of the rendering-streaming flow through smart contracts and blockchain technology.

In addition to the progress made during Phases I to III, our team gained valuable insights on the most challenging aspects of the project. With this input and the main milestones for the last part of the year in mind, our team has an updated roadmap with detailed technological and platform milestones outlined.

Check it out here: https://medium.com/render-token/deep-dive-phase-iii-rndr-update-216921c876e8
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Hello RNDR community,

We are happy to announce that a 20% bonus has been released to our Genesis token holders.

The RNDR Network would like to thank our current Genesis token holders for completing the form we sent out a few weeks ago. 

Read more in this blog post: https://medium.com/render-token/rndr-genesis-bonus-executed-f407ed12ba36
Hello RNDR community,

2018 was a phenomenal year for the RNDR Network. Our team more than doubled while we simultaneously developed a number of key industry partnerships. Most important, the RNDR Network is running on the Ethereum testnet consistent with our roadmap.

Read more in this blog post: https://medium.com/@rendertoken/the-evolution-of-the-rndr-network-a-2018-recap-abde31af4bb5
Dear RNDR Community,

Over the past few months the RNDR Network has been gradually improving and scaling thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from our current closed group of beta testers. Today we are happy to share some of the statistics as we approach our mainnet release.

Read more about the current status of the RNDR Network here: https://bit.ly/2TMS19f
Hello RNDR Community,

We wanted to update the community on the current progress of the RNDR Network and what’s in store as we approach our Mainnet transition.

Read about it here:https://medium.com/render-token/q2-mainnet-update-9df3ef23ab5c
Hello RNDR Community,

We are thrilled to release the RNDR Genesis Mainnet moving from the Ethereum testnet to mainnet for decentralized rendering.

Read more about the release here: https://medium.com/render-token/rndr-genesis-mainnet-preview-ccd37541885c"